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"Well, I wasn't expecting this...






Mizore knew she had to be dreaming. She must be. Because if she wasn't, if this was reality, if what she was seeing was indeed real...then she didn't want to live anymore. All around her she saw fire and flame; watched as the school burned down at her feet. Two kitsunes fought one another with their lives on the line, one crimson and the other sapphire. Tails thrashed, walls fell, and everything burned. Still they fought onward, ripping and tearing into one another with reckless abandon, brtualizing each other like pieces of meat. And she was forced to stand there and watch, helpless, powerless to do anything else. She didn't know who they were, but one of them seemed awfully familiar-


She watched him fight, saw him win, watched as his adversary-Kuyo-toppled backwards in a shower of blood. Felt his pain, ethereal as she was. But there was something wrong with him. Naruto was always a crimson kitsune, but now as she looked on, his tails were becoming black and that look in his eyes, that hatred...

Then, above it all, his voice rose in an undulating howl.

"I will destroy everything!"


Mizore woke with a violent start in her bed-heart hammering in her chest-pulse pounding in her ears, like the drums of a great hunt out for her blood. The sheets lay damp against her bare body, a cold sweat slicked her skin. She could even feel the frost clinging to her hair; she'd started to transform involuntarily, such was her fear. And that wasn't all. A thin layer of snow permeated the room and coated the ground of her floor, the temperature having plummeted significantly in the dorm whilst she tossed and turned. Being a snow-woman, this didn't bother her that much.


It did, however, bother someone else.

Someone stirred beside her on the mattress, warm fingers plucking at her hip, drawing her back to bed. Mizore shivered pleasantly as his hand moved into the dip of her waist, the hard notes of a well-muscled chest meshing smoothing against her curves. Without thinking she nuzzled into the arm tugging at her, offering only a token resistance before succumbing to the pull entirely. Those first hanful of seconds were completely instinctive and utterly without thought, she did

That was when she realized it.

She was naked. Bare as the day she was born. And she wasn't alone.

Not alone.

Which meant...

"Oh god." the words fled from her lips, unbidden.

"Muwah," someone muttered back, yawning blearing in the black. "What time is...oh. Hello."

Shirayuki offered a weak squeak of her own as scarlet shone in the dark.

The Yuki-onna froze and gawped-blinking quietly at the body beside her, its owner apparently having fallen asleep facing away in the opposite direction. Until now. Tan skin and scarlet tails cut through the dark of her room like a predator through the jungle, stark blond hair and whiskered cheeks easily indetifiable even in slumber. Numbed, she became aware of a Rosario draped at the foot of her bed. Of blood on the sheets. Two and two came together as one, her thoughts slamming violently against one another with enough force to leave both mind and body reeling.


"You certainly kept me...entertained last night," Inner grinned, flashing a toothy grin that was all teeth. "Outer might prefer to take things slow, but I've been looking forward to that for a long time ever since I laid eyes on you." Mizore turned the color of a tomato. No wonder yesterday had beena blur. She remebered kissing Naruto in the hall and then-nothing. It was said that those of the Kitsune clan took as many mates as they had tails and when they did, did so for life, but the ardour in those crimson pools her told a different story. There was no thought of another woman to be seen in his eyes, only her. Only her.

Only Mizore.

She'd touched and been touched, kissed and been kissed; it had been intimacy on a level once attainable only in her dreams, and she'd loved every single awkward, tentative, sometimes even painful second of it. But this was no dream, the slowly stirring kitsune in her bed was painfully real. She could taste his youki in the air, a tangible prescence coiling between the two of them like the many tails that were his heritage. Ah. Well now, that would certainly explain why she felt so sensitive...

"Now," Inner Naruto continued, "Let me do this properly." He shook of the sheets, exposing his bare body to her wanting eyes. "Shall we?" For a terrifying instant, she feared he was going to simply leave the bed; but that was all too swiftly abolished when he crawled atop her, his throbbing erection pressing against her swollen and weeping slit, tip pressing her in silent anticipation. Her eyes nearly tripled in size. His own seemed to eager devour every inch of of her, those blazing red orbs raking across her pale flesh with barely hidden desire. And yet still, he retrained himself.

Mizore's heart soared in her chest. He was teasing her! What Naruto did next nearly caused a miniature climax.

