The Boys Go Fishing

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"Goten, get off of my leg!" Goku exclaimed.

"NO! DADDY, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME WALK ALL THE WAY BACK THERE, I'M TIRED AND HUNGRY AND I WANNA GO HOME!" Goten cried out. He was currently holding onto his father's leg begging for him to let him stay while Goku and Gohan left to retrieve the fish. Gohan sighed and Goku continued to try and shake him off.

"Here, dad." Gohan said. He soon began to try and pry his little brother of of his dad's leg, as Goku struggled to get out of the little boy's iron grip.

"Goten, don't be stubborn! We'll be there and back before you know it!" Goku tried to say cheerily, well, that is until his stomach growled, which made Goten wail even louder. Gohan sighed and brought out his backpack, making Goten stop his crying to try and see what his big brother was up to. The saiyan teen glanced at his younger brother who was waiting eagerly, sighed, and pulled out a granola bar. Goten. Went. Wild.

The hungry boy tackled his older brother to the ground, screaming his head off and grabbing at the granola bar. Gohan threw Goten off of him and stood back up, brushing the dirt off his clothes. Goku stood near him, his mouth watering. Gohan sighed, broke the granola bar in half and tossed the 2 pieces to his dad and little brother. Goku jumped up and snatched the granola bar while Goten let it hit the ground, and then went barreling towards it. The halves were gone in 10 seconds flat. Gohan's stomach rumbled as he sighed and led the way back to the lake, occasionally looking longingly at the granola bar wrapper in Goten's small but powerful hands.

They soon made it back to to the lake, after much walking, and complaining from Goku and Goten, the three boys finally made it back to the lake. But the sight they saw when they got there broke poor little Goten's heart. At the large pile of the fish that they caught, was now only carcasses of fish that were being picked at savagely by hungry birds. Goten screamed and ran towards the fish, spooking the birds and effectively making them fly away. The little boy looked dejectedly at the torn apart fish. Goku walked up to him and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, grinning.

"Well, Goten, looks like we get to have more fun with the fishies!" Goten grinned at his father's words, and they all dived in to catch their dinner. Again.

About a couple hours later, they all emerged from the lake with large fishes in their hands, and started making their way back to the Son house, where an impatient Chichi was waiting.

"Where are those boys?" she muttered angrily to herself, frantically cleaning the kitchen in an effort to calm her nerves. "It's getting dark out, and they should've been back by now! I swear, if they don't arrive in the next 10 seconds I'll-" but her ranting was cut short by a series of loud pounding noises at the door, and then what sounded like a strong set of hands knocking at the door 3 times. She sighed in relief, and ran to the front door, her frying pan in tow. Chichi ripped open the door to find none other than Vegeta and Trunks standing there, Vegeta scowling and Trunks standing in front of him, looking at Chichi nervously.

"Trunks? Vegeta? What are you two doing here?" she asked.

"Uh, well, we-"

"The boy and I were walking on the trail back from that blasted lake, and we found some broken fishing rods with stickers on them saying 'SON PROPERTY'. Trunks wanted an excuse to see the annoying little one and I assumed that this would probably get Kakkarot into trouble. So here." Vegeta said as held out the broken fishing rods in his hands. Chichi glared and took the fishing poles. Then proceeded to whack Vegeta over the head with her frying pan.

"What the hell was that for, you insufferable shrew?" BAM. Another hit. Vegeta scowled and rubbed his head.

"IT WAS FOR SPEAKING TO ME SO RUDELY!" Chichi shouted while slamming the door on them. She then looked down at the broken fishing rods that she had given to the boys to use, and sat down. Oh, she could not wait for them to get home.

About an hour later, there was another, more cheerful knocking at the door, and Chichi sighed. She went to open the door, holding her frying pan skillfully in one hand. There in the doorway stood her husband and two sons.

"Hey Chi!" Goku greeted her, a little nervously.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" she shouted. They all cringed and Goten and Goku looked over to Gohan.

"What are you looking at me, for?" he whispered.

"You had a plan about getting us out of the situation with the fishing rods, right?" Goku whispered back, avoiding Chichi's glare.

"Oh yeah…I just planned on winging it." He said casually. Goku and Goten fell over, anime style. After getting them back on their feet, Chichi smiled sweetly. A little too sweetly. The boys grew instantly nervous.

"Common in, and bring all of that fish! I'll be sure to cook you guys a big dinner!" She said cheerfully. Again, a little too cheerfully. But, at the mention of food, all nervousness was swept from the boys' mind as they rejoiced in the promise of food.

A few hours later, after all the of the food had been eaten, the boys sat at the table with full stomachs. That's when Chichi walked in, a fixed smile on her face.

"So, would anyone like to explain what happened here?" she asked, the broken fishing rods in her hand for them all to see, her smile turned into a scowl. They all looked nervously at each other, and Goku and Gohan did the first thing they thought of. They blamed Goten.

"GOTEN'S FAULT!" They shouted out at the same time. Goten began to cry, and all hell broke loose. Finally, after a few hits to the head, they all quieted down with Goten sniffling softly.

"Now, since none of you have proof, you're all punished."

"WHAT?" they shouted in unison.

"That's right, you heard me. I mean, common boys! I send you to do one simple thing with one simple tool and you end up breaking it! I asked you to fish with these fishing poles so you would look civilized in front of all of those people!" Chichi lectured. "I mean, what did you do, scare them all off?" They all chuckled nervously.

"Well…" Goku began, but Chichi cut him off.

"No interruptions! Now, Goku, your punishment, no training with Vegeta for a week, and no dinner tomorrow. Goten, no candy, playing with Trunks for a week, or dinner tomorrow. Gohan, no reading for fun, seeing Videl for a week, and no dinner tomorrow." They all groaned, and Goten was on the verge of crying again.

"This fishing trip turned out to be horrible…" Gohan muttered.

"Yeah…" Goten agreed.

"Well…at least we got to see Vegeta yell at fish…" Goku said, a smile playing at his lips. And they all burst out laughing. Chichi smiled despite everything and watched them joke around with each other as a family. Yeah, she was right about sending them on their fishing trip. Sure, it didn't end too well for the boys, but…

At least it brought them all together, as men of the Son household.

And Chichi couldn't be happier at the sight.


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