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ChiChi made her way down to Goten's room. She opened the door to her youngest son's room only to find Trunks on his cell phone and Goten coloring.

"Hi mommy." Goten said while picking a different color to draw with.

ChiChi put her hands on her hips. Even though she wants grandchildren, ChiChi couldn't let Goten and Trunks do such things without being punished. "Goten, why did you go into the bathroom and take your brother's clothes?" Goten put down his crayons and turned away from his mother. Trunks slowly put his phone down to watch the scene. "Goten, answer me."

The black haired demi saiyan grabbed his colors then continued to draw while facing his wall. "I don't wanna talk about it." He said in a hushed tone.

ChiChi was shocked. She never heard Goten sound so upset. "Honey, we need to talk. I know you don't want to, but we have to."

The seven year old finished coloring his picture. "Okay." He turned around toward his mother. "IT WAS TRUNKS' IDEA!"





"Trunks! Goten!" The two chibis ceased their arguing and faced ChiChi. "I want an actual answer, now."

Trunks and Goten were silent. Goten didn't want to admit his crush on Videl to his mother. And Trunks really didn't feel like having Goten get mad at him again for telling about his crush, again.

ChiChi sat down on the other end of Goten's bed. "Well? Are you going to answer me?"

Goten sat up straight thinking of a response to give his mother. Once he came to the conclusion that he had nothing to say, he picked up another one of his colors and began drawing another picture.

Trunks saw this action. He knows very well that Goten wouldn't want his mother to know about Goten's crush on Videl. But there is no other choice; they would have to tell her.

ChiChi, knowing that she won't get an answer anytime soon, decided to speak up. "Would it help if I said that I already know about Goten's feelings for Videl?"

Both of the demi saiyans snapped their heads toward ChiChi. Goten was the first to recover from the sudden statement. "How did you find out?"

"Well to be honest, Bulma. But the diary with a million pictures of Videl in the middle of the room helped to you know?" The raven haired mother pointed to the spot where the diary sat no more than ten minutes ago.

Trunks put his cell phone in his pocket. "Wow my mom can't keep one secret even if her life depends on it."

"Now, why did you take Gohan's clothes?" ChiChi asked while getting more impatient by the second.

Goten really didn't feel like getting in trouble today so he knew he had to make up something, and fast.

Our lavender-haired friend can clearly see Goten struggling to think of a lie. Trunks might as well help him out, being the son of Vegeta and all.

"Uhhh well, it all started when Goten and I walked into the living room and we saw them watching TV."

"And then we sat down on the floor in front of the couch." Goten said adding to the tale.

Trunks smiled at his partner in crime. "And they were watching a really weird show called…uh…"

"Banana Pickles On Ice Skates!" The seven year old blurted with excitement.

"Yeah! But the banana pickle wasn't a banana pickle it was-"

"A Dragon!"

"With purple polka dots!"

"With orange stripes!"

"That had a blue sombrero!"

Goten giggled at Trunks' comment. "But it was upside down!"

"Filled with cheese!"

"Then all of the sudden-"

"It Came Out Of The TV!" Trunks started acting out his story and Goten soon followed.

"And Threatened To Kidnap Videl!"

"But Gohan Wouldn't let it!"

"So the dragon turned into a PIG!"

"With ORANGE polka dots!"

"And YELLOW stripes!"

Trunks was getting the hang of this story. "And-"

"STOP!" ChiChi flung her hands into the air signaling silence. "I want the truth and I want it now."

Goten and Trunks were hushed. Maybe they did go a little too far. Trunks decided to speak up. "Well Aunt ChiChi, this is what really happened. My dad was soo mad at Gohan for not sparring with him he snuck inside Gohan's room and put itching powder in his clothes. So, being the responsible miniature adults we are, Goten and I decided it was up to us to sneak inside the bathroom and get Gohan's clothes and switch them out before it was too late. You're welcome."

ChiChi didn't believe Trunks one bit, so she turned to her youngest son. Knowing if worse comes to worse she can always break him. "Goten is all of that true?"

Goten suddenly found his shoes very interesting but snapped his head up to face his mother when feeling a nudge in the arm by Trunks. "Yes ma'am."

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