Chapter 1: The CRUSH

At Capsule Corp. two young Saiyans were sleeping in the, brace yourself reader, 23th room on the 16th level in the 9th building on the left side of the hallway. Trunks woke up to the smell of his mother's maid's cooking. In the, here we go again, 20th room on the 14th level also in the 9th building on the right side of the hallway.

(Dear Reader, I know what you're thinking how the hell does this kid smell the food when it is that far away. Well for one thing he is a Saiyan and his air vent somehow is connected to the air vent in that building's kitchen.)

Trunks was wide awake and ready to eat! "Ppsstt Goten get up. Goten ppsstt. Goten."

Goten just rolled over. "Go Away!"

Trunks was shocked. "Did he just yell at me in his sleep!"

(Dear Reader again, I am reading your mind again and I know you are wondering, wait why isn't the son of Goku not the first one waking up to the smell of food. Well the thing you don't know is that Goten woke up in the middle of the night and raided the kitchen!)

Trunks was stuck. "Ummm how should I wake him up? Oh I know. Hey Videl, yeah Goten's just over here sleeping. Guess what he sucks his thumb."

"NO I DON'T VIDEL! WELL NOT ANYMORE!YOU LOOK PRETTY!" Goten's face was a bright pink. Goten has a huge crush on Videl even though his older brother is dating her, Trunks used this to his advantage.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Trunks was rolling around on the ground laughing.

Goten just admitted to the fact that he has a crush on Videl in public and that he used to suck his thumb. Trunks already knew he just wanted to have some fun with Goten. "THAT'S NOT FUNNY TRUNKS!"

Trunks was laughing so hard he began to cry. "It's pretty funny from where I'm sitting!"

"What ever lets go eat!" Goten got up and left the room, Trunks followed while his laughter began to fade.

Bulma was on her way to wake up the boys then saw Vegeta walking down a hallway.

Then she saw Goten and Trunks in a different hallway. "Oh they're already awake."

"I still can't believe you did that to me." The seven year old said as serious as possible.

Trunks was still giggling. "It was hilarious I was like hey Videl he sucks his thumb and you were like No I don't well not anymore and you look pretty and I was like hahaha and I'm hungry."

Goten looked at Trunks. He never acted like this. Ok well he would've done the prank just not the –I was like and you were like– stuff. Goten began to think, which is very rare. *There was something up. Something Trunks was trying to cover up and it had to do with Videl. Goten suddenly knew!*

Bulma walked closer to the boys. "Hey good mor-"

Goten turned towards Trunks, "I know what you're hiding!"

Bulma paused.

Trunks had a worried look on his face.

"I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU!" Goten started to cry.

"Goten I'm sooooo sorry it's just slipped out!" Trunks was trying his best to keep peace in Capsule Corp.

"I CAN NEVER SHOW MY FACE TO-…" Goten was yelling at Trunks then he saw Vegeta walking down the same hallway up to Bulma. Goten and Trunks turned their heads towards Vegeta.

Vegeta began to yell. "WOMAN! How… how tall am I!"

Bulma was surprised that Vegeta asked that question. "Why do you ask Vegeta?"

Trunks snickered. "I know. We went to the amusement park on Wednesday and he was too short to ride the rides that I needed an adult with. And here is the funny part, MOM WASN'T!"

Vegeta's face was bright red. "Shut Up Boy!"

Bulma looked at Vegeta. "Is that true Vegeta; are you embarrassed that I'm taller than you?"

Vegeta looked like he was gonna Final Flash Trunks but he had a better idea. "KAKKAROT'S YOUNGEST BRAT IS IN LOVE WITH THE FIRST ONE'S MATE!"

Bulma stared at Goten.


"I didn't tell him I swear!" Trunks was trying to get on Goten's good side.

Bulma just wanted to get things straight. "So Goten do you have a crush on Videl?""Well umm… It Doesn't Matter Anymore Now Does It Trunks."

Bulma was kinda getting it. "What does this have to do with Trunks?"


Bulma was surprised that her son did that. And that her husband is jealous of her height. "TRUNKS!"

Trunks was getting frustrated. "It was on ACCIDENT!"

Vegeta just sat there and smiled. This is the most fun he had since he threatened to give Kakkarot a shot with a needle 4 meters long. Only Goku can believe that.

