Corruption of Destruction

Summary: Abandoned, so she ran. Caught and now corrupted. Thrust deep into a world she should have kept far away from. The destruction of a mind is a beautiful thing.

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Chapter 1

Bienvenido al maestro de las marionetas.

Welcome to the puppet master.


The vision hit again, just fractions of a millisecond too late for it to make a difference. Edward had seen it this time, though the first time I had been lucky enough that Edward was preoccupied with his human somewhere in Forks. I watched his eyes widen as the blood pooled on her finger and Jasper's hard, deep intake of air let me know it was going as planned.

I feigned shock, and kept the forefront of my thoughts focused on the panic I should have been feeling about the situation. That was the key to keeping Edward occupied with what I wanted him to know and keeping him away from information he didn't need to know. He was easy to manipulate, easy to trick and easy as hell for me to connive into doing anything I wanted him to. So long as he could 'see' the truth in my mind, Edward believed anything I wanted him to.

Again, the forefront of my thoughts were focusing on me berating myself for not seeing this happen earlier; for choosing a paper material that was too tough and likely to cause this. I chastised myself again and again for not watching Jasper enough, for not making him hunt more.

That's the great thing about a vampire's brain; it has such great capacity and the ranges we can go multiplies with a huge magnitude. Our thoughts can go in fifty different directions and all those directions can be about fifty different things.

Edward, the mind reading know it all, who assumes he knows everything about all of us can only read our frontal thoughts, the things that we keep running at the front of our mind. His gift is fallible and I use that to my advantage the best way I know how.

So as I watch Jasper take the lunge at Edward's human, I hold back the internal and external smirk while keeping my first thoughts focused on catching Jasper and calming him down.

In reality, I want him to get the human. I want him to get a hold of her, snap her fragile neck and drink her dry to get her out of my way. She was fun for a while; even bringing her in on the secret of what we really were was fine. It was amusing to me, she was a toy for me to play with and it was an even bigger amusement for me to play around with Edward's feelings and actions towards her.

It was nothing for me to fabricate a vision in my mind and show Edward what I had seen. Of course, I knew she was his singer, I had gotten that vision the moment the stupid girl had chosen to move to Forks. Again, I had been lucky enough that Edward was preoccupied with hunting and I was far enough away that he hadn't seen that vision. Had he have known Bella was his singer, Edward would have ran. He fancies himself a monster, yet instead of embracing that, he would have run.

I couldn't allow that and I took the chance that he would take her life though I had seen the conflicting visions over and over again. It was worth the risk to me, the human meant nothing to my life, just a couple of years of something different and something to amuse me.

"Jasper, calm down," I whispered to him, though his black eyes and the permanent snarl told me he was too far gone in his own blood lust to even care or take notice.

That was the point? I'd kept him from hunting for the last week to make sure he would be thirsty enough for this.

Again, my first thoughts were of Bella and keeping her from being harmed while calming Jasper and getting him from the house when my deeper thoughts revolved around the happiness and excitement I was deriving from this situation.

It could end three ways.

One, Jasper got her and it would be end of story.

Two, one of the other Cullen members lost control of their bloodlust and got to her once again becoming end of story.

The third option was the one I hoped would least happen, but it was the most likely. Jasper would be calmed because there was only so much I could do before it looked suspicious on me, and the human would live. Though, even with that situation, it still left me open with opportunities to get her out of our existences for good.

Jasper twisted to the side, rounding about Emmett's left side before he charged at Edward. A vision flickered quickly through my mind and I knew the first two options were shot in that moment as Jasper made his choices.

Broken glass, blood, shock, hungry eyes, snarls, Jasper restrained. Leaving the house, too far to scent, stitches in skin, sobbing Jasper.

'No this isn't right,' I growled in my mind. Edward's eyes shot to mine, so quickly no one would have noticed before his next actions happened. I realized my mistake and fixed it quickly. 'No, this isn't right Jasper, this is my fault! I should have been watching more carefully. This isn't right!'

Edward pushed his palm into the human's chest, slamming her back hard into the glass plates that I had so strategically placed for this purpose. Once she fell to the ground, it would cause another catacomb of effects, leaving a large gash on her arm and that would draw in all the vampires in the room.

There was no way I was going to lose my control here, it wouldn't allow me to manipulate the situation later.

I grabbed tight to Jasper's face, already knowing the girl was falling and had started to cut herself on the glass.

"Jazzy, calm down, it's just a little blood..." I let the sentence trail off and all my air was gone. I knew Bella had sweet smelling blood, better than most humans but she smelled excellent.

