Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy this next chapter. I have looked over the story after all this time and came at it with a fresh perspective, as such I edited out a lot of crap that I was going to put out and streamlined it. In other words, I decided to just make it a Kh/Negima cross over, and I took out the DWMA, at least for this arch, they will show up later though

Something was vary wrong here. That was Negi's first thought when he awoke on his back, looking up at a bright blue sky. His limbs were splayed like he was having a blissful afternoon rest, like he had been there that whole time enjoying the breese whip his red bangs across his face. He blinked before raising himself up, looking at his body. He was wearing his black training garb, his padded shoes, the roomy sweatpants, and the tight sleevless shirt that defined his immature yet muscular body. He looked just as he had these past months

...but he was wrong.

He couldn't of articulated what feeling he was having, cause although he tried to feel around for the sensation, nothing came out. Not anger, not sadness, not anything at all. The more he tried to find it, the more it consumed his thoughts. His vision was blurry, no matter where he looked everything was a fussy blob of orange and brown, he could only differenciate this undefined shape with the giant blue one above it. He needed his glasses, they were always perched on his nose except when he was sleeping.

"Hey are these yours?'

Negi turned his head quickly, someone was in front of him, another indistinct shape. The figure slid the glasses onto the young teachers nose, and as the two peaces of glass fell into place, Negi's vision cleared. It revealed a husky looking kid, a few years older than himself, he had a jovial expression and spiky hair, along with clothes that were baggy even on his larger frame.

"Hey there kid, saw ya lookin around for them and I thought I'd give you a hand"
Negi knew he should feel grateful and happy, but once again he could not, it was like he was missing a limb, he could feel where it aught to be, he could send the message to flexs the muscles, but there was nothing at the other end to receive the instruction.

"Thanks" He could do that at least, though it sounded hollow, he wanted to hate that, but he couldn't do that either. The whole situation was becoming baffling to the boy.
"You ok? you're looking kind of dazed" said the older boy, he quickly flashed a smile "I'm Pence by the way, whats your name?"
He couldn't understand anything at this moment. The world was benignly going on while he couldn't feel anything, and the more he tried, the more he realised there was something wrong. He knew he should be huddled in a ball screaming his head off, but all he did was what was logical, stand up from the ground and adjust his glasses

"I'm not exactly sure.."

"your not sure what your name is?" Pence's eyebrow went up "you got amnesia?"

"Im not exactly sure..." that was all he was able to say. He didn't understand anything, all he could do was try again and again to feel if anything was inside him, but the more he tried the more he didn't find anything. He couldn't even say it was maddening, nor could he stop, he just stood there in the never ending loop, trying to find something inside him to hold onto and only finding empty space, like a gun with no bullets.

Pence blinked a few times before standing up "well anyway, its nice meeting you, I guess I'll see you around" he ran off. Negi wanted to yell for help, tell him that something was wrong, that he couldn't stand what was going on inside him, but he just watched the kid leave.

"He won't remember you"

The deep voice rumbled over Negi from the shadow. He turned slightly to see a man resting against the wall in a black robe. He had shoulderlength white hair in an assortment of spikes and lightly tanned skin... he was looking at Negi with knowing eyes and the slightest of expressions. He was clearly a distinguished individual, even in the few words he had spoken there was an undertone of inteligence that Negi could sense, at least on an intelectual level, not in the way that counted, the way that was consuming his thoughts.

"Why is that?" again his voice sounded flat, he barely recognised it as his own. He had no feeling in the way he spoke, like he was living in the body of a robot.

"The same reason why you cant feel anything..." he moved forward from where he was, walking forward one step at a time, his boots echoing on the stone pavement as if he was walking in an airy cathedral. He walked right past negi into the light, looking up at the sky. He was much taller than the boy, and his body was clearly muscular even under all that black padded material he was wearing. "I know its hard at first but do not think about it too much"

"Why cant I...I don't understand what is happening"

"you will in a moment... walk with me, I have an errand to run"

Negi did, he stepped pace for pace with the robed man. He knew that he was like him, unlike with the boy, he could feel a connection with this man. But it was not on an emotional level, rather on some other kind...like they were two peas in a pod.

