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And so the story begins...

Misaki stood alone in the empty hallway with her hands placed dramatically on her hips. She looked around the pristine halls and felt a small burst of pride, as though she was the proud parent of the school and had raised it herself. The walls were clear, all posters and signs stripped from it, and the tiled floor stretched out like a street, shining with a cleanness that hadn't been seen in the halls of Seika High School in quite a long time. The lockers lined the walls and were, for once, clean and unmarked as they filed into neat lines like columns. All in all, the school looked a lot better than it had in a long time.

Misaki, along with the rest of the student body, was returning to Seika High School after the short vacation break following graduation. Thanks to the custodial staff, the school's inner workings had become a monument of cleanliness during the weeks they were away, and even though she knew it was going to be short-lived, Misaki reveled in how nice the school looked before the usual school year mayhem disrupted it.

"Hey," came a voice from behind her, and even though she recognized it faster than anyone else's, she still turned around to see who it was. Usui leaned against a wall casually, his school uniform worn loosely and slightly messily, a fact that Misaki couldn't help but frown at.

Still, she was thankful to see that her boyfriend was still attending her school after they had worked to settle the issue with Miyabigaoka. Usui never transferred schools, so of course he was returning to Seika even though both of them realized how much more danger their secret would be in.

"Shouldn't you be in the auditorium? There's an assembly," she replied as she turned away, looking around the hallways that remained empty, just in case someone happened upon them.

"Shouldn't you?" Usui responded with a smirk and continued before she could reply. "Besides, I'm just here for a drink." He made his way to the water fountain which was a few steps closer to Misaki. With the grin still prominently resting on his face and his hands in his pockets, he leaned down and took a sip from the fountain. A long sip. A veeeeeeery long sip. A very loud, long sip.

"Okay, will you cut it out?" Misaki snapped as she crossed her arms. His smile broadened as he straightened his back and faced his girlfriend. Smoothly, he began to move down toward her, turning his head to the side just a little as their proximity increased. "Eh? Eh?" she quietly squealed as a heated blush covered her face when he leaned in even closer as if he was going to kiss her.

"Good luck, today," he whispered almost seductively, his lips inches from hers.

And then he leaned away from her quickly, his mouth twisted into a handsome smile as he sauntered down the hallway in the opposite direction of Misaki. He held up his hand nonchalantly in a backwards wave before turning into the auditorium for the introduction speech for the school year. Behind him, his girlfriend seethed.

"Idiot..." she mumbled non-committedly as she turned around and walked away from the auditorium and instead made her way down a side hallway. It was dark and a light above her flickered. So the school's still not perfect, she thought to herself as she reached the end of the hall and entered a door to her right. The clock positioned above the doorway read 8:28 in flashing red numbers. The assembly was scheduled for 8:30, but Misaki continued to walk slowly; she was in no rush.

Once inside the door, she opened another door directly in front of her and peered out in order to inspect the crowd of students. It was an ordinary auditorium, though a bit larger than most high school ones, which was good considering that a large amount of newcomers was entering the school this year. The rows of red, plastic chairs were divided into three groups - the center one facing straight ahead and the side ones tilted to face the large, wooden stage. Students filled up nearly every seat as all of them talked and joked with their friends while teachers positioned at the end of the rows attempted to reel in the crowd. Judging from Misaki's view - and she had a good one of the first year class because they sat in the front - the new students entering Seika this year were almost equally divided as boys and girls. She smiled at the thought and leaned back behind the doorway as she quietly and slowly closed the door just as she heard a microphone-amplified voice echo off the walls: "And now, Ayuzawa Misaki, your school president, will speak."

She opened a door to her left then, and walked through confidently, grabbing a few papers off a table as she went. Pushing the heavy curtains out of the way, she strode onto the stage with an air of determination and patted Yukimura, who sat in a chair on the side of the stage, on the shoulder as she walked up to the podium.

In no way could Misaki be considered a professional speaker. Even though she had spent weeks and weeks preparing her speech for the introduction ceremony and stayed up late working on it the night before, she hadn't once practiced saying it aloud. A normal student might spend time tentatively practicing the words in front of a mirror, but Misaki simply took the speech she had carefully constructed, strode onto the stage, and spoke as if she meant every word of it - which, of course, she did.

"Firstly, I would like to offer a sincere welcome to all the new students attending Seika this year, as well as thank all the familiar faces..."

Her speech wasn't overly long, neither was it too short, and she spoke smoothly and resolutely like a born leader. The words weren't terribly original, and it could have been any everyday student's speech if not for the abnormal amount of male-oriented threats - though, admittedly, compared to the previous years, she had toned it down. Her words inspired the crowd, especially the new students, who were thoroughly transfixed with their new school president. Even the teenagers lounging around in the back with their feet propped up on the seat in front of them sat up a little bit straighter in order to listen.

Among the new students, though Misaki couldn't see them from the stage due to the bright lights shining in her face, were her own sister, Suzuna, and Aoi from the maid cafe. Both of them were entering Saiki as first years this spring, which would probably make school a little more interesting.

Confidently, Misaki prepared for the closing of her speech with a straight back and a ruffle of her papers, which lightly brushed the podium's microphone and sent a echoing burst of noise throughout the auditorium. She cleared her throat a bit and raised her head. "In closing, I would like to say - "

She cut herself off when she noticed the unusual amount of whispers and laughter surging through the crowd of students. At first, she planned to merely pause for a second in order to scold them, until she saw where all of them were pointing as they spoke. Slowly, she turned around, her emotions somewhere between worried that nothing was there and she would feel stupid, and nervous about what could be there.

As she gazed at the back of the stage, she couldn't stop herself from gasping at the sight that faced her. The screen used to show PowerPoints and other presentations at school assemblies had been unrolled and now hung at the back of the stage. Cast upon it from a projector attached to the auditorium's ceiling was the picture of Usui with Misaki in her maid outfit for all the school to see.

A blush painted itself onto the president's cheeks, though at least (thankfully) she wasn't facing the crowd. She took a deep breath before thinking things over as quickly as possible. Rationally, she had two choice: reveal that she was a maid and allow Usui's perverted space alien reputation to go on untarnished, or admit that she was dating him and permit the students to make up a story to explain the maid outfit. Well, three choices. She could always just walk off the stage.

Nervously, she turned around to once again view the students, all of whom were now in a state of shock - excepting, by assumption, Usui, Hinata, Aoi, and Suzuna. By now, a large majority had stopped staring at her and had begun watching Usui, who seemed to somewhere in the middle of the sea of seats. She closed her eyes and took another deep breath, which was all it took to regain the students' attention.

As calmly as possible, though her teeth remained clenched the entire time, she managed to say, "By the way, Usui Takumi and I are dating."

With that said, she moved away from the mic and strode off the stage with her head high and her shoes tapping loudly and angrily. On the way out, she once again patted Yukimura - on the head this time - and casually flipped off a switch on the wall backstage. The projector turned off and, upon switching another button, the screen began to roll back up as its engine whirred. Misaki then slipped out the door backstage and into the dark hallway in an attempt to get away before the crowd left from the auditorium. Her first day was going to be anything but peaceful.

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