The glorious morning sun erupts through the windows of the chairwoman's office, and yet I can't quite appreciate its fire. You see, positioned between the light and me is a thing that far exceeds the sun's brilliance.

Hitsugi-san sits quietly at her desk, her gaze locked on something beyond the shadows the window frame casts across her desk.

She—is she bored? Oh, dear, I so rarely catch her in time. Or at all, in some cases. I'd better do something.

And if in doing so I gain her focused attention…so be it.

"Hitsugi…san? Is something the matter?"

She absently taps out a rhythm on one of the light squares projected across her desk, but does not provide a direct answer. I feel like an idiot here; hang on a sec…

Ah, that…that's the same as the series of thrusts she'd practiced last week, I'm sure of it! Just like her to work on her technique in even the slightest window of opportunity.

Without thinking, I mirror her with my two sword style, but behind my back, against the scabbards slung from my belt. In the silence of the room, this pitiful subterfuge is entirely wasted.

Wasted? No. She just looked at me, at last. And she smiled.

That's never a waste.