Jasper snarled at me again and Emmett tightened his grip around Jasper's chest. I turned my head slightly; just enough to see Edward crouched over Bella who was wide eyed and shaking in fear. The scent of fear only added to the situation and I couldn't help but be happy about that. I didn't need to do anything, Bella was writing her own death warrant.

Everything switched gears again, making my under lying emotions switch to anger and disbelief as Carlisle ordered us out of the house.

"Get Jasper out of here and far enough away from the house that he won't be tempted enough to come back," he barked.

Again, loud snarls erupted from Jasper, making Edward growl deep in response. I grimaced at the vision of the two men fighting against each other as it passed through my mind. It wouldn't end well for Edward and the ending result for the family would be that it would only split loyalties.

I shot Edward an apologetic look as he read the vision in my thoughts. Edward refused to come out of his protective stance, but he stopped the warning growl to keep Jasper sedated. Instincts pushed Jasper, and if he felt the least amount threatened, he didn't hesitate to attack.

Emmett kept his hold on Jasper, pulling him out of the house and farther away from the bleeding human. I had hoped we wouldn't have enough time to react before Jasper got a hold of Bella, but he had managed to keep some sort of control in his mind. It didn't matter either way, I could still manipulate this situation to my liking. I could still get the human out of our lives and make it seem like it was someone else's fault, other than my own.

The Cullens had depended on me and my visions for far too long. I'm the one they come to for confirmation, retribution, and guidance. Never once, do they question me or press me for answers more than what I give them. They take my word as my loyalty without a second thought.

That was their biggest mistake.

You see, I like the best of the best of everything and anything I can have. I want big, and then I want bigger and better again. I want it all and then I want just that little bit more. I push whatever buttons I need to,to get what I want and I don't mind playing on the weaknesses of the puppets around me to make them do exactly as I wish.

Esme is easy. She's the mother figure and her maternal instincts nearly always overpower any vampire instinct she might have. Manipulating her is easy, especially when I tug on her maternal heartstrings. She only wants what is best for her husband and children. Making sure she understands the path she is pushed towards, is what is best for them makes it an easy route. Esme's love overpowers most anything.

Carlisle is nearly the same. Playing on his compassion is key. He likes to keep as much humanity as we can handle within us. All he wishes for all of us is to do our best and be our best. He's like Esme in the way that he would do anything for us should it be for the best of our family. Carlisle can't say no to one of us. He spoils us with money, gifts and anything we might desire. There are no repercussions to our actions and he never raises his voice if he gets angry. Violence in the biggest evil to him and he prefers to keep it out of our family. Carlisle sees himself as the head of our family and so does everyone else, yet like the rest of them, he always comes to me for confirmation about anything before he makes a choice. Funny how that works.

Edward relies far too much on his gift. As I said before, manipulating him is easy; when the fore frontal thoughts running through your mind focuses on what you want him to see, what he wants to see and what would seem appropriate and correct to him. Falsifying a vision, focusing thoughts on an event in particular, believing the lies in my mind; all those things are the surest way to keeping Edward walking the trail of manipulation and lies that I want him to walk. He never sees the truth. Occasionally a slip might happen, but covering for it is just as easy a faking it. Edward is another one who looks to me for the truth or what he perceives is the truth. He likes to believe we share a bond because of our gifts and how connected he thinks we are. Truthfully speaking, Edward is full of himself; he thinks too highly of his gift and takes someone's thoughts too far in regards to their words.

Rosalie is vain. Since she has no gifts and is a bitter bitch about losing her humanity, playing and toying with her feelings on her beauty is the best way to get what you want. It's nothing to buy her a pair of limited edition, Italian leather peep toe stiletto heels and tell her 'they were made for you' to get her to smile and bend to my whim. Spending the day with her, revolving it around her and everything about her just nearly makes her whole year worthwhile. Though there are times when playing on the facts of her lost humanity, her inability to have children and grow old come into play as well. Rosalie takes our life for granted but she looks good for our family.

Emmett is simple. Literally and figuratively. He moves to whatever beat Rosalie moves to and rarely says boo. So long as he has her, he's content and willing to do whatever I wish for us to do. He is probably the easiest for me to get what I want from because he's too absorbed in his mate and his own happiness to see the strings I've tied to each and every one of them to create my own personal band of puppets.

And finally there is Jasper. The man I saw when I first woke up to this life. The man I found, saved and wore on my arm like a trophy to behold. He's the proof of just how well I can do with the things I want. Everyone sees Jasper and then they see me and automatically think of me as a savior, a saint almost. They think I love him, and maybe I do, in my own way. I love what he gives me, I love how he looks on me and beside me.

