The Mokomoko Drabbles

Chapter 70: The Red String of Fate

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Kagura's ruby eyes lightly scanned the front page of that morning's newspaper, utterly indifferent to the smiling faces of the two youngsters that she used to know: A hanyou man and a human stood hand-in-hand, emitting such a glow of happiness that if Kagura had been focusing on their picture she might be jealous. But she wasn't. The article itself made her thoughtful, nonetheless, and after several fleeting moments she tossed the paper aside to regard her company with a sly grin.

Her brothers shifted slightly in their chairs. Onigumo smothered his cigarette in a nearby ashtray. He absolutely loathed smoking, but the unhealthy habit clung to him ever since his university years. For a brief period of time he belonged to a popular region's band, could've made it internationally, though against everyone's prediction, he blew his chance when he turned down the numerous offers to go back to school, only this time with a pregnant girlfriend. Onigumo did not particularly love Tsubaki, but he treated her well enough.

Naraku was dressed splendidly in a black tuxedo, leaning back in Kagura's chair with long legs crossed. The past seven years had done him well. He had a straight posture and broad shoulders, enabling him to catch the eye of a few women. They refused to believe he was the same dark-haired awkward spider-kid from their childhood. Naraku now worked successfully as a rising defense lawyer.

Kagura stayed at home, supported by the rest of her family. She does not go out in public if it can be helped. The experience was always humiliating. Previously in her life she had prided herself for her beauty and was envied for it, but ever since the bus accident in high school she never looked the same. Whilst her broken bones had healed quickly, the long, jagged scars that ran diagonally down her face remained. Her nosed jutted out crookedly, her mouth curled in a permanent scowl. Plastic surgery was once an option, though Kagura did not want an artificial face. It would not hide the wounds that were deeper than skin. Her scars proved that she was strong, at the very least.

That did little to quench her anger.

"The date for Inuyasha Takahashi and Kagome Higurashi's wedding is set for July fourteenth, tomorrow, according to the headlines anyway…" Her perfectly manicured nails traced the edge of her newspaper subconsciously. "They've included a list of Tokyo's most respected businessmen and their families that will be in attendance."

"The commoners are the only ones we care about," Onigumo murmured, taking in her warped smile with his own vacant stare. "Kikyo is a relation of the bride's, correct?"

"Hai, a cousin, I believe. Her name brings back memories, doesn't it?" she laughed softly. Her eyes were distant for a moment. "Rin is also returning to Japan. The tabloids have voiced their suspicions that she is the likely candidate for Toga Takahashi's eldest son. High school sweethearts reunited at last, isn't that romantic, Naraku?"

Her brother notably tensed.

"Rin is no concern of mine," she went on, moving to bring a glass of water to her lips. "Leave her be. If Sesshoumaru gets in your way, I want you to strike him down where he stands."

"Why leave the girl untouched? She's given you just as much grief," Naraku pointed out gently, though fire shone brightly in his eyes. "The both of them, gone forever…"

Kagura shook her head. "I only despise Sesshoumaru. If his death brings Rin any sorrow, it is her own fault for getting involved. She should stay in America. Though, I worry that you are going to kill her, Brother." She tapped her chin. "I wonder if I should keep you from the wedding… you and Rin have a history, as slim and nonexistent as it is, you still harbor some feelings for her that you mistake as hatred."

He glared sharply at his younger sister. "I do not love her, I'm telling you for the umpteenth time."

"An old flame returning from the sea…"

"Shut up."

Kagura's twisted smile widened. "Very well. The only death that should be recorded tomorrow is Kikyo's. Bring me the jewel she guards. Do not be seen," she stressed. "We can't have any witnesses tying this back to us. You two are demons. It is manageable."

"Hai," Onigumo said, lighting another cigarette. "Consider it done."


Rin emerged with Izayoi in a red dress, generously revealing her curves, much to her respective partner's satisfaction. Sesshoumaru felt his breath catch, taking in the sight of the woman he loved that he had not seen in seven years. Time had treated her well, VERY well. In a gentleman's manner the inuyoukai took her hand in his larger one, pressing a kiss to her small white knuckles. He glanced up at her through his long silver bangs.

She grinned down playfully at him.

"Maru, how have you been? You look quite handsome in that tuxedo."

He straightened to his full height, being considerably taller than her. She rested her chin upon his chest as she looked up at him with interest.

"Fine," was all he replied.

His voice was deeper than Rin remembered. She wondered what it would sound like when they wake up in the morning after sleeping together. Quickly putting those kinds of thoughts aside, she nodded enthusiastically.

"I'm glad." Her accent was different. Probably due to the English she had become accustomed to speaking. Sesshoumaru decided he liked it.

Toga chuckled at their awkward small talk. "Just kiss the girl already! She's waited long enough!"

After shooting his father an icy glare, Sesshoumaru leaned down to peck Rin lightly on the lips. She thought it was oddly cute, the way he was bashful in that subtle manner of his, though he would never admit it in a million years. Before he could break his rushed display of mild affection, she pulled him in, locking her hands around his neck. He stiffened. Her eyes were closed, but she could feel his amber ones widening. She smirked into the kiss. It wasn't often she could surprise him like this. When he finally relaxed, allowing his hands to rest casually around her waist, she broke away. He nipped at bottom lip, missing by just centimeters. He regarded her smile with lidded eyes.

"So beautiful," Izayoi whispered, letting herself be pulled away by her husband, who was murmuring something about permitting those two to 'have their time'.

Neither Sesshoumaru nor Rin seemed to notice.

The inuyoukai eagerly brushed his nose against her exposed neck. She giggled, such a sweet sound that he remembered from years ago.

"I've missed you…"

If it were at all possible for a voice to make love to her, Rin would want his.

"I promised I'd come back…" She locked her pinky around his in that old symbolic gesture from their childhood. "…didn't I?" The bewildered look on his face earned him a wink.

Sesshoumaru pulled her close. "Like a red string of fate…" He kissed her lips again. "You know I will not allow you to leave me a second time."

"I'm not going anywhere. Until death do us part," she said with a sense of finality.

An amused, almost inaudible chuckle rose from his chest "I plan on being with you long after death," he breathed, and then desperately embraced his fiancée, as if she would be torn from his hands at any moment.


Waiting at his assigned post, Naraku Oshiro noticed a woman in a red dress exit the hotel on the arm of a silver haired inuyoukai. He recognized them immediately, even after years of separation. He would always remember the face of the woman he had fallen in love with against his will.


He checked to make sure his gun was loaded before following her.


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