I have been obsessed with all the different Facebook fanfiction I've been reading, so, I just had to try one! Sorry if I seem like such a follower, but it looks like fun! So, my target series is…Pokémon! There're so many different characters and so much that can be done with it, so why not? Since hardly any of the characters in Pokémon have last names (with the exception of Ash, Tracey, Gary, Todd, and very few others), I decided to use their Japanese names as their last names.

Chapter One: Welcome to Facebook, Ash/Satoshi Ketchum!

Ash stared intently at the website in front of him. Facebook.

He was normally too busy to get on a computer, but all of his friends had one. Cilan had mentioned it to him and suggested it as a good way to get in contact with all of his friends while he was away. Ash thought that would be very convenient, considering that he barely had enough time for phone calls.

But he wasn't as Internet savvy as he thought. Even typing in the website name was confusing. How long had it had been since he used a computer?

"Getting everything started?" Cilan walked up to him and asked, leaning his arm on the chair Ash was sitting in.

"Um, sure…" Ash said hesitantly. "Where's Iris?"

"Grabbing food," Cilan said. "Here, would you like me to help?"

"That would be great," Ash said, releasing the mouse. Cilan leaned forward and grabbed it, moving the cursor to the Sign Up area.

"First name," Cilan clicked on the first blank box and reached over to the keyboard. "Ash…"

"Put Satoshi, too," Ash said. Cilan paused to glance at him in wonder.


"Yeah," Ash said with a smile. "It's a cool name. Not everyone goes by their real names, right?"

Cilan stared at him for a minute before turning back to the screen and resumed typing. "Slash Satoshi. There, is that okay?"

Ash nodded. "Yeah, that's fine."

Cilan hit the tab button and typed in Ash's last name. "Ketchum." He clicked the tab button again before frowning. "Um, Ash?"

"Yeah, Cilan?"

"…Do you have an e-mail?"

Ash gave him a what-are-you-talking-about look, and Cilan facepalmed. "What's that?"

"Sigh…" Cilan opened another window. "Let's set up an e-mail first… This might take awhile…"

Finally, after half an hour of helping Ash set up an e-mail and a Facebook page, Cilan slid the keyboard in front of Ash.

"There you go!" Cilan cheered. "All set!"

"Awesome!" Ash reached for the keyboard, then paused. "Wait, what do I do now?"

Cilan facepalmed again. "Sigh… Here, let me help…"

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum joined Facebook

Misty had been scrolling through the main page on Facebook from the computer in her room, making a face at Daisy's recent status.

"Seriously, Daisy?" Misty said, slightly irritated. "No one cares that you're getting your nails done. And learn how to spell…"

A number one appeared next to the friend request box. She clicked on it and was surprised to the name Ash/Satoshi Ketchum. Her eyes widened.

"Ash?" she questioned, as if she didn't believe it was real. "It's Ash!" Misty couldn't help but smile as she accepted the friend request.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is now friends with Misty Kasumi, Brock Takeshi, May Haruka and 23 other people

She gasped when she realized that Ash finally had a Facebook! She expressed the first thing that came to her mind on his wall instantly…

Misty Kasumi to Ash/Satoshi Ketchum About damn time!

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Ash/Satoshi Ketchum sorry! ive been busy! ive been roaming isshu and i havent taken much of a break! D:

Brock Takeshi It's fine. It's good that you're on here now, Ash. Now you can get a hold of all of your friends a lot easier.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum yeah cilan told me i should so i did. so hi everyone! :D

May Haruka Hi, Ash!

Dawn Hikari Hi! Piplup says hi, too!

"Umbreon, take a break!" Gary recalled his Umbreon after deciding it was time to take a break from training and go for lunch.

He sat down and pulled out a bottle of water. After taking a gulp, he pulled out his phone.

"Time to check Facebook!" he said. He logged on and noticed a few notifications and several friend requests. Probably a bunch of fangirls. The usual.

He scrolled through the list before pausing at a name he didn't think was real for a moment. After blinking a few times, he realized it surely was the real thing.

"Ash has a Facebook?!" he almost couldn't believe it. "I didn't think he had it in him."

Gary prepared to accept the request. He smirked widely.

"Time to pick on him!"

Ash Ketchum is now friends with Gary/Shigeru Oak

Gary/Shigeru Oak to Ash/Satoshi Ketchum Hey, Ashy-boy!

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum why the hell do you keep calling me that? im not a little kid!

Gary/Shigeru Oak Technically you're 10

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum no im not! my birthday was…um, well…i didnt have a birthday…

Gary/Shigeru Oak See?

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum shut up! if im still 10 then so are you!

Gary/Shigeru Oak But I'm more mature :P

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum damn you!

