"Aw c'mon Jecca!"

"Snipes! It aint a good idea!"

"It is too!"

Jecca sighed. "Fine! But if we get in trouble, it's your fault!"

Snipes and Jecca heard someone coming down the stairs and made run for it out the front door of the Brooklyn Lodging House.

"Jecca? Snipes?" Called Hades, the leader, from the middle of the staircase. She frowned when she saw they weren't there. "Lousy kids..." She mumbled.

"Hey Hades!" Said a voice from behind her.

Hades smiled. "Good mornin' Singah!"

"What's so great about it?" Singah said with a grin as the two walked down the rest of the stairs together.

They went out the front door and walked towards the DO. Hades yawned.

Singah looked over at Hades. "Why's you so tired Hades?"

"Oh...I couln't sleep..." Hades replied and yawned again.

Singah noticed the look on Hades face and grinned. "You liah!"

Hades jerked her head and glared at Singah. "Whaddya mean I'se a liah?! I toldya, I couln't sleep!"

"Yeah, you couln't sleep cuz you wasn't even tryin'! You was out somewheah wit Mush!"

A grin slowly crept across Hades' face.

"You were! I knew it!!!" Singah practically shouted.

Hades laughed. "You know me too well, Singah."

The two reached the DO smiling and laughing. They were the first ones there. "I'll take 100 papes Mistah H!" Hades announced proudly. She threw down her money and picked up her papes. She walked over to the side and waited for Singah.

"100 papes!" Singah said with a sly smile. She paid Mr. H and joined Hades as the other Brooklyn Newsies were getting in line.

"So Hades, what's thuh bet dis time?" Singah asked as she adjusted her hat. It was a tradition that Singah and Hades made a bet every morning on who could sell all of their papes first.

Hades smirked. "I bet you tomorrah's earnings dat I can sell all me papes foist!"

"You'se on!!" Singah said with that mischievous grin.

Just as they were about to take off, a girl ran up to them. "Heya Lil'Bit!" Hades said, greeting the excessively short 15-year-old.

"Hades! Jecca and Snipes are missing!" Lil'Bit said, out of breath.

"What?! I hoid dem talkin in thuh lobby dis mornin'! Dey prolly jus' came and got their papes early..." Hades said and walked over to the DO counter.

"Hey Mistah H, did Jecca and Sniped get their papes yet?" She asked

Mr. H have her a puzzled look. "No Hades, I haven't seen either of them..."