I guess you could consider him my pet in a way. I love him like any human loves their pet cat or dog. I feel affection for him, and I sure as hell can feel lust burning for him but regarding the 'forever' in it all, there is none. Jasper will be by my side until he proves himself to be useless and unneeded. He will be there until he seems bad for the family and the way we look together. So far he's done alright, and he considers himself deeply in love with me but I know it's more the fact that I brought him to a different type of life and gave him something he never thought he would be able to have. Our levels of love are different towards each other and separately. They are also different from the way the mated couples in our family feel towards each other.

Manipulating Jasper at first was very difficult. Being an empath he feels everything. There's no hiding something beneath the rest, it's all laid out for him to feel. Unfortunately, Jasper's mistake is wanting to silently surround himself with happiness and content feelings. He pulls them forward from someone first, ignoring the rest and surrounding himself in the emotions he wants to feel. I can lie to him, again and again but he'll never feel my deception because I believe my lies, easy as that. Believing in the lies make them truths in my mind, Jasper is none the wiser.

I can play on his emotions just as easily. Jasper knows he is a monster; but I like to play the angel card and tell him he's changed for the better. Though deeper in my emotions, I'll always have those slight feelings of disappointment in him. He feels those despite himself and though I never say anything and neither does he, we both know and easily it plays him right into my hands.

So that's it. That's how I work. They are all like trophies for me, each holding their own unique look for our family. I've got the beauty queen sister. Betty Crocker mother. Perfect Doctor father. Jock brother. The mind reading, brooding pianist brother and the Empathic warrior survivor husband. They are all mine and under my thumb, watching for my words and running for my decisions. It's a good thing we can't shit or they'd look for me to make sure they went at the right time.

A vision in my mind flashed as we pulled Jasper out of the house and closer to the woods.

Edward murmuring quietly. Carlisle looking sadly at the human. Edward leaving the house.

I checked into my fore frontal thoughts, keeping them trained on making sure Jasper was calm enough so he could talk to Edward.

Seconds later Edward barreled from the back steps, stopping in front of a now sobbing Jasper.

"My mate?" Edward growled out through clenched teeth. "My mate."

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize how thirsty I actually was," Jasper replied sadly, remorse filling his every word and a strong sense of guilt filled the area around us all.

Edward's eyes narrowed just slightly at me and I did my best to look remorseful while apologizing over and over in my mind.

"Truly Edward, had I known I would have stopped it. I received the vision too late to make a difference. The only thing I could do was keep it from getting out of control." I told him, seeming to placate him a small amount.

A tiny yelp of pain floated from the house, the human was getting her stitches placed. Jasper flinched on the ground beside me. Edward growled and Rosalie and Emmett both shook their heads. Esme had taken off for the woods as soon as we had gotten Jasper removed from the house, she was in serious need of a hunt as well.

Edward looked towards the house, his eyes turning darker, sadder. A vision passed through me of Edward taking Bella home and returning shortly after.

'We should talk when you get back,' I told him in my mind.

"Sure," he responded in a monotone that was so unlike him.

We all watched him leave and retrieve the human girl quietly, pulling her through the house. You could hear her questions but he gave no answers.

"Can you tell him it wasn't his fault?" she asked.

That got a response from Edward. "Jasper?"


"No, because it was." Edward spat out viciously.

Jasper's eyes searched mine but I gave nothing away physically. Emotionally I was feigning hurt and disappointment in his actions and he could feel that instead.

"Why Jasper? She's my best friend," I asked.

Emmett and Rosalie slipped away quietly, back to the house to give Jasper and I privacy or at least as much as they could warrant.

I just played on his guilt with that simple statement. It let him know I blamed him but I forgave him none the less. Either way, I had gotten what I wanted; but to keep Jasper from running I needed to make sure he felt like he needed to be close to me to keep him sane.

"Alice..." he started.

"Don't bother Jazzy, let's just let it all play out," I told him.

"Lay with me?" he asked quietly, begging almost.

It was almost amusing to me how far I had really brought him down. He practically needed me for everything when he had once been such a strong solider and man. Now he was nothing without me and my acceptance and retribution.

"I should go shower and change," I smiled sadly. "You should hunt."

"I should," he agreed easily. How simple it was.

