Generic Disclaimer: Glee nor Klaine is mine. If you recognize it, it probably isn't mine. Does contain characters from CP Coulter's Dalton in later chapters.

Kurt walked through the doors of Dalton Reform School for Boys, annoyed that his father made him come to a reform school. Burt had sworn Kurt would be safe from Dave Karofsky there, and Kurt wondered if his father understood what a reform school actually was. The only upside was that he got to wear his own clothes instead of some stupid uniform.

On the surface, it seemed like McKinley, only no girls. Students milled about, trying in vain to skip class. Upon seeing two boys practically having sex in the hall, he took comfort in the thought that he wouldn't be harassed here.

Kurt walked into his first class, French, and sat down in a random seat. He didn't think anything about it until 15 minutes into class when a boy with a tight white V-neck, dark jeans, and a black leather jacket came in, whistling as if he hadn't just been late to class. He plopped himself into the teacher's chair, putting his feet up on the desk, and continued whistling.

"Get in your seat, Anderson." The teacher said, not looking away from what she was writing on the chalkboard in front of her.

"Can't. New kid's sitting there." The boy grinned, winking at Kurt. He felt heat rise to his face as everyone turned to look at him. "But if you insist." He said, standing and casually making his way to Kurt. He picked up the notes Kurt had been writing and Kurt looked up at him, surprised at how short he was. the boy sat down on his desk, placing Kurt's notes against his thigh and winking again.

Kurt blushed, earning a few cat-calls from some of the other students. 'Anderson' smirked, leaning down closer to Kurt. "All I can see right now is you, sprawled under me, flushed with desire and screaming my name."

"Blaine Anderson, at least stop talking so I can continue the lesson and hopefully teach you kids something."

"I've learned something over the weekend, Ms. Borne. Do you wanna hear it?" Blaise asked, earning cheers from his classmates. He looked back at Kurt.

"Blaine, I will send you to the principal!" The teacher yelled, but the dark-headed boy ignored her.

"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" He asked, earning laughs, cat-calls, and cheers among his friends. The teacher looked furious and embarrassed and like she was going to hit him. Glancing at the clock, Kurt swiftly responded.

"Désolé, vous allez devoir utiliser votre main ce soir, mais je suis sûr que vous avez beaucoup d'expérience avec ça." Kurt replied, grabbing his notes and putting them into his binder. He stood up and left as the bell rang, drowning out the massive cheers and calls of "BURN!" and the like.

Blaine Anderson watched the new kid, Kurt Hummel, leave his French class, smirking. Well, this is definitely going to be fun, isn't it? He thought to himself, grinning.

A/N: Blaine said, "Would you sleep with me tonight? Would you sleep with me?" and Kurt said "Sorry, you are going to have use your hand tonight, though I am sure you have plenty of experience with that." Sorry if the French is wrong, I used Google Translate, since I can't actually speak French.