Christmas 2010:

Tim stares at the plasma TV in the bedroom not daring to believe what he's hearing. The President has lifted the DA/DT. Gibbs comes out of the bathroom, rubbing a towel over his hair, leaning in for Tim's kiss.

"What's up?"

"They…they finally repealed DA/DT. We…we can be official…if you want to be." Tim looks up at him, and Gibbs slowly nods, thinking about the events that had brought them together the first time.

Gibbs feels Tim's worried gaze upon him and knows he's been lost in his thoughts again. "I'm fine, just thinking about what brought us to this point."

Tim nods and reaches for the remote control, turning off the television as he turns to the man who's been part of his love life for the past few months. The night they'd brought Ziva home from Somalia is the night they'd finally gone from gentle pets and kisses to consummating their love for each other. Since then, Tim has sublet his apartment to Ziva and moved in with Gibbs, telling her that it's due to her helping him get together with Gibbs and she knows that he's also trying to help her get back on her feet in his own gentle subtle way.

Gibbs sits beside him, and Tim pulls him close for a kiss. As they break apart, Gibbs runs a hand over Tim's face and down his chest, making the young man inhale in anticipation of his next move.

"You mentioned becoming official." Gibbs says with a twinkle in his blue eyes and Tim nods slowly not sure what to expect.

"I …it's just a suggestion…if you…" Gibbs shuts him up with another kiss as he reaches into the drawer in the bedside table.

"I think that it's a great idea, and I'm sure that no matter where he is, Shannon would agree." Gibbs says as he slips off the bed and onto one knee. Tim inhales sharply when he sees matching platinum and gold intertwined bands in the box nestled in Gibbs' palm. "What do you say Tim, will you make my Christmas wish come true? Will you marry me?"