Gary/Shigeru Oak For a 10 year old you have quite a mouth on you. What would your mother say?

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum stop talking to me or ill unfriend you

Gary laughed hysterically. Now he could pick on Ash from afar!

Today was a good day.

Dawn stretched as she woke up from her bed in the Lilycove Pokémon Center. Today was the day she signed up for the contests in Hoenn. She squealed in excitement.

"Aahhh!" she screamed, throwing her arms up. "I'm so excited!" She threw the covers off and before hopping off the bed noticed her phone sitting on the side table.

"Gonna update my status real quick!" she reached for her phone and began to log in.

Dawn Hikari I'm going to compete in the Hoenn contests! Watch out everyone! I'm gonna blow the competition away!

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May Haruka Good luck! I wish I could watch your competitions, but I'm still competing in the Johto contests myself!

Drew Shuu Yeah, because you keep losing to me :P

May Haruka Shut up, Drew! No one was talking to you!

Dawn giggled as she noticed Drew teasing May. From the conversations May had with Dawn about Drew, he really liked to pick on her. But from Dawn's perspective, she thought that maybe Drew just liked seeing how she would react. Boys were silly. Maybe he liked her?

Dawn also remembered the conversations about the roses he gave to May, supposedly meant for her Beautifly. Dawn rolled her eyes. Yeah right.

She hopped out of bed and figured she could message May about it later.

Ash was still getting used to this intriguing website, which he also learned that he could use on his phone. It was a little more difficult to maneuver, but a lot more convenient.

He was on his way to the Castelia Gym to battle the Insect Artist, Burgh. He fumbled with his phone while nearly running into people walking around him down the crowded street.

Cilan and Iris had to yank him out of the way several times. After quickly pulling Ash away before almost tripping over a preschooler, Iris puffed her cheeks.

"Kid!" she yelled. "Can you please watch where you're going?"

"Sorry," Ash glanced at her. "I'm just trying to post a status to Facebook. I want to let people know that I'm about to challenge Burgh!"

"Well can you at least wait until we get to the Gym!"

"…Sigh, fine…" Ash pocketed his phone and continued walking until they finally reached the Gym. When he reached for his phone again, Cilan and Iris sighed.

"You did this," Iris pointed at Cilan.

"I hope I don't regret this…" Cilan crossed his arms.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is challenging burgh to a gym battle!

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Iris Ryu Go Ash!

Bugsy Tsukushi Burgh, the Insect Artist? Cool! I admire him. Good luck!

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Burgh Arti You better be ready, Ash, because my Bug Pokemon are strong!

Misty Kasumi Eww…Bugs…

Brock was helping the oldest sister of the house, Yolanda, make eggs.

"Is this okay?" she asked, carefully stirring the eggs in the pan.

"Yes, you're doing fine," Brock said with a smile. "I'm gonna go check on the others. Can you handle this?"

"I sure can!" Yolanda said cheerfully. Brock patted her shoulder before walking out of the room.

When the second oldest brother, Forrest, spotted Brock, he jumped up from the couch and ran up to him.

"Hey, Brock!" he waved his hand. "Weren't you gonna help me with my training today?"

"Of course, Forrest!" Brock answered. "Let's eat breakfast first and then we'll get started!"

Brock Takeshi Helping Forrest train to be a fitting Gym Leader!

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Forrest Takeshi Im working hard!

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Ash stared in disbelief as his Oshawott fell, defeated by Burgh's Whirlipede.

"R-return, Oshawott…" a red light glowed onto Oshawott from it's Poké Ball, materializing it back into the ball. Ash stared at the Poké Ball and sighed. "You did great."

"You can always come back later!" Burgh waved. "It was a close battle!"

"Ash, what are you going to do now?" Iris asked in concern.

Ash continued to stare at Oshawott's Poké Ball before finally returning it to his belt. "Well, I'm going to…"

"…Yes?" Iris watched as it looked like Ash would pull out another Poké Ball. But…

"I'm gonna post my disappointment to Facebook!" Ash held his phone in the air and shouted. Iris clenched her fists and glared at Cilan.

Cilan shrugged. "S-sorry!"

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum i lost! D:

Cilan Dent It's okay, Ash. The battle was simply divine, it just needed a little more spice. You'll do better next time.

Gary/Shigeru Oak Still a loser, it seems…

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum shut up! i dont see you competing for the isshu badges!

Gary/Shigeru Oak Cause I'm busy training and researching

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum researching what? how to be more of an asshole? you jerk!

Cilan Dent Guys, guys! Let's stop this now!

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum he started it…

Ash stomped his foot and began sprinting out of the Gym.

"Hey!" Iris yelled. "Where are you going!"

"I gotta train!" Ash called back, already pushing his way through the doors.

