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Chapter Five:

Neji Stops the Fun

"Is that–"

"Uchiha and Tenten?"


That was definitely them.

Even without his Byakugan, he knew.

"B-but how could he?"

"…I told you."


Neji Hyuga:

Don't get too comfortable, Uchiha.

We're only tied.

You did not just put your hand there.

Tenten, kick him again for me. Please.

Sadly for Neji, Tenten's train of thought was somewhere else entirely.


Don't kick him. Resist the urge. Self-control.

For the sake of the game, just pretend it never happened.

Better yet, pretend he's someone hot.

…long dark brown hair and…

Oh, god. Yes.

If he only knew.

"Tenten?" a voice asked, deep and calm.

"Yes Neji," Tenten sighed. Ah, the power of imagination.

Sakura felt her knees go weak – since when were Uchihas affectionate?

"I see you and Uchiha are –," the voice called again.

"Uchiha?" Eyes snapping open, Tenten pushed Sasuke away full heartedly, "No, we're not–".

"Hn," the boy responded, arms crossed clearly irked. It certainly looked like they were.

"She's coming to my place," Sasuke replied, recovering from the surprisingly hard shove and purposely leaving out the reason for said visit.

Sakura's soul left her body – her hair even turned pale.

Tenten, half-recovered, smiled upon recalling the game, "Don't be jeal–"

"Jealous? I'm not. Have fun," Neji stated, interrupting her statement, almost spitting out the words.

"Oh we will," Sasuke interjected, "More fun that you ever have."

Sakura's depression deepened – she was extremely jealous.

"Uchiha, I think I need a word with you." the Hyuga almost hissed.

Sasuke smirked, "In case you can't see, I'm rather occupied at the moment. Right, Tenten?"

"Whatever fun you're planning on having can wait," Neji replied, dragging the boy down the street.

Sakura lifelessly opened her mouth – was fun being used suggestively (like eyebrow wiggle suggestively) here?

If so, she wanted to have some.

Elsewhere in Konoha

"Tsunade-sama, is this really wise?"

"Of course, Shizune. Now how about it boys?"

"I'll place ten on Sasuke."

"Yosh! My eternal rival, I will then bet the same amount on Neji."

"Tsunade-sama, I've always been curious."


"Where exactly does Gai keep his wallet if he wears a spandex suit?"


"I mean his jacket pockets certainly aren't big enough for money."


"Besides, he specializes in taijutsu so he doesn't have weapon holsters."


Back to the Boys

"What exactly constitutes winning the bet?"


"A kiss?"


"A date?"


"Uchiha, answer me."

"…That's a good question."

Neji blinked.

Sasuke stared.

"What were we doing this entire time then?"

"…That's an even better question."

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