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You're the only one I want to be bound to...

~Mizore Shirayuki.

First Kiss

"Naruto...you're the only one I want to be bound to." Mizore nuzzled her head into his neck and pressed her body against him, her reservations momentarily forgotten. "I want you, Naruto. I've always wanted you...

Then he said four incredibly wonderful words.

"I love you, Mizore."

Mizore blinked, her eyes opening and closing within an infinite slowness. She took half a step forward, tears welling up; threatening to spill over the ledges of her eyes. The time had come, at long last, to profess her feelings to him. She opened her mouth to speak. She found nothing but a sob. A weak, desperately relieved. sob. And somehow it didn't matter to her; because the love of her life was standing before her, his eyes filled with so much love for that it was painful just to comprehend, let alone look at. It felt like her heart had been shattered and glued back together, only to be utterly eradicated all over again.

The truth, his truth, was too much for her to bear. All this time, all this time, she'd kept her pent up feelings housed within her breast. She erected a dam around them, the words she could not, would not say to him. Now, that dam had been sundered. She could feel them leaking out; her emotions bursting through the walls of her heart and threatening to both envelop and consume her as one.

"B-B-But the prophecy...

Naruto laughed; it was a deep, throaty sound.

"Prophecy?" He scoffed, his sneer twisting into a soft smile. "I don't believe in any of that bullshit." He twisted, his legs tangling themselvs within her own, and suddenly their positions were reversed. Mizore found herself flung into the snow, her opened robe settling loosely about her quivering form, hanging loosely across her breasts. It took her a frozen eternity to understand what had just happened.


His forehead kissed hers, softly, gently, just as it had so many months ago when they'd first met, when they'd first embraced. It was so very different now, and yet, very much the same as it had been back then. Just as before, Mizore felt his warm breath wafting the distance between them, warming her already flushed cheeks. She ached for him; her heart filling with a long so intense, so feverishly ferverous, that Mizore feared her body might tear itself apart if he so much as laid a hand on her.

It was a risk she was willing-more than willing-to take.

"Mizore." Deep and husky, his voice demanded her attention.


"Shut up." Naruto smiled.

Then he lowered his lips to hers and their world fell away.

'Did he just...is Naruto-kun actually...

Naruto cut her off with a kiss, his lips pressing against hers with the repressed passion of an eternity. Mizore froze, becoming like a stature in the embrace. Then she melted into his warmth. She immediately returned the action, her mouth moving on top of his with an equally, feverous desire. Wonderful, so incredibly wonderful. He regretted that he'd never kissed her earlier; her instant reaction to his kiss letting him know she'd been waiting, waiting for him to finally make a move. They remained locked together for what felt to Mizore like an eternity, her heart swelling within her chest as she tasted his tongue against hers.

Then they had to breathe.

He finally broke himself away from her, the anguish of the action striking painfully at his soul, knowing that this would be something painful, something terrible, something so wonderful that none of this even mattered anymore. Nothing but the trembling and quivering and sobbing woman in his arms. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she looked at him; sapphire orbs welling up, growing large while she struggled to swim through thick emotions. He could feel his own cheeks heat up as warm streaks of water spilled down them, the tears slowly dripping from his chin.

No words were given in that moment of solidarity; they would have soiled the flawlessness of this instant. Mute, she wriggled into his arms and stayed there. She let his warmth drive the cold from her skin, her soul, that slight dampness misting into her hair as he clung to her and she him. If he was at all affected by the bitter chill of the north, then he did little to show it...

And then Mizore woke up.

Her eyes flew open, leaving her to realize that her sheets were soaked with sweat. She nearly wept. That dream had been wonderful. Marvelous. Stupendous. But in the end it was only just that. A dream. It had been seveal days since the incident and already it haunted her in her dreams, twisting them into sexual fantasies, one which she'd just had in her sleep. It was a constant torment for Mizore. A reminder of what she couldn't have, wouldn't have, unless she made a move soon.

She still remembered Naruto's words; that oh-so-subtle threatening mannerisms toward one Aono Tsukune after class. He'd been magnificent. Marvelous. He'd all but told the boy to keep his hands off of her. Her! Mizore Shirayuki! So intent had she been on his expression that she'd nearly missed the rest of his words, murmured beneath his breath as Tsukune, released from the Kitsune's grip, fled down the hall.

"I won't let anyone hurt her."

She remembered those words; because they'd sent a chill through her body. Although she was indeed a Yuki-Onna, Mizore had shuddered that afternoon. Not from the cold of her body, mind you. She'd shuddered for an entirely different reason altogether. Naruto-kun was...being protective. She'd never had anyone save her fellow yuki onna care for her well being. To have the object of her affections openly care for her, openly profess his willingness, his desire to protect her, was a thrill unlike any she'd ever known.

But the time for silent thrills was over, and Mizore needed to cleanse herself of the ecstasy of her dream.

