The Mokomoko Drabbles

Prologue: Pointless

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A/N: Welcome to the preview of my new drabble collection! The Jaken Drabbles will be ending very soon, but I have agreed to write this companion series, which will be around the same length in chapters. I hope everyone enjoys the fun I have in store!


"Inuyasha!" Toga said firmly, lifting the hanyou out of his high chair. "You're supposed to eat your cereal, not paint the walls with it!"

"Dada!" he squealed, licking his father's nose. "Me love Cheerios!" A small dimpled hand stuffed another piece in his mouth. He munched on it happily.

"Aw…" Izayoi walked into the kitchen, dressed in her best business suit. She capped her lipstick and tickled the bottom of her son's feet. "How's my lil 'Yasha? Mommy loves you, yes she does! Yes she does!"

"Dearest," Toga said, "Do not talk to him like he's a dog. He'll never learn."

Izayoi scratched her husband briefly behind his ears. His tongue lolled out his mouth in ecstasy.

"I have to hurry and head out to the office, or I'll be late." Izayoi worked for the best selling fashion magazine in Japan, the evidence shown clearly in the trendy style she flaunted. "Where's Sesshomaru? If he wants a ride to school with me, he better c'mon!"

"I do not wish to attend this school," said a quiet voice, and the two adults turned to see the eldest Takahashi son of five years standing in the doorway of the kitchen, stroking the mokomoko on his shoulder.

"What nonsense is this?" Toga growled, "Son, if you wish to receive an exceptional education and not grow up to become a club thugging buffoon, you will be going to your first day of Pre-K."

"Chichi-ue," Sesshomaru sighed, fixing the cuff of his Pokémon pajamas. "It is completely pointless, attending a public human school. A full inuyoukai as I should not have to sit and tolerate a classroom full of club thugging children that are in turn taught by older, smellier club thugging teachers. Please, drop this argument. I must return to my Monday Morning cartoons." He turned to leave.

Toga growled threateningly, but Izayoi's chiming laughter made him pause. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, he's just so cute when he acts all dominant," she giggled. "He's going to have a lot of girlfriends."

"Not if he doesn't get his ass off the couch!" Toga rolled up his sleeves, preparing to chase after his son. Inuyasha was blowing raspberries, flinging Cheerios everywhere.

"Wait, Dearest," Izayoi blocked his path. "Can't you see? Sesshomaru is nervous. He's never been around many children his age other than his friend Jaken."

"Jaken? You mean that creepy green kid that rides his tricycle by here everyday?" They both looked out the window. Sure enough, the imp youkai was circling their Mercedes sedan like a shark. He screeched to a halt once he saw them.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. T!" he waved, "Is Sesshomaru-sama coming to school today?"

Toga slammed the window closed. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that kid's his stalker, not his friend."

His mate glared at him. "My point: Sesshomaru is only a little scared."

"Am not," the quiet voice retorted from the living room as he flipped randomly through channels. The Sesame Street theme song drifted into the kitchen.

"Oh, he should be scared alright," his father said loudly. "I'd like to see his face when he gets nothing for his inheritance! How do ya like them biscuits?"

The sound of the television clicked off.

"I'll be ready in five minutes."


Word Count: 540

A/N: There it is, the prologue! The plotline shall extend from preschool all the way until AFTER they have grown up with their own jobs and children, so yeah, pretty long fic. Rin's in the next chapter. (^_^) Thanks for reading!