Goten had tears in his eyes. "It doesn't matter Videl comes over to my house almost every day. Now I can't even let her see me."

(Dear Reader, you are probably saying, 'wow a needle 4 meters long! What did Goku do when Vegeta told him that?' Well he did the usual, jumped into ChiChi's arms.)

Bulma couldn't watch the two best friends fight. "Wait, Trunks how did you 'accidentally' tell Videl?"


Videl Satan just arrived at Capsule Corp. after leaving Gohan at school. "Hey Trunks where is your mom?"

"She went shopping a couple of hours ago she should be back soon, 5 hours is her limit."Trunks said that way casually.

Videl was disturbed. "Ok? I'll just hang out with you."

Trunks was so happy. He was bored so he was glad Videl was going to play with him. "Ok!"

Videl was confused there was no sign of Goten. "Hey, Trunks where's Goten?"

"Oh he's at home making a shrine to you in his closest. Cause he has a HUGE crush on you." Trunks stopped what he was doing at looked up at Videl. "I didn't mean to say that."

Videl was at a loss for words. Goten has a crush on her? Goten. The seven year old little brother of her boyfriend!

"Videl pretty, pretty, pretty please don't tell Goten that I told you." Trunks was on his knees begging.

Vegeta was walking down the hallway. "Jingle bells I really smell I gotta take a bath. Oh what fun to take a bath with my Rubber Ducky. I have to take a bath and wash my-"

Videl and Trunks were staring at Vegeta with their mouths to the floor!

Videl was concealing all her laughter. "Aren't you gonna finish the song oh fearful, deadly, dark prince, bath taking, rubber duck using, Vegeta."


Trunks thought for a while. "Well I was talking to myself and she overheard."

And just to make matters worse Gohan and Videl entered the room.

Gohan had a smile on face. "Hey Bulma we're here to pick up Goten. Hey why are you still in your PJ's Goten? And have you been crying?"

Trunks tried to send Videl signs to leave, but she didn't understand.

Videl began to do the most idiotic thing ever. "Hey Goten what's the matter?"

One thing is that Videl is staring at Goten in his pajamas and Videl knows how big of a crush Goten has on her. And worst of all Goten was crying and now she is treating him like he is a baby. (Even though he is only seven. But still, it hurts.)

Videl directed her attention to Trunks who was waving his arms in the air. Goten didn't know what to do so he left. "You can tell Gohan Trunks. I'll go get my stuff."

Gohan was so frustrated. "Will someone tell me what's goin on!"

Videl just looked at Gohan. She, even figured it out. "How can someone so cute be so clueless?"

Gohan was now embarrassed. Vegeta was unsure if he should talk to Videl. She did see him sing his bath time song. Oh well it was worth a shot. "I think it's because he's a-"

Videl glared at Vegeta. "Shut it Bath Boy!"

Gohan was still trying to figure it out without Videl's help. Then he gave up. "Videl can you just tell me?"

Videl sighed and wondered how he is the best student in all his classes? "Gohan, Goten has a huge crush on me and Trunks told me then Goten found out now he's upset and embarrassed."

"WELL HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THAT OUT!" Gohan was in shock. He has never seen any signs that Goten likes Videl. Especially when Gohan is dating her.

Videl was waiting. "Well?"

"Well, I know now." Gohan was a little scared he had a bad feeling that he shouldn't have said that.


"Ok." Gohan hurried down the hallway so Videl could cool off.

When Gohan went into Trunks' room he found Goten sitting on the bed. He was crying, but when he saw Gohan he wiped the tears away. "Hey Gohan."

Gohan looked at Goten and didn't know what to say. What was he supposed to say, *oh to bad for you Goten I'm dating Videl and she loves me AND NOT YOU!* Gohan has to be delicate with this particular situation. Gohan sat next to Goten. "Goten are you ok?"

Goten stared at Gohan. "If by ok you mean crying in front of my crush. Being humiliated in front of the person I have a crush on by my best friend, in front of my best friend's parents, and not to mention the girl's boyfriend a.k.a. MY OLDER BROTHER. Then I'm GREAT!"

Gohan didn't realize that Goten felt that way. "Goten I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter I just wanna forget about it. Lets just go home. I need to spend some time away from Videl."

