Corruption of Destruction

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Chapter 19

Una vez que un niño, siempre un niño

Once a boy, always a boy


Moving day. Time to leave Chicago, my home. I will miss this place, but we've been here a few years and the neighbors are too curious. Jasper's murderous calamity created a precarious challenge for us. But we managed.

The poor girl. Alice told us about him stalking her, luring her into the house. Sending her emotions to be compliant. Sick bastard. I'm sure he's gone back to his old ways.

From time to time Esme thinks about him, wondering how he's doing. When Rosalie and Emmet got home they were disappointed that they didn't get to tell him goodbye. I guess they just didn't understand how horrible the mess he made and the risk he put the whole Cullen family.

Alice has a new love interest. He's supposed to be located in New York and she has assured us all that this is the move we need to make. According to her plans, I need to go and work at a brokerage firm. There is a large sum of money to be made for my "clients" and we are expecting to at least quadruple our investments.

Her visions of her new love interest make me laugh. He's a fairly new vampire, less than 10 years born. He's the exact kind of partner she needs. Stylish, handsome, smart.

She doesn't see anyone for me yet, but she said there could be someone there that she just hasn't seen. I know she's joking with me most days that she doesn't have enough time to look for my mate; she's trying too hard to find her own.

I have to have faith that I will meet her someday. Carlisle assures me that there is someone for everyone and I'll know it when I meet her.

Dusk is approaching and we have finished packing up the last of our belongings, we will leave my childhood home for good. The next time we come back here it will be gone. Progress. I'm glad I had the chance to come back.

Rosalie came from the basement carrying a small box. She had a smile on her face and I could tell that it was something of Jaspers. She hid her smile quickly and put the box behind her back as she started singing a song in her head, trying to keep me out.

"What is it?" I ask with a note of sarcasm.

"None-ya," she smiles. I can see the box in her mind, but she changes her thought quickly. A game of cat and mouse.

Silly girl. I always win this game.

The family files out of the house as dark closes in. Esme kisses me on the cheek. Giving me the time I need to bid farewell to this house.

I close my eyes and remember my father from my childhood, sitting on the porch smoking a pipe. My mother smoothing her skirts, my parents dancing to the record player. A new ball for my tenth birthday, playing stickball in the street with the other neighborhood children. It was so long ago, but the more I try the more I can remember.

I can smell my dad's coffee in the early morning, watching my mom drink her afternoon tea and reading a book, eating a cooking and giving me half.

I like to remember them when they were pink and healthy. Not my mom begging for her life, not my father stark and grey. Carlisle tries not to play them in his memory, but sometimes he slips when I'm around.

I breathe in deep and say goodbye to this old house, to the memories I could pull from my mind. I've even managed to take some art classes and capture some images of my parents. The image of my dad holding my mother close and dancing slowly was the clearest image I could grasp and my favorite.

I step off the porch and slide into my car, I can't hold in the smile as it crosses my face as I see Rosalie waiting for me at the end of the driveway.

Game on.

We race on the back roads of Illinois as we tear out of the city, quickly crossing the border into Indiana. Ever since she bought the G-POWER M6 Hurricane CS BMW she challenges me to a race. Last year I bought the Noble M600 because of its top speed of 223 miles per hour and it has an engine designed by Volvo.

Within three minutes we're already in excess of 180 miles per hour. I can hear Alice laughing as they zip around cars with me hot on their tails. Emmet refused to be part of the festivities and drive his new jeep to New York, they left an hour ago but we'll be caught up to them in no time.

We have passed a police officer and before he could even realized what was coming we were past him but he was signaling on his radio that there were rich kids out racing their daddy's cars.


I call Rose on her phone and tell her so that she can go to country roads before they set up roadblocks and she laughs at me. "Don't have what it takes Cullen to take a Beamer? I got ya with this one."

She pulls off on the next exit as she hangs up on me taking a corner at over ninety. Wow, that's actually pretty impressive. She's been making modifications. I lay the hammer down and can hear her taunting in her mind as Alice sings a song in her head so that I can't see the race's end. It's a happy song, that's not good.

Twice on these roads we've hit speeds over two-hundred miles per hour, but haven't tried to take them to the max, yet.

Every time I get close to passing Rose she just goes faster and I can't get one up on her. She takes the next turn series of turns at speeds that push these cars to the limit and I can hear Alice ask Rose what something is, watching her mind I can see that it's the box she brought up from the basement.

Alice goes into a vision of Jasper, he's running and she's trying to stop the vision but it continues to play in her mind. He's in a forest in the dead of night chasing other vampires, maybe 5 are with him. Someone calls to him and they are talking, it's muffled. He's talking to Peter his brother telling him that he was going to Kentucky where there was a place he knew. They agreed to meet up in a few months in Pennsylvania in one of their old hangouts. Alice continued to try and stop the image as it played without her permission. He reached over and grabbed a hand and kissed the wrist of a female vampire. His eyes followed the arm up to the face of Bella Swan.

My Bella.

Bella with red eyes.

A vampire Bella Swan.

With Jasper.

What has he done?

I slammed on the brakes as Alice stopped her vision finally. Rose stopped in the road up ahead while Alice filled her in on the vision that she had.

My Bella was a vampire.

And she was with him.

With with him.

With red eyes, red.

Alice was knocking on my window trying to get my attention while the noise in my ears roared as the realization that Bella didn't really die in that car crash.

She faked her death.

I cleared the thunder in my mind as I opened the door and stepped out to a worried looking Alice. "What the hell is going on?" I look at her trying to gauge her thoughts.

"Bella is a vampire." She said in a choke. "And Jasper is with her."

She stood and stared at me with questions racing in her mind. She searched for Jasper again and it only showed him running and arriving at a cabin. Him directing other vampires I've never met to another place with instructions. He pulled Bella close to him and he kissed her. Alice stopped the vision, he mind screaming 'no, no, no, no' and then it faded to black.


Alice's mind was murderously angry, replaying the visions of Bella's birthday party. Asking if it was a set-up? Asking if he knew then? Or was he just going for the forbidden fruit to make me mad?

I looked at Alice. "Bella is not my mate, we knew that."

"But, Jasper?" Alice asked angry.

And then just as if someone had flipped a switch. Alice turned it off. "It doesn't matter. Neither of them are part of the Cullens, let's go to our new place."


"No buts Edward, it's time to go. We only have 6 hours until daylight and we need to get to New York if we don't want to hide in the forest all day."

"Race ya?" Rose called out.

Game on.

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