Hades drowsily awoke the next morning. She washed her face and headed outside. "So Peeps!" Hades said when she joined Peeps outside. "I take it you an' Jake are gettin' alone poity good!"

Peeps blushed and smiled. "Yeah...I guess you could say that..."

Hades laughed as two Staten Newsies ran up to her, they both looked as if they had just seen the ghost of Christmas past.

"HADES!" One of them said out of breath.

"Whaddya want Mudpie?" Hades asked coldly.

"Hades...we got some news..." Said the second boy.

Now, a small crowd had gathered.

"News?" Hades said curiously.

Mudpie nodded. "Needles and Blade are....are dead."

Hades stood still, in total shock. "What do ya mean they'se dead?!"

Mudpie looked at Hades. "I mean they'se dead...yaknow, passed on, deceased, flyin' in the sky, no longer with us..."

Hades looked at him doubtfully. She studied his face for a few moments, then she said quietly. "You'se not kiddin....are ya?"

Mudpie shook his head. "No. I aint."

"B-But....how th' hell did dey die?!?!" Hades asked frantically.

Mudpie shrugged. "We donno...we found 'em in front of th' lodgin house dis morning. Dey was stabbed...we t'ink someone came ovah last night an' challenged 'em. But obviously...dey lost."

"But who would've killed..." Hades voice trailed off, and she began to think. 'My dream...the whispering, and th' footsteps...' She thought. 'Dat wasn't a dream...' She began to look around.

Mudpie interrupted her thoughts. "Hades...?"

Hades looked over at him. "Huh?"

"We'se real sorry bout all th' trouble we caused Brooklyn...everyone was against attackin'...but Needles and Blade threatened to kill us if we din't do what dey said....so we did it. And actually...to tell ya th' truth Hades...we'se all real glad that dey is dead." He said to her.

Hades looked at him, neither accepting nor refusing his apology. She began to look around again. All of the newsies were in shock. So when Spot and Mush discretely high-fived and exchanged joyous glances, it caught her eye. 'It couln't have been...' Hades thought as the two boys looked over at her.

Spot smiled at her, and Mush winked.


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