Love hurts

Okay I'm remaking my Fic: alone only this time it will be longer and I will only use the original alpha and omega characters.

Chapter 1
Humphrey stood atop the
Moonlight rock howling his sadness to the world. The tears that ran down his face glistened in the moon light. Humphrey was at war. Not with another wolf, but himself. He kept telling himself that Kate did love him, but his conscious denied it.

"I know she loves me."

"If she loved you she would not have married him." his conscious argued back.

Then his ego denied what his conscious said. "Even if she no longer loves you, you still love her and should stay."

Then the voice of hate rang out inside him. "If she doesn't love him, and is married, then what's the point in staying?"

Then his heart and soul pitched in. "everyone deserves a second chance."

Humphrey agreed. But he missed his chance when he allowed Kate to marry Garth. Hate had made a good point. There was no longer a reason for him to stay in Jasper. Even if she had never loved him, he still loved her. Then after much time of consideration he had made his decision. He would leave Jasper. But that decision would pale in comparison to his later decision of reality that would forever change his life.

Humphrey rested his head on the cold floor of the boxcar. He fell asleep not wanting to think about it anymore. But it was useless. He would lay there awake for hours, consciously at war with himself before realize the pain of existence. He fell asleep, forcing the thoughts out of his mind.

Humphrey opened his eyes and stretched away the stiffness that rested in his body. The bright light from the morning sun shone into the boxcars door. He stomach felt as if it were eating itself. He needed food. So he jumped of the train in search of food. After about ten minutes of searching, he found a lone deer grazing the grass in a wide open clearing. He silently made his way to the deer's blind spot and measured his distance. He took a few steps forward before pouncing the deer. He bit down hard on its neck and had killed it almost instantly. He dragged the carcass to a nearby cave and dug in.

Humphrey sat in the cave thinking furiously. He had left behind his home, his friends and his pack. He was a lone wolf. Then at that very moment, a cruel realization of reality grasped Humphrey. He was a lone wolf which meant he was to be alone for the rest of his life. This realization of truth led to Humphrey's life changing decision. Being a lone wolf meant he was on his own. He had to hunt on his own. If he got into a fight with another pack, he would have to be a one man army, he could have no friends. After hours of thinking, he was emerged into another war of self consciousness. He was mentally being torn apart. He wanted to so desperately go back home, or what wasn't really home anymore. But he would inevitably be defeated by the voices that were his conscious and hatred. A deep burning hatred for the one that stole her from him. Tired of his conscious war, Humphrey made a decision that would forever end this war and forever change his life.

Heartbroken, spirit crushed, and being torn apart by a self conscious war, Humphrey has become a lone wolf and has been gripped by the gruesome truth and decision that every lone wolf is doomed to live with. What is this truth, and what is the life changing decision. Will Humphrey ever return home to Kate? If you want to find out you'll just have to read the rest of the story that I have yet to even begin to start on. Humphrey has a long journey ahead of him. Come back next chapter to see what Humphrey's decision was.


Erich Fromm.