With a small groan, she propped herself up on her elbows, dabbing at her forehead with a dry cloth. No good. Her wet dream had already wreaked its havoc; her bed soaked with sweat and other bodily fluids. Silently chastising herself, Mizore walked into the bathroom, to wash her fingers and face. Warmth warred with worry in her mind as she opened the sink and soaked the towel in the water, scrubbing at herself before the water froze under her hands.

Would he ever be hers? Would she one day be able to tell him how she truly felt? She hoped so. Oh, how she hoped!

Because she was tired of looking at herself like this.

She looked back at her reflection in the mirror… Her hair stuck to her flushed and humid skin, her lips were red as if she had been wearing lipstick, her eyes were glazed, pupils dilated. It was obvious she just had had an orgasm and only one thought resounded in her mind. "How revolting. You're sick." She muttered at the disheveled person starring back at her, disgust dripping from her voice. Mizore was a young. Most people thought of her still as a child.

And yet, by the standards of her people, she was already a woman. Soon she wouldn't be able to have children. And once that happened...no! She didn't want to think about it, she didn't want to even consider the possibility. She still had time. All the more important that she and Naruto do the deed before that time expired. Somewhere deep, she felt ashamed. She'd only just met him, and yet already she was head over heels.

It shouldn't be this way.

She wanted to take the time to get to know him better; to confirm with her body what her heart already knew to be true. She wanted to his one. His only. His betrothed. She wanted him to sweep her up into her arms and kiss her breathless; she wanted so many things from him and she couldn't have them and it made her weep. She needed him, she needed to tell him her feelings before her chance slipped away and some other student snatched him up.

Naruto, much like Aono Tsukune, had a fanbase all his own and Mizore wasn't the only girl jockeying for a spot in his heart. While this meant she had no competion from Moka or Kurumu or Yukari and the others, she still had her own share of potential rivals. And she wasn't going to lose to them. Absolutely not!

Time for drastic measures.

"He said what?"

Mizore nodded, red as a rose. For a Yuki-onna this was a very good thing. With their snow white skin they blushed very easily, allowing their true feelings to easily be seen. It was equal parts blessing and curse. Now, as she conveyed the words of Naruto's confrontation with Tsukune to her mother, Mizore Shirayuki burned. But it was a good burn it worked its way up from her toes to her legs and radiated in her hips; worming its way through her breasts before burrowing into her face.

Tsurara smiled softly.

"You're quite taken on him, aren't you?"

Mizored nodded shyly.

She could see that expression, her own, reflected in the eyes of her mother. Shortly after witnessing the event she'd sent word to her family, all but begging for her mother to come to Yokai Academy. And so she had come, offering her only daughter some much needed advice in the way of seducing men. A kitsune was fine catch, she said, but they were far more difficult to seduce, and when mated, they mated for life.

The news brought a surge of relief to Mizore's floundering heart. It offered an explanation as to why Naruto seemed so chaste in the matters of love. Naruto hadn't displayed any interest in women, save her. They shared the same homeroom. They ate lunches together. They shared stories. He'd often come by her room when she least expected it, if not to chat, then simply to check on her well-being.

She'd watched him train-in secret-marveling at the flawlessness at his figure and at the same time cursing her hesitation; her reluctance to approach him while he trained. He never wore a shirt when he trained. Ever. She couldn't count the number of times she'd wanted to lay her hands on that flawless musculature; couldn't number the amount of days in which she'd hid behind a tree until he was finished-until he was clothed!-only to approach him with stammering and useless half-sentences.

Her mother laughed; it was a soft, tinkling sound, like wind chimes in an icy breeze.

"Such a charming young man...

"What should I do, mother?" Mizore asked, desperate to know how she might appeal to her beloved.

"He wears a rosario, much like your friend Moka's, does he not?"

Mizore thought about it.

"I believe so."

"Make him remove it." Tsurara smiled mysteriously. "It should be simple enough.


"Now now, mother knows best. Be sure and find him soon, my dear.

With that, she ushered her progeny out the door.

(Yokai Gakuen Academy)

As always, Mizore found Naruto in the middle of a brawl.

A fight had broken out in the middle of the hall, and a semicircle formed around it. With Naruto standing one on side and a faceless student on the other. She had no way of knowing what had been said, only that battles lines had been drawn and tempers crossed.

"You're just a first year!" His opponent, an unamed second-year student, snarled at the blond, "How dare you go against the Student Council!"

Naruto scoffed at him.

"And you, little fool, are just a pawn in the greater scheme of things." He made a dismissive gesture. "Begone. I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with you today, so I will give you one chance to leave with your head intact. Unless," He made a show of clacking his claws together. "You think you have what it takes?"

"Bastard!" The student roared, assuming his monster form. "I don't care if you're a kitsune! I'll destroy you!"

"Come then," Naruto beckoned, the gesture ripe with condescencion. "If you think you're up for the challange, little man."

The monster lunged at him, its claws tearing through the blonde's sleeve as it came tearing forward. Naruto stepped backward, allowing the blow to shear harmessly through the tile and slam into the floor, embedding itself beneath a ton of concrete. He slammed a boot down upon the boy's wrist and pinnioned him with a gaze. Sweet sapphire orbs gleamed like the grasp of winter as the kitsune reached a hand for his rosario.