Negi's pupils dialated as memories started flooding back, and the memories of emotions that came with them. He had done something terrible...his desire for power had warped him so bad that he had killed billions of people...no...not people...demons...but not evil creatures, demons that lived their lives like any human. He saw himself as a black mist with fangs and dog heads, rending apart women, children, and warrior alike. He was a spectator to his own memories, detatched from it, unable to feel any new emotion towards the matters, only the vague recolection of what he had felt at the time.

That shadow of emotion was all he needed to have tears falling from his eyes though, his pupils dilated to pinpoints as he grasped his auburn hair. he stopped walking, and so did the man, standing there with his back turned, waiting for Negi.
Its not that negi was feeling remorse, he was experiencing the memory of remorse...he was holding onto that memory like a child to a stuffed animal, cause no matter how horrifying the recolection of him committing genecide was, he could in some manner experience emotion again...even if it wasn't real anymore.

"You are unique...I have never encountered someone who willingly became a Nobody"
The memories passed, Negi regained his composure, the fleeting experience of all consuming remorse was already becoming a memory in and of itself.

"I don't know your story..." he said "but I do know that you succumbed to your deepest desire, and that allowed your heart to be swallowed up by darkness..."

"Yes..." negi said listlessly "that is true, but I had managed to stop me...I think...but if I'm me than who is that?"

The man started walking again, not answering the retorical question that floated in the air. Negi followed him to a crack in a massive wall. All around them there were shops and tracks for a train, but this crack opened up to another world, a world of thickly grown trees and a canopy of branches.

"It is your heart...or if you perfer, your heartless...it has so many names its just semantics at this point"

"Explain" demanded Negi, though it didn't sound as such since he couldn't figure out how to mimic emotion like this man could. That is what he was doing, Negi had realised, he had become something of a chameleon, masking the fact he had nothing inside him with play acting and reacting from memory. Even these forced twitches were cold and percise though, they did not have the same impact as real genuene emotions had. Negi wanted answers, he wanted a way to fix this.
Not only that, he remembered the vague instructions he had given his master, the grave prediction that his "heartless" as this man called it was going to devour everything, but he had found a way of making it tame, binding it to the one person he knew could handle the mess he had made till he found the way to fix it.
They walked out into a yard, the entrance to a large yet beautifully rundown mansion. It had a beauty in it hollowness, or at least something athstetic that Negi could appreciate on an intelectual level, and perhaps a memory of liking those kind of things. Standing in front of this gate was another boy. This one was blond and wearing weirdly stylish clothes of black, white and brown. He was staring off into space, and negi knew then and there just by observing him that he was like the man and himself. However this guy was much farther gone than either of them, he did not even register that there were other people present.

"If you want answers to the questions you seek, then you should join us" the white haired man said, looking down at Negi with a cold imitation of a smile. He was trying to follow the social protocals of a conversation, however working from memory did not allow the same natural expression that the real thing had.
Negi did not know who this man was or if he should trust him, but he needed to get grounded, even with his broken self, he still had to find an answer to save his friends. He couldn't feel anything for them, but he remembered liking them, and remembered the obligations he had towards them. would they not remember him like the other boy, would they forget who he was Or worse yet, would they assume the thing that wears his face was him, and the only thing that stands in his way is the spell he had cast binding him to his master.

The man walked forward introducing himself to the zombified teen. Negi stayed back, not hearing what he said besides the fact that his name was Xemnas. He saw the letter and A floating in the air before spinning around the blond, eventually stopping dramatically on the word ROXAS, the x had just appeared there in the middle. The kid whispered it, it was his name, his new name. He was a member now, of whatever he was offering.

Negi knew that if he wanted to save his friends, he needed allies, he was in no shape to fight that thing on his own. He needed to know how this new body worked, what he needed to do to get stronger, and how to get his heart back so he could feel real emotions once again. All of these questions lay on this mans shoulder.

Negi approached him "I will join you"

Xemnas smiled, and he waved his hand just like he did with Roxas

"Welcome...Number XIV, Xegin"