Chapter 1

Sandra Todd,prefered to be called Sandi, had been 16 years old when she decided to break free of the hellhole orphanage she had been living in for

heaven knows how long. She completely hated it there. She finally chose that this was the night to esacpe. When the night came, she'd be long gone.

That evening the girl had began to pack her things. Everything she loved and needed, into the bag it went. Her knee length brown hair was tied back

into a braid. There was one girl Sandi hated to leave. Her best friend, Elizabeth. Elizabeth had known Sandi had wanted to escape, and was helping

her along the way.

"I'm really gonna miss you, Sandi."

"I am going to miss you too, Elizabeth. I only wish you would come along..."

"You know that I would. I'm just too afraid. Think of me, Sandi. I'll look for you when I get out of this place. "

"I'll do the same, please take care." Sandi hugged Elizabeth tightly, and climbed up to the window. Elizabeth handed her bag. The rest of the group had

been sleeping. Sandi waved before jumping out of the window.

Sandi walked from the orphange. She had been around, finally getting into London. She really had no idea where she came from, or where she was

headed. She wanted to find her father, or mother or even her little sister. She hoped the best for them. She walked on until the morning. She

remembered the name of her father. Benjamin Barker. The name flew through her head all the time. She wondered how he looked. If she looked like

her mother or her father the most. She day dreamed about the father she dreamed of. The mother she longed for. A little sister. The dream ended

when she crashed into a young boy.

"Ow." The boy said.

"Oh, goodness! I am so very sorry!" She exclaimed. " My name is Sandi Barker." Everything else the girl said was a blur to the boy. 'Why do I know that

name? Barker?' "Excuse me, ma'am. What did you just say? I was thinking... My name is Toby."

"Pleasure, Toby. I'm looking for someone. My father, Benjamin Barker."

'That name again. Where have I heard it again?' Toby thought. Suddenly, he remembered Pirelli. His past "master." 'He was always talking about how

much Mister T looked like some guy named Benjamin Barker. Missus Lovett also talked about him once I think...'

"Hello? "

"Oh, I'm sorry. I really have no idea, ma'am. " Toby then scurried off, even though the boy really had no where to go. Sandi looked up realizing she

was in front of a building, looking like a place to buy food, as the title was "Mrs Lovett's Meat Pies." 'Well, I am a little hungry...' She thought to herself

before walking into the building. Not a single soul was around.

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