"Argh, that kid!" Iris began to run after him. "C'mon, Cilan! We have to go catch him before he gets lost in the crowd!"

Cilan sighed and started running behind Iris. She was right; he had already gotten hopelessly lost twice.

Time to save him for a third time.

Dawn Hikari I won my first Hoenn contest ribbon! :D

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May Haruka Congrats!

Zoey Nozomi Great job! I knew you could do it!

Ursula Urara Yeah, congrats…but you're still not better than me.

Dawn Hikari Ursula, I've defeated you in every contest I competed against you.

Ursula Urara Flukes. I don't accept those as real wins.

Dawn Hikari Wow, way to ruin a mood.

Dawn huffed as she shut her phone. Of course Ursula had to be a bitch about it. But she decided to let it go and bask in her victory. Her friends were there to support her, and that's all that mattered.

She smiled as put the ribbon in her new case for the Hoenn region. Only four more ribbons to go.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is now friends with Ritchie Hiroshi

Ash paused giving Tepig a command to check his phone after it beeped. He smiled when he saw that Ritchie accepted his friend request.

"Awesome!" Ash cheered. "I haven't talked to Ritchie in forever!"

Iris and Cilan walked up to him in confusion. "Who's Ritchie? I've never heard you mention him."

"A friendly rival of mine," Ash explained. "Here's a picture of him!" Ash went to Ritchie's page and clicked on his profile picture, which showed him with his Pikachu, Sparky.

"…" Cilan made a face, mouth agape.

"…He looks just like you…" Iris said.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum to Ritchie Hiroshi ritchie! its been ages! how are you?

Ritchie Hiroshi Hey Ash! Things are good! I'm so glad you got a Facebook! I've missed being able to talk to you and the rest of my friends! I hear you're in Isshu, but I hope we get the chance to meet up again sometime!

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum of course! im actually thinking of taking a small break and maybe returning to kanto soon…

Ritchie Hiroshi Cool! We'll definitely have to meet and catch up. Sparky says hello!

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum great! ill let you know! And pikachu says hello as well!

Misty noticed Ash's comments on Ritchie's wall. She leaned forward to make sure she read it right.

Ash is coming back to Kanto? she thought. No way!

She had to ask Ash himself to make for sure.

Misty Kasumi to Ash/Satoshi Ketchum Wait, did I hear you're thinking of returning to Kanto soon?

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum yeah im thinking of taking a little break after i win my 3rd badge from burgh. isshu is pretty far away and im actually starting to miss you guys. cilan and iris want to visit kanto as well

Gary/Shigeru Oak Taking a break? Slacker

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum dammit gary! always there to ruin everything!

Gary/Shigeru Oak I'm just messing with you. It'd be good for you to come back to Kanto so I have another chance to whoop your ass ;D

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is that a challenge? its on!

Of course Gary had to jump in. She made a face and decided to intervene.

Misty Kasumi Ignoring that… Let us know when you decide to come back. I'd love to come visit. I'll bring Brock Takeshi along as well.

Brock Takeshi Of course!

May Haruka Hey! I wanna be in on this as well!

Misty blinked. Wasn't May in Johto?

Oh well, it didn't matter. The more the merrier.

Max Haruka Sis! Bring me, too!

Max, too? Misty sat in wonder. She didn't think Max was with Johto.

Dawn Hikari I'll leave Hoenn now, lol.

And Dawn was in Hoenn. Misty made a face. How was everyone going to get here?

This was suddenly getting interesting.

Max Haruka Good, you can come pick me up, Dawn, lol.

Dawn Hikari Sure, if your sister doesn't mind.

May Haruka That's fine by me. One less trip. Thanks!

Barry Jun Whoa, are we talking a party here? I am sooooo in!

Barry? Where did he come into the picture? Misty hardly even knew him. And wasn't he in Sinnoh?

Wow, everyone was all over the place.

Dawn Hikari Barry? Where did you come from?

Barry Jun My parents, lol

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Misty laughed out loud. She was one of the five that clicked like.

Tracey/Kenji Sketchit Party? I'll bring the chips.

Party? That wasn't intentional. Suddenly this was seeming like a weird game of telephone.

But Misty had a thought.

A party sounds cool… If everyone is coming here…

Daisy Kasumi ill totally bring the dip ;)

Now Daisy was randomly jumping in. Misty shook her head.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum whoa guys! i havent even gotten my badge yet! and where did all these people come from? who said party?

Misty tapped her finger to her chin.

Hmm, I wonder if I could throw a party here? Misty thought about asking her sisters for help, but then wondered if that was a good idea.

Whatever. She jumped out of her chair and left her room to find her sisters.

