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"Oh come on, Kiji-chan! We're gonna miss breakfast!"

Otoha refused to poke her head out of the covers, but her vigorous head-shaking was obvious nonetheless.

"Seriously, come on!"

"Good morning, you two! And good morning to you as well, Kurageya-dono!"

At Isuzu's cryptic double greeting, Otoha and Otoha's blankets jerked further back toward the wall.

"Eh?" was the intelligent response of Otoha's shinyuu.

"