Chapter 16

Some time passed and it was understood that Toby was welcomed to stay with them again. However, there was some tension between most everyone. It was strange having everyone under the same roof again, adding Sandi as well. But there was a few things off…

Sandi sat, thinking for a moment. She was deep in thought, sitting at a small vanity in her room when a small knock was heard, and the door opened. It was only Mrs. Lovett, and she sighed and smiled faintly. "You're definitely your father's child."

Sandi turned around and blushed, rubbing her head. "What makes you say that?"

"Only the way you seemed to be sitting alone, deep in thought." Mrs. Lovett said, approaching her. Sandi smiled weakly.

"Yeah...Sorry I was just thinking…"

"About what?"

"What now?"

"Pardon, love?"

"Well…" Sandi started. "I swore I'd help my father get vengence in whatever way I could...But now, the one I thought we were going after is living with us, awkwardly, and no one is trying to kill each other."

Mrs. Lovett was silent and she thought for a moment. "It is different, isn't it love? I personally thought Mr. T would have done off with the boy by now, but its odd how they both have agreed not to do anything, which puzzles me."

"What will father do now?"

"That is hard to say. But come, love. Dinner is ready if you are hungry" Mrs. Lovett said exiting. Sandi shrugged, and decided to go down. She walked passed her father's shop, and was confused to why Sweeney was not in his shop anywhere. When Sandi went down the stairs and into the pie shop, she was a bit alarmed to see Sweeney sitting there at one of the tables, Toby acrossed from him. Mrs. Lovett smiled at her and Sandi still seemed confused, before sitting down next to her father.
"Hey, father." She smiled at him, and Sweeney looked at her, giving her a half smirk.

"Hello, dear. Glad you joined us." Mrs. Lovett said. "A nice, family dinner." She continued. Sandi was confused again. Mrs. Lovett thought of them all as family, and neither Toby or Sweeney objected...Maybe they both were still not comfortable talking with one another, not even to agree. But Sandi thought, maybe this is there normal for now. I mean, they all have their reasons to be mad at each other, but for some reason, Mrs. Lovett was not. Maybe she really did love Sweeney a lot. But everyone was okay now, so maybe the grudge each had on one another could be lifted...Right?

It was now evening time, and everyone was getting ready to settle in for bed. Toby stayed downstairs with Mrs. Lovett, and like usual, Sweeney and Sandi were upstairs. It was all quiet throughout the home, and Sandra laid awake. She heard stirring from the Barber shop, and quietly crept out of bed and peeked out her bedroom door. She saw Sweeney pacing by the large window and smiled weakly. "Father?" She said softly and he looked over to her, continuing to pace. She walked over to him and watched carefully. "Can you sleep?"

Sweeney shook his head. "Neither can I." She said. Things were quiet, as she looked at him. "Father…?"


"What now?"

Sweeney looked at her this time. "What do you mean?"

Well…"She started, "Your revenge...What will you do now? I mean, the Judge and the Beadle are gone. And no killing Toby?"
Sweeney said nothing at first "As of now, there is no reason to kill the boy. We have to wait and see."

"Are you...still murdering?"

"Someone has to get the meat for the pies."

Sandi blushed,and she said nothing further. She just smiled, and then kissed her father's cheek. "Good night, father." She finally said, heading into her room. Sweeney watched her go, then looked out his window to the moon.

Like Sweeney, another had been awake. The "pretty little rosebud" Johanna was sitting by a window, gazing up at the moon. She had a dreamy look. Anthony watched her for a moment, his head peeking around the corner. The floor creaked some where he stood, and she turned to look at him. He smiled weakly to her.
"Can't sleep?"

She shook her head. "Sorry." She said shyly.

Anthony approached her. "No need to be." He sat across from her at the window. "It's beautiful."

"Yes." she nodded in agreement, smiling softly.

"What are you thinking about?"

The girl with yellow hair looked to Anthony once more. "I-... Mr Todd- My father…"

Anthony looked at her, a look of worry in his eyes. "What about him?"

"He's my father...My real father…" She started, looking back at the moon. "So much I want to know…" 'I want to get to know him…'

"I can take you to him."
Johanna's eyes widened slightly. "What?"

"I can bring you back, for a proper meeting. Well, you don't have to, specially if you are not comfortable with it."

She nodded. "Yes."

"That's fine if you don't- What?"
She giggled shyly. "Yes, Anthony. I...Want to see him." 'Maybe Anthony is right. Maybe there is more to him than my memory...'

He smiled at her. "I'll send for a coach to take us in the morning."

She nodded, then got up, looking back with a light smile. "To bed with us then." Anthony returned her smile, and walked with her in.

This could be a great opportunity.

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