"Good Morning, my Mizore-chan." When he finally spoke the Snow Woman almost melted, her body weak with want and need as he formally greeted her with a smoldering smile, and the most tender kiss; those lovely lips moving gently against her own with a slow and gentle insistence, as if they had all the time in the world. Perhaps they did? Was today a weekend? Did she have class today? Mizore honestly couldn't recall. But she did know this; she wanted him. The hunger she'd felt for him suddenly returned tenfold, wellling up in her every pore. Then her mind went white and her arms took control. Her shyness found itself shoved aside, quick to be replaced by desire.

"Stop," she growled, "Teasing me."

Naruto laughed into her mouth, his mirth a throaty rumble as she grabbed hold of his shoulders pushed him down onto the bed, and violently sheathed herselfher hips swaying and grinding against his as she began to moan loudly. What followed as a haze of mindless pleasure, obliterating every sense, every nerve. There were no words. Well, maybe a few.

"Yes!" she gasped, her words piquing in need as he began to move within her. "Yes yes YES!" It irked her to no end that she didn't remember her first time; she intended to remember every instant of her second. She wanted to be able to recall every second, every little sordid detail. Naruto almost wondered at her enthusiasm.

His mind ceased its wayward wandering as she quickened her pace atop him, placing her hands on his chest so she could make more of an up and down motion. Her moans began growing louder as she bounced above him, breasts quivering with the motion. He could feel her legs begin to quiver as she moved, the muscles in her body reacting to, and tightening with, the pleasure of her oncoming orgasm. A planitive whimper fled out of her mouth as his lips hers, only to end abruptly as his teeth took up residence on one of ner nipples.

In turn began nibbling his earlobe hungrily as he thrust upwards, her own moans coming in soft whispers as he pushed deeper and deeper into her core. Something seemed to snap in her in that instant, her quiet cries increasing in volume with each thrust. He was almost thankful the rest of the dorm was empty; because as much as he might enjoy hearing it himself, the last thing he wanted was everyone else to hear:


Mizore came suddenly and quickly, her body tightening as she mewled in pleasure. Naruto continued, Mizore's orgasm extending with his swift hip-movements. He soon followed suit, and she collapsed onto his chest as they both lay panting for air. She slid over and cuddled up against him, nestling her head into his chest.

When he pulled away, those deep, sinful red eyes bored into her watery blue. She very nearly went weak in the knees. If this'd been a dream, she was certain she would've woken by now, that soul-searing touch of this mouth-his lips-her release would've stirred her from the darkest dream.

"That was...

Mizore kissed his neck gently, slowly working her way up to his ear. She brought her mouth up to his ear and whispered softly and seductively.

...nice." she finished with a pleased purr.

"Don't know how we're going to top that, he muttered.

Mizore hummed thoughtfully. "Well, I might have a few ideas...

Naruto laughed.

Her smirk widened.


That was the fourth day, a day in which she truly became intimate with the kitsune that was Uzumaki Naruto.

It was also the day she forgot to use contraceptive.

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And don't forget to review until my ears fall off! Although, being a skeleton, I have no ears...SKULL JOOOOKE! YOHOHOHO! And of course, enjoy the preview!


"Know your place!"

Silver hair danced wildly with blond in the air as bodies spun, slim forms issuing smooth kicks and swift swings to each other within practiced grace. Fighting with a crimson blur that seemed to be swooping in from every side, the first combatant shot one of her arms out, impeccable poise and precision behind the strike, a clean blow that sent a few strands of saffron flying away from her adversary's visage, only to dodge aside as a red fist very nearly clobbered her into next week.

"My place is above you, little vampiress." came the biting reply. "Just as it always has been. And with Mizore!"

For spar it was remarkably fluid and complex-the pair relentlessly flowed from punch to kick and vice-versa, raging back and forth with maximum force and no energy wasted. It was, in a word, masterful. And yet, one clearly stood above the other, remained calm, cool and collected whilst his adversary remained the very embodiment of anger and chaos itself.

"Then why do you insist on riling me so?!" she snapped back.

"Hmmph! You were the one to attack me!" Naruto scoffed as he effortlessly swept the heel aside where it would've planted into his visage, his Rosario clinking merrily upon the chain from the motion. Even in the sealed state, he stood head and shoulders above most of his adversaries. This opponent was no expection and while she suffered no such handicap as a limiter at present, she still found herself hopelessly outmatched. Though her every blow rippled with powers that most Yokai would be insane to face, she'd yet to land so much as a telling blow.


Real fear shone in those bloodred orbs as he leered down at her.


Cackling, he flung Inner Moka into the school, shattering another wall.

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