Goten stood up and started to walk out the door. Then he noticed Gohan was still sitting down on the bed. "Gohan lets go. Is there something wrong?"

"Yeah well Goten it's gonna be a little hard to spend time away from Videl."

Goten was depressed once again. "She's spending the rest of the day at our house isn't she? Its ok I will just suffer through the fly home then go into my room. Problem solved."

Gohan was still sitting down "Goten I'm real sorry but Videl's dad went out of town for a red carpet event. And he took his maid with him cause he going to be in a condo because he can't cook let alone clean. So before I knew what going on I asked her dad if she can stay with us until he comes back. And he said yes."

Goten sat on the floor. "Gohan."

Gohan looked at the depressed child. "What is it Goten?"

"Kill me. I want you to do a Kamehameha Wave and Kill me. Right now, I'm ready. Tell mommy and daddy I love them and I that I forgive Trunks."

"Goten I'm not going to kill you. It is ok I will just leave you here with Trunks and have dad pick you up later, ok?"

Goten was a little relieved cause now he doesn't have to fly home with Videl and Gohan in an awkward silence. "Ok."

Gohan got up and left the room while Goten is still sitting. He walked back to where everyone was. Everyone was still there except Videl. "Bulma where's Videl?"

"What you didn't see her she went to go check on you and Goten. Speaking of Goten, where is he?"

"WHAT! Awww man I left Goten in Trunks' room." Gohan is now regretting his decision.

~In Trunks's Room~

Goten was still on the floor frustrated. "I can't believe Trunks told Videl I have a crush on her. Oh well it's not his fault."

Videl was standing at the door way looking at Goten. "Hey Goten."

Goten immediately stopped what he was doing. And if Videl didn't know better she thought she heard Goten say shit. "Hi Videl."

Videl walked over to Trunks bed at sat down. "I'm so sorry. But if you ask me it's sweet."

Goten is now miserable. "Videl."

"Yes Goten?"

"Do you like me?"

Videl froze. Well what is she supposed to say? What would Vegeta say: Hell no brat. What would Bulma say: Sure sweetie? What would ChiChi say: Have I met her? This is useless. "Goten I do love you."

Goten started to smile.

"Goten, I'm sorry, but I love you like a little brother."

Goten began to tear up.

"I'm sooo sorry. You do know I am dating your brother."

Goten was mad. Not at Videl but at Gohan. "It's ok Videl!" Goten was doing his best to sound like nothing happened.

Videl was confused but kinda happy that she got that out of the way. "Ok Goten lets go back to the others."

As Goten and Videl walked down the incredibly freakin long hallway, Gohan rushed up to them. "Is everything ok?"

Videl looked at Goten. "Yep. We're fine."

Gohan was relieved. "Hey, Gohan can I still stay here PLEASE! Trunks help me.

Trunks was sooo happy that Goten wasn't mad at him anymore. "Yeah, PLEASE!"

Bulma and Gohan stared at each other. "Bulma is it ok with you?"

"Of course."

Goten and trunks ran toward Trunks room. "Wait, Trunks I'm still hungry."

"You're right so am I. Ok then, TO THE KITCHEN!"

Gohan, Videl, Bulma, and even Vegeta nearly fell over when the two hyperactive Saiyans run past them. Videl sat up straight. "I know I don't really say things like this, but WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON THEM I GONNA KICK THEIR ASS' FOR RUINING MY HAIR!"

Gohan was speechless. "Videl just calm down."


Vegeta walked away. "Kakkabrat."

Gohan turned from Videl. "Did you just call me Kakkabrat?"

Vegeta was still walking away. "Yep. You really don't have a Saiyan name so I made one. Your father's name is Kakkarot and you are a Brat so I will now call you Kakkabrat."

Videl was annoyed. "He is not a brat! But he is a jerk for not noticing my hair. So your punishment is you have to take me shopping."

Gohan hated shopping with Videl. She always has to try on everything. "Videl please be reasonable."

"You're right I should be reasonable shouldn't I? Ok your new punishment is you still have to take me shopping but now I am also gonna shop for you."

Gohan was depressed. "So much for reasonable."

"Oh yeah and Gohan. You have to try on all the clothes I pick out for you."

"What did I do to deserve this?"