Misty Kasumi created the event Ash's Homecoming Party

May Haruka, Brock Takeshi, Dawn Hikari and 23 others are attending

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum badge people BADGE!

Misty Kasumi Then hurry your ass up and get the damn badge!

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Daisy walked in Misty's room as she was cleaning up.

"So, you, like, wanna have this party here?" she asked as she flipped her blonde hair back over her shoulder.

"Yes!" Misty said, shoving dirty clothes in a basket. "So you guys need to clean your rooms! I don't care if no one comes in the house, you guys need to clean up anyway!"

"So, you want it outside?" Daisy asked.

"Well, a lot of people are going to come, so yes," Misty said.

"Then why do we need to clean our rooms?" Daisy shrugged. Misty paused to glare at her.

"Because you guys are pigs!" she yelled. "Your youngest sister shouldn't have to tell you guys to clean up after yourselves."

"Whatever," Daisy waved her hand as if she were shooing a bug away.

Ash charged back into Burgh's Gym.

"I'm ready again, Burgh!" Ash yelled. Burgh stopped trimming some bushes to smile at him.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Ash raised his fist.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is challenging burgh to a gym battle…again!

Gary/Shigeru Oak Actually win this time

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Ash/Satoshi Ketchum i don't need you to tell me that, stupid

May Haruka Get that badge so we can party!

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is anyone even concerned about me or does everyone just want to party?

Barry Jun But Ash, its a PARTY! XD

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Cilan and Iris watched as Ash slumped and made his way back out the doors to the Gym. They glanced at Burgh, and he shrugged.

"Close again," Burgh said. "Is something bothering him? He's not seeming to focus very well."

"Yeah, I think I know what's wrong," Iris glared at Cilan before hitting him on the arm. "Cilan showed him Facebook!"

"Hey, why is this always coming back to me?" Cilan frowned.

"I bet if I bring up Facebook on my phone right now, Ash will have already posted another status!" Iris said, reaching for her phone in her pocket. She logged on and Cilan and Burgh were looking over her shoulders.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum …lost again…

"SEE?!" Iris yelled, and the two Gym Leaders jumped back.

Misty Kasumi Dislike!

May Haruka Dislike!

Brock Takeshi Dislike…

Barry Jun Party…

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum if people would stop being so damn worried about this stupid party and encourage me i might actually do better!

Gary/Shigeru Oak Or maybe you just suck


Gary/Shigeru Oak Well if you keep losing, that might not be anytime soon

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Ash/Satoshi Ketchum why did so many people like that? you guys are mean! ill just stay my ass here then! wheres your party now?

Gary/Shigeru Oak I win by default :P

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum NO! DAMMIT!

Misty Kasumi Whatever it takes to get him back to Kanto…

"I'm not too sure who this Gary kid is, but maybe he can motivate Ash to freaking step it up," Iris huffed.

Immediately after saying that, the Gym doors swung open.

"BURGH, I JUST HEALED MY POKÉMON!" Ash screamed at the top of his lungs. "AND I CHALLENGE YOU AGAIN!"

"Well, that was quick," Burgh clapped his hands, leaving Iris and Cilan to glance at each other in confusion.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum is challenging burgh to a gym battle so people can stop pestering me about this stupid party!

Cilan Dent Just focus and you're sure to do great.

Iris Ryu But you better win this time, Ash, because I wanna party, too…

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Ash cheered as his Tepig shot out a powerful Ember attack from it's nose, incinerating the Whirlipede and finally taking it down.

"Yeah!" Ash cheered, running around in circles. "I won, I won!"

"You sure did," Burgh said, recalling his Pokémon. He started walking over to Ash and held out the Insect Badge. "Here's your—"

"Time to post this to Facebook!" Ash said as he smiled at his phone. Burgh sweatdropped while Iris was about to dropkick Cilan.

Ash/Satoshi Ketchum finally won! :D

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Misty Kasumi Good. Now get your ass home!

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Ash jumped up and down in excitement as he exited the Castelia Gym, Insect Badge in hand.

"Time for us to head to Kanto!"

I forgot mention, but if you didn't already notice, any character that has siblings will take that main character's last name, like Max's last name is Haruka and Daisy's last name is Kasumi. And since Iris has the same name in English and Japanese, I went ahead and gave her the last name of Ryu, which is Japanese for Dragon since she's a Dragon-type Trainer. And I'm going to name the Unova region by its Japanese name of Isshu because I like Isshu better. As for ships, there're so many I like so I'm not sure what I'll do yet. Probably more of little shippy moments with everyone rather than actual pairings. And…I know this might seem out there considering many things, but…I'm possibly thinking about bringing in the main characters from Adventures/Special like Red, Yellow, and the rest of them. It may seem odd, but I love them so much, I'd find a way to make it work.