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Boya was sleeping now, This was a strenuous process. Evangeline never held back with him, The world was cruel, it wasn't going to let up just because he was a nice kid. More then six hundred years ago she was just like him. Ernest, intelligent, driven. She was thought to be going places in that primitive kingdom. But then on her tenth birthday she felt the sun burn her skin...yet it felt freezing to her. She retreated to the dark corner of her bedroom, everything felt weird, cold, unforgiving. her throat was dry, she didnt understand what was happening at all.
When the nurse came in...she couldn't stop herself. Unlike now, she was a fledgling then, she needed a lot of blood to keep herself alive. She cried as she drank from the woman, she was killing the woman who cared for her, and she couldn't stop herself. The happy world she lived in faded away with brutal exile, they chased her away, tried to kill her for her brutal crimes. She felt as if she had lost her soul, that whatever god existed hated her.

She wanted to stop running, she wanted to live like she used to. If she had the chance she would of given up the curse back then, lived out a happy uneventful mortal life It tore her apart, but she had to sacrifice her child's heart, she had to freeze her emotions, embrace what was happening to her in order to survive. Become the thing people feared,

the cackling dark witch,

the puppet master

And Boya wanted to be just like her. He said he wouldn't mind being a monster, be like his "master." He didn't really get what it meant to be her. She was stained with the blood of thousands, her frozen heart took them all callously just to keep her wretched life. She even relished in it for a long time...or at least she pretended too.

She stroked his cheek, shaking her head as a tear formed in her eye. She had corrupted him...the encroachment was growing inside him...he wasn't even human anymore. this boy that bore the face of the only man she ever loved

"I know your not really a bad kitty" the thousand master joked as he patted her head "you just need to live in the light for a bit, melt some of that ice off of you"

This man infuriated her as much as she loved him. He made light of her past, tearing down the barriers all her titles, all her victories she had made. To others she was the cold blooded Dark Evangel that would kill them in a moments notice, but to Nagi Springfield she was a little kitty cat that lost her way.

He didn't even give her the dignity of defeating her fair and square. He just overwhelmed her senses with an union bath and cast that wretched spell on her.

you wont forgive me right now, but I know your going to be alright where I'm sending you, be a good little kitty now, and I will free you one day"

it still stung that he would never be coming around, that he couldn't keep his promise. Even if the boy freed her, it would be bitter sweet. part of her wanted to run up to that man, tell him how she had been a good little girl, how she had stayed in the light like he said. Despite all her painful memories, everything seemed to be melting away. Her memory of her painful beginnings was slowly drifting chunks of ice falling off a glacier...

only time will tell if she had really changed

"I...I cant feel anything..." whispered Negi, he had woken up, dark swirls were appearing on his face and body "I...I just feel cold..."

His face contorted, flashing into a demonic visage and back to his smooth childish good looks

"alright...we're starting again...are you ready?" Boya nodded, his body shivering and drenched in sweat

"lic lic lac li lac" she placed her hand on his abdomen, the beads of sweat froze over the swirling patterns of darkness. Magea Erebea responded to her, surrounding her hand. Her eyes glowed, and she bared her fangs.

"its alright master...I don't mind...make me like you"

"shut up boya"

he bucked up as power flooded into his body, the same power that had filled her all those years ago. The dark magic that turned her into a shinsu vampire was now coursing through Boya's veins. He yelled at the top of his lungs, Freezing wind formed a massive cyclone in the villa, the clouds above and the vary structure of the world itself quaked as this boy experienced his awakening. She had no real power to speak of as a child, her coming had a much more humble beginning.

Lightning flared all over, thousands upon thousands of bolts struck the mountains, the trees, everything inside her little kingdom away from the world. Tornado's and hurricanes began to form...

she pressed on...

She couldn't turn Boya by a bite, he would of lost his free will, the things about himself she found so interesting. He wanted to be just like her, and that is what she was going to do. She prayed too what ever god that hated her so that he would not hate her for this. She hated the one who did this to her with every fiber of her being...

she enjoyed killing him like she did no other person...

that perverted sorcerer so long ago...

who wanted her to remain a little kitty forever...

The roof of her villa crumbled and flew away into the blackened sky, Boya's power was truly an awesome thing in this wild state. He made such beautiful patterns in the sky, everything was flying about, the only thing that remained still was the vampire,

The dark evangel,

as she whispered the wretched spell onto her favorite pupil.

She would figure out how she was going to fix her little home away from home when she recovered her power...Those fools wanted her to do this out in the mortal world...everything would of been destroyed with hundreds of miles, death and suffering would come swift to the world of men, none but her and the strongest of Magister Magis could survive this chaos, all manners of natural disasters far more catastrophic than her Villa being demolished would of rocked the mortal world to the core.

She was making something that would be the king of vampires,

a thunder god,

ruler of darkness and storm,

The Mega Nosferatu,

The son of the thousand master was going to forge a powerful dark legacy like his master,

Evangeline A. K. Mcdowell

"The bird of Hermes is my name" Negi spoke in Latin and a deep unearthly voice, his eyes blazed red, fangs sprouted out of his innocent mouth "Eating my wings to make me tame" red clouds billowed from the ground of Evangeline's dominion. Yes she had much humbler beginnings then this...he was becoming something entirely new, tears fell down her face freely, melted from her frozen life, she finished the last few words of the chant.

Everything stopped as suddenly as it had begun, the silence was defining as the harsh wind and lightning stopped. the apocalyptic smoke dissipated into a red mist, covering her land in a blanket of glowing color. Air born debris slowly and eerily fell to the earth like snow flakes. Negi blinked, his brown eyes were now red and slitted, and his skin was vary pale, like Evangeline's. he sat up, rubbing his now jet black hair, his hands stopped at two horns, poking out of his for head, the same color as his hair. Black feathered wings billowed out of his small back, stretching majestically as he stood up. He looked behind him to see a new tail, whipping about with an arrow point at the end.

She figured being exposed to Magea Erebea prior to being turned would affect him, she realised that she had done more the turn him into a vampire. the horns and wings were unmistakable "so..." he said, his voice had a strange after sound to it, but it was normal otherwise "I'm one of the well as a shinsu vampire.." Evangeline was drained, looking at this boy as he tested his new limbs. he looked down at his master, his eyes glowed like burning coals in the darkness of the destroyed villa , he held out his hand. he pulled her up and wrapped her with his arms, and his new wings 'thank you master...I am just like you now" she could feel his power already recovering...she had truly made a monster...he was easily going to be the strongest being in the world now...would his personality hold?

"Now I think its time I freed you from this place, you have been waiting for too long" he smiled at her, as innocent as he was before, yet she could feel deep down that he was different, that he may be more frozen then she ever was.