"You dissapoint me."

With a violent tug, he removed it.

The effect was instantaneous.

Sapphire snapped into scarlet. White sclera blackened amidst a great gout of flame. Outer Naruto's humanity receded as a pair of kitsune-like ears and nine tails of furious fire wound their way into existence. Whisker marks deepening into furrows alongside either cheek, Inner Naruto growled, exposing sharpened canines and a gorgeous white streak of a grin. With a flick of his hand the flames receded, revealing the kitsune's true self and form.

"Ara?" He held the rosario in his hand a moment, and marveled at it. "It seems my outer self has grown tired of your continued existence." He fixed his fellow student with the baleful glare of hellfire. "Well, I suppose this would be a fine chance for me to converse with Mizore-chan...once I've finished with you, of course."

"No! Wait!" The student pleaded, realizing his peril. "I take it back! Mercy!"

Inner Naruto reached for the flames. They came, joyfully.

"Know your place!"

His heel cracked along the side of the boy's face and sent him sprawling. He must have been sparring with Inner Moka, Mizore realized. She watched the hapless student twirl end over end, its forehead kissing the floor once, twice, three times before the torn tiles finally slowed its velocity. Slumping to the floor, the unruly second-year did not make an attempt to stand up. How very wise of him.

Inner Naruto chuckled softly.

"One less fool in the world."

The students stared a moment, gawping at this sudden display of power. Then they scattered like leaves in the wind. Mizore stiffened. Now! This was her chance! This was her opportunity to strike! With none of his fangirls around to haraunge them at every turn, she could finally discover his true feelings! She had only to speak to him. Slowly Mizore edged toward her favorite blond kitsune.

"Naruto-kun?" Mizore whispered softly

The blond sanpped his head around.

"Ah, Mizore." He grinned darkly. "I didn't see you there. What do you need?"


Mizore eyed his choker, suddenly aware of the rosario's abscence. So this was Naruto's true form. It was nothing at all like the subdued self that first embraced her. That look in his eyes was primal. Terrifying. Lacking inhibition of any sort. Was this why her Kaa-sama had wanted the rosario removed? She should be afraid of this Naruto. This was a true demon, a true monster, in every sense of the word. Overwhelming. Intoxicating. His very prescence threatened to drive her body mad with desire.

"Speak up, now." Inner Naruto eyed her stoically, his hands in his pockets. "Is there something you needed from me or not?"

"Y-Yes!" Mizore spluttered out!

"And that would be...?"

And then she caught sight of a dash of crimson on his sleeve.

"You're bleeding!"

"It's nothing." Inner Naruto said, only to wince as her fingers touched his hand. "Ow! Alright, perhaps it is a little something."

Despite herself, Mizore sniffled.

"It is something!" She wasn't speaking of his injury, but of her feelings for him. He couldn't just dismiss them as nothing! He couldn't! She didn't like this Inner Naruto after all or at all! She hated him! He wasn't kind, he wasn't soft, he was rude, belligerent, crass and violent! Not at all like the Naruto she'd fallen in love with! Not at all-

"Oh, for pity's sake." He sighed. "Don't cry, Mizore. Come here." He pulled her toward him and embraced her. Mizore did not resist. She didn't want to resist. She felt warmth seeping into her core, warmth from his arms and his flesh, paining her driving away the perpetual chill in her bones. Despite this twinge of pain, Mizore clung to him. She held tight to him, grasping at the lappels of his jacket as though she would sink without him.

She wanted to stay like this forever. To be enscorcelled in the mire of his embrace and never let him go. She fought back a smally cry when he shifted against her; his body a moving incarnation of her opposing element. The flames flecking his form dimmed abruptly, as he took a hand away from her waist, and brought it up to her chin. Mizore was too frightened to resist. Her heart thudded at a crazy rhythm.


Naruto said nothing. He finished staring at his leisure, then dipped toward her, coming very close, close enough that she could feel his warm breath on her face. He leaned in so close he was almost kissing her. "Is there a problem, Mizore-chan?" The words whispered against her lips. His eyes looked dark, haunted. Her heart pounded at a crazy rhythm. Her body softened and her lips parted. For an awful, wonderful moment she thought his lips would touch hers. She was almost certain he would pull away; that he would leave her here, standing and hoping for more.

And then Inner Naruto did the unexpected.

He kissed her.

Her eyes shot open in surprise; his kiss was warm but gentle, his two lips caging her upper lip between them. Mizore wanted to weep, to laugh and cry in joyful glee, but she was completely overwhelmed by him as he released her wrist and cupped her cheek with his hand. She soon found herself returning the kiss, deepening it as she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out and against his. She reached upwards with her arms and wrapped them around his neck as she pulled his body closer to hers.

Naruto swept Mizore into his arms and kissed her with a burning intensity.

That was the third day, a day in which she truly began to truly understand the kitsune that was Uzumaki Naruto.

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