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Five Dollars

Chapter One:

You're On

- By Lyrics and Music

It was just one question.

"Who's hotter?"

The answer came from two separate sources speaking together.

"I am."






"Five dollars."

"You're on."

Sasuke Uchiha:

He thinks he's so hot. He's really not.

But then again, maybe it's because I'm a boy and acknowledging that would be gay.

Whatever. I'm the one that actually gets all the girls anyway.

I'll be keeping the bill, Hyuuga.

The dollar had been passed back in forth through hundreds of bets.

And like the boys, the five dollar bill…was still perfect.

No folds. No tears. Nothing.

Neji Hyuga:

He should just forfeit. I'll be sweeping this one.

After all, I won first time around.

That money is mine, bastard. I intend to get it back.

I'll prove it to that cocky son of a bitch.

Yeah, I'll show him.

"We need a judge," Neji stated.

"A girl," Sasuke elaborated.




"She's partial to you."


"Still partial to you."


"How about someone not partial to you?"


"She's. My. Cousin."

"Then she's partial to you."

"If she thinks I'm hot, we have a problem."

"Oh, right."







"She's partial to you. Actually…she's the only one partial to you."

"Quality over quantity, Uchiha."

"I heard you two from down the street," Shikamaru groaned in his normal drawl.

"We need your help," Neji stated, staring down at the boy on the ground.

The boy in question yawned, "What a bother."

"We need a girl to decide which one of us is more attractive but everyone is biased," Sasuke monotonously explained.

"Although this bet is really pointless because I will win."

"Hyuga, I think you're thinking a little too highly of yourself."

"I think the one with the ego here is you, Uchiha."

"How troublesome," Shikamaru sighed under the bickering of the other two boys. He snapped to get their attention, "Hyuga, Tenten likes you. Uchiha, Sakura likes you. Whoever gets the other guy's girl first wins."

Both Sasuke and Neji paused.

"You're welcome, now leave me alone."

And just like that the war resumed – another battle consuming the two boys.

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