New story. Yup. Klaine. Of course. People on Tumblr know about this, but not many others. It's a Klaine role reversal story, in case you couldn't tell from the description. This is just the prologue. Leave me reviews and tell me what you think. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you all, honestly. But from the feedback I got on I'm New Here, I think you guys will enjoy this. :)

"Fine. You wanna hit me? You wanna beat me up, go ahead. But I swear to you, I will never change. I'm proud to be different. It's the best thing about me. So go ahead. Hit me."

That was many moons ago. Okay, so maybe it was 6 months ago, but it was last school year, but it sure feels like a long time ago. Back when he was first exposing himself to the world (or Ohio, actually) and getting taunted about it. Sure, he expected this. He was coming out of the motherfucking closet. Maybe that's why he had so much confidence. Because he expected it. Wanted it to happen. That was the last time he was shoved into the lockers. So, it's the beginning of November, and Blaine Anderson is shoved into the lockers for the first time this year. And as he glares at the face of Dave Karofsky walking away from him, there's only one thought going through his mind.

What the hell happened?

What happened to the boy who was so confident in himself after hiding who he was? What happened to that person who wasn't afraid to be different? ...What happened to Blaine?

Well...Dave Karofsky. That's what happened.

He's been hitting Blaine and threatening him for God knows how long. But now it's getting worse. Or it seems to. Maybe because now it's setting in that Blaine is alone. He's the only out guy in McKinley High, he's the only out guy in Lima, as far as he know. Hell, he's probably the only out guy in Ohio. "Until you find somebody as open and as brave as you, you're just gonna have to get used to going it alone." That's what his dad said. But you know what? That open, brave person is slipping away, and he's getting tired of being alone. Like that Nick Jonas song says, he "wants someone to love him for who he is."

...Come on, there has to be someone out there for Blaine.

Oh, but then, as if there isn't anything more to worry about, Sectionals is in a month. And they have their competition. Adorable old people and boys who do nothing but sing. Doesn't sound too hard. Yes, Blaine does get offended when Santana Lopez brings up the fact that everyone in this Warblers group is probably gay, but he lets it slide. She didn't mean any harm. Probably. At least there's the boys vs. girls mash-up competition to look forward to. And yes, Blaine gets a little more pissed when Mr. Schue tells him to go to the boys side AGAIN. He has a penis in his underwear, okay, we'll give you that, but he's basically an honorary girl, and they'll win if they have him on their team. But whatever. Their loss.

They're going over fashion ideas for the number when Puck suggests it. Go visit those Warbler people. Spy on them. See just how good they claim to be. He'll fit in. Blaine's fed up enough, having to organize a performance with these imbeciles. And when you combine that with recent threats from Karofsky, he's willing to do anything to get out of this place. So he agrees.

Little did he know, that might end up being the best decision he's ever made.

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