Chapter 15

Toby stared at all three of them, looking intently, angry and confused. After a long moment of silence, Toby began to speak. "How are you two alive?" No one said anything. Just looked at him. Mrs. Lovett was afraid, Sweeney glared, Sandi was expressionless. "Don't ignore me!" Toby yelled.

"Calm down, love-"

"How can I calm down? I am so confused! You two should be dead but here you are, standing before me and making human meat pies!"

"Toby, let us explain."
"Mrs. Lovett...We talked about this." Sweeney hissed. "He doesn't need to know anything."

"You should explain before I go to the law!"

"And explain what, lad? That you killed someone? Regardless of what I have done, you committed murder to someone who wasn't harming you, it was not self defence."

Toby was quiet and Sandi smirked. The room was quiet again, and nothing was said, until Toby gained confidence to talk again.

"That may be true...But don't I at least deserve to know how you survived? Specially Mrs. Lovett...You were burned alive…"

Sweeney looked to Mrs. Lovett, and then to Sandi. The two did the same thing, looked to each other. Sandi finally stepped forward. "That would be my doing."

Toby looked at her. "Aren't you the one I saw outside the shop?" She nodded. "Who are you?"

"My name is Sandra Barker- um...Sandra Todd."

"Don't give away too much." Sweeney said

"That doesn't explain who you are. Or how its your fault she's alive."

"You're not happy she's alive!?" She raised her voice. "I thought you cared about her you-"
"Easy." Sweeney grabbed her shoulder.

"She's got your temper, Mr. T." Mrs. Lovett said.

"Quiet." He replied. and Sandi calmed down a little

"Sorry…" She shook her head. "You should be glad she's back."

"I am...But I'm not glad that the murderer is alive!" Toby yelled.

"You don't even understand his purposes! And don't talk about my father that way!"

"Father…?" Toby questioned

"Easy, Sandra." Sweeney said and he sighed. She was getting all worked up and he shrugged. "Maybe we should fill him in…"

"What!?" The three of them shouted.

"He can't turn us in anyway, not without turning himself in. Have we got ourselves a deal?"

Toby hesitated. "Why should I trust you?"

"Because, I despise lies…" He gave Mrs. Lovett a look and she disdained. "If you cooperate, we'll tell you what you need to know, and only that. Once you know, you will be unable to turn us in, because if I have any suspicion that you have any reason to turn any of us in, I will find you, and I will kill you." Toby gulped "Besides which, you'll be arrested for your own crimes. So you might as well just stick with us."

Toby hesitated and sighed. "...Fine."

Sweeney looked to Sandra, then to Mrs. Lovett.

"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" Sandi asked

Sweeney shrugged. and Mrs. Lovett looked at him.

"Where do we start?" Mrs. Lovett asked.

"From the beginning." Toby asked.

"Why did you kill all those people?!"


"Did you make Mrs. Lovett cook your victims?!"

Sweeney looked to Mrs Lovett, and she shook her head. "That was all me, love." She replied.

Toby stared at his hands for a moment. "...Why did you kill Mrs. Lovett, sir?"

Sweeney was quiet, he said nothing at the memory of why, and how he was attempting to go against his "never forgive,never forget" motto. He still said nothing and Mrs. Lovett spoke up.

"I betrayed him Toby.I told him a large, unforgivable lie." She looked down. "All because I loved-...Love him… And it was not okay..."

Sweeney's face filled with shock, and a light pink blush covered his cheeks. Sandi saw the reaction Sweeney gave and her lips curled into an adorable little grin. Toby looked at Mrs. Lovett, then to the blushing Sweeney, he questioned why he would blush like that. He looked to Sandi now.

"Who are you?" Toby's voice was more relaxed now.

"I told you. Sandra Todd. And that's my father." she pointed to Sweeney.

"How were you responsible for bringing them back?"

She took a deep breath. "I'm a witch." She started. "I'd been studying for a while, and I found him dead. I knew nothing of him, only that he looked like me, and I knew it was him." She stopped and looked at him, Toby's mouth was agape. She continued. "Mrs. Lovett wasn't my doing. Someone else helped me out there. And I wont lose my father again. He is all I have, and he's my father...I might have known him a short time, but...I love him. And I will NOT let you hurt him!" Toby still looked shocked and said nothing, but nodded after a while.

"Why was he killing people?" Toby asked, looking to Sweeney. Sweeney was still glancing away, he refused to look at any of them. Sandi looked to him, then to Mrs. Lovett and finally to Toby.

"There was this man, and um...He took away his wife- mother too. He did horrible things, and he wanted to get revenge on the men responsible."

"...D-Did he succeed…?"

Sandi nodded and everything got intently quiet. Toby looked at his feet, something understanding was in his eyes.

"Mrs. Lovett is my mum...She took care of me all that time…" he looked at Sandi, he got why she saved him, and understood his need of revenge. "The secret, all of them...Are safe with me." He smiled and Mrs. Lovett looked at him and hugged him tightly. "Thank you, love." Toby then looked to Sweeney, pulling from Mrs. Lovett. He looked at him, and Sweeney finally looked back at him. "I promise I wont tell a soul…" he started. He said this because he promised and meant it. He also didn't need to get Mrs. Lovett or himself in any trouble. He also understood where Sandra was coming from. "But don't ever hurt Mrs. Lovett again." He said, eyes all serious. Sweeney returned the look, his eyes seemed cold, but there was something else in his eyes, but Toby might have been too young to understand just what love is.

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