I flipped myself up gracefully from the ground, bending down and kissing Jasper lightly on the cheek before turning and running away. I did as I said I would, showering and redressing into something more appropriate for the run in the woods I would do to go meet Edward. I send him a message simply stating to meet me in the clearing to talk privately. Without a word to anyone I left the house and began the quick run to the clearing.

It was quiet in the forest. No animals were around because they sensed my presence. About a half hour after I left, the sounds of my brothers footsteps could be heard as he entered the clearing as well. Silently he sat beside me and looked up at the stars.

"What have you seen?"

I grimaced for effect and shrugged. "I no longer see her becoming a vampire, she's just not there in our family anymore."

His golden eyes met mine in shock. "I don't fully understand Alice."

"She's not dead but she's not a vampire. I think we leave her behind," I replied.

"I don't think I can do that."

Internally I chuckled but I kept the forefront saddened for his sake. "She'd have a better life without us. You know that Edward, you've said it again and again. She could move on, go to college or university. She wouldn't have to leave her father and mother behind. She could get married, have children. She could grow old and have grandchildren. We're taking a better life away from her by giving her this life. It's incredibly selfish of us to do but we are. She'd be safer staying human."

"Victoria?" Edward asked me bitterly.

"We can all track her, kill the bitch and make it safer again for Bella."

"You really think its best Alice?" He always needed my confirmation.

I replayed a falsified vision in my mind of Bella eventually coming to terms and being happy.

Talking to her father. Singing in the house. Going to school. Hanging out with friends.

They were easily manipulated visions and Edward would never catch on. He smiled at me and it let me know that the fake visions had in fact, worked.

"That's good to see. It will make it easier," he told me with a sad smile. "I can't see Carlisle and Esme agreeing so easily though."

More visions pass through my mind as the decisions to discuss the issue with the family had been made. I barely got anything from them of course, since they had made no choices I had no idea how it would end.

"A wolf has phased," I interjected, and he nodded for me to continue. "We got that call from the elders last weekend. The treaty is still valid and active. Bringing her with us or changing her could cause unnecessary problems and pain for us all. It could start a war Edward. Carlisle has been debating discussing with you the options of it all."

Edward nodded tightly beside me. "Yes, I have seen that in his mind but I just assumed he would come to me when the time was right."

Another vision slipped through while Edward spoke and I concentrated on it while listening to him.

Jasper taking down a doe. Feeding. Another doe. Running home. Showering.

I agreed quickly. "Eventually he would have. Anyway, it's been weighing on his mind. You know how much he abhors violence. Let me talk to them all about your decision."

I specifically stated, 'his decision' to manipulate it right into his hands. He didn't catch on but nodded to me instead.

"Okay, let them know I think we should leave as soon as we can. They always seem to agree so easily with you Alice."

I smiled at his statement. "They trust me. I would never lie or lead them wrong."

His hand tugged on my hair. "I know." He jumped up and pulled me along with him as well. "I'm going to get changed and run back to Bella's. I can trust to leave you with the family. Let Carlisle know I would like to have a family meeting after school."

"It's going to be sunny tomorrow," I told him.

"I'll stick close by the school and pick her up afterward."

"Bring her straight here and we can do the family meeting with her then," I explained.

Swiftly we ran back to the house together. Edward slipped upstairs and into his room. I walked into the gathering room and waited for him to finish. Once he came gliding down the staircase, he quietly asked for the rest of our family to come into the gathering room for a minute.

The entire family came through the different doorways connecting from all the different rooms. Jasper walked in last, his head down and arms clasped behind his back. He sat down silently beside me, flinging his arm around my shoulders and pulling me into his side.

"It's okay Jazzy." I murmured quietly to him, too low for anyone else to have heard.

He only shook his head and pulled me closer.

"Edward, son?" Carlisle asked, looking a bit confused as to why he had called them together.

Edward smiled at me and then started speaking to the family as a whole. "I've made a decision and I think it's what would be best for all of us including Bella. Right now I need to get back to her but Alice has so graciously offered to explain it all and discuss what you think."

"You can go Edward," I told him, flashing another sad smile before he left as well.

"Alice?" Esme asked quietly.

I took a breath, feigning the feelings of nervousness and a sense of calm passed into me. I shot a curious look at Jasper who smirked at me and shrugged but I could see the sadness in his golden eyes.

"Edward wants to leave Forks," I blurted out.

"What?" came the collective question.

"With Bells right?" Emmett asked quickly.

"No, he wants to leave her here," I explained.

"That's not fair to us though. She's my daughter too, just like you or Rosalie. She's become a member of our family." Esme stated, almost sounding broken in her words.

"It would give her a chance to be human. We wouldn't be taking away her choices. She could have a life, a real human life with a career, a family and all that," I replied.

"Babies?" Rosalie asked.

I smiled softly at her and nodded. Despite Rosalie seeming like she didn't like Bella, it was more like she didn't like the choices Bella was making with her life.

"Babies, grandkids. We're taking it all away by bringing her into the family."

"I think it's a good idea to leave," Rosalie stated abruptly.

"Rosie..." Emmett muttered half angry and half in disbelief.

"No Emmett. If this is what Edward thinks we should do than let's just do it. She could have a life Em, a life," Rosalie stressed.

I nearly watched Emmett's resolve crumble right in that moment. "Still Rosie, she's like my sister, I can't just leave her behind like that."

"She has another family," I interjected quietly. "Bella has a mother and a father who she would need to say good-bye to. As much as she acts like she could do that without a second thought, we all know that isn't true. She loves her father so deeply and feels responsible for both of her parents. I don't think she could say goodbye to them forever. I just don't think it's possible. It's not fair to her either, to ask her to do that, just wouldn't be fair."

Carlisle looked at me and shook his head. "I don't think she will let us go quietly."

"Of course she will. She would never betray our secrets. Besides, we discussed the fact that a wolf has phased on the reservation. It's likely possible another one will soon. Unfortunately it makes it so much harder on us to turn her, even if Edward would like it or not. It would put us all in danger, unnecessary danger."

Jasper tensed beside me at the word. "A war with the wolves?" he asked softly.

"One wolf so far. I can't see anything regarding them, but there will be more. Sure, we could take Bella along for the ride with us but the wolves will eventually find out. They will come after us. More unnecessary danger and problems."

"You make her seem like she's a fuckin' chore," Jasper stated, surprised by my tone. I had let my emotions overwhelm me and he felt it.

"Jasper, watch your language in this house. You weren't raised in a barn." Esme scolded.


I rolled my eyes, aggravated at Jasper's cussing and his actions. "You know I don't mean it like that Jazzy. She's my best friend and it hurts me most of all to let her go. She's my only friend and now I have to leave her behind too. I just want what's best for all of us, including Bella. Giving her a human life with real human experiences is what is best."

Carlisle sighed deeply, stopping the glare that Jasper was slightly throwing at me. He didn't believe me. "Jasper, Alice, enough." We both muttered our apologies, more to them, than each other. I had a feeling this might not be done between Jasper and I. Everyone was surprised at our actions, it was so unlike us but we both ignored them. "What have you seen Alice?" Carlisle asked eventually.

Everyone in the room went quiet. Everyone was waiting again for my confirmation about the truth of the future; but like always, they would only hear what I wanted them to so then they would do what I wanted them to.


"I've seen her happy, eventually. Of course there are things I can't see because choices have yet to be made but I no longer see her becoming a vampire," I replayed to them, the same thing I had basically told Edward.

"That settles it then." Esme murmured quietly, pain evident in her voice.

"So we're just goin' to leave her behind?" Jasper asked in disbelief. "She's supposed to be our family."

"It will be better for her." Rosalie snapped at him.

Jasper barked out a bitter laugh, removing his arm from around my shoulder and pointing a finger at her. "You care nothin' about Bella, only about yourself. You're nothin' but a jealous bitch most of the time. Don't play pretend Rose, you can't fuckin' fool me."

"One more cuss word from your mouth Jasper and I'm sending you on a run." Esme warned.

Jasper ignored her and turned to me. "She's your best friend Ally."

I nodded sadly, focusing my mind on different things that saddened me. "She is and always will be, but this will be good for her."

"Are you sure?"

"Trust me." I requested.

"So, what now?" Emmett asked, the anger in his voice barely hidden.

"Edward wants to have a family meeting tomorrow after school. He's bringing Bella here with him. We should do a vote. Everyone has tonight and tomorrow to think it over, about whether or not Bella should continue in our family."

"Alright then," Carlisle stated, the finality in his tone making it sound like all discussions were over.

Though, like always, I had pulled the strings in the meeting. I had turned them on the path I wanted to. I got the vision of the meeting just seconds later.

Votes. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Confusion. Disbelief. Anger. Arguments. Edward runs. More discussion. Human Leaves. Jasper follows.

I came out of the vision, staring at the empty room, minus my husband who was now staring out the window into the darkness.

"Why would you follow her when she left?" I asked him quietly, knowing he would have no idea about my vision but he had obviously made a decision to do something.

"To apologize in private. Where I come from, you don't just leave your family behind."