Okay, so I don't want to do this because I don't feel like an entire chapter needs a Author's Note, but this is really important and it's probably gonna be a little long, so here it is.

I got a review very recently (from someone who I honestly believe has way too much time on their hands) about how this story doesn't follow the rules and that if I didn't decide to alter it to that it fits the guidelines or take it down that they would report it.

Now, I've worked way too hard on this story to take it down. Plus, I can't just let go of all the lovely reviews that you guys have given me, so I don't have the intention of taking this story down or discontinuing it. But, I don't want it reported either, so it's time for me to revise this story so that it meets the guidelines.

Who knows if how I intend to revise it will fit these damn guidelines, but Arceus dammit I'm gonna try. Basically the posts and everything that are currently in the story are going to be the same, it's just that there will be some dialogue and normal text with it to indicate where the characters are at and whatnot. It might actually make the story a little more intersting. This also means the story will be hellified longer, but whatever. You obviously don't have to reread it or anything, but it's there if you do.

So this is just a heads up. I'm working hard to revise these chapters and I will be reposting them as I finish them. They'll be out of order and individual, so I'll keep a chart here to show my progress if you wish to check up on it. I will also post on the summary for each chapter that I repost as I post it.

So this story's not going anywhere, and I hope I can at least keep this story on this site, because Arceus, I didn't realize that posting a suppoedly illegal story to a website was a crime. So much for Unleash Your Imagination.

And to the supposed "Fanfiction Police who obviously aren't the Fanfiction Police", let them handle their job. I read the person's profile that gave me that review and I understand that they aren't trolling and that they're just trying to give a heads up, or whatever the fuck, but Arceus, calm it down, will you? Just read a Fanfiction and enjoy it or don't enjoy it or leave constructive criticism or leave it alone. The only stories on here that I believe should be reported for breaking the rules is if someone obviously has plagirized another person's story, and I have seen that happen before. If you see another story that you feel 'breaks the rules', you don't have to be such a freaking nark about it. Go outside every once in awhile. Write your own wonderful Fanfiction. I'm not going to say you don't have a life, but who purposefully looks for stories to ban? I'm just encouraging you to find a better use of your time. Go look for people that have timed out on the parking meter and report that. See how far that gets you.

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Thanks a lot for your support so far, guys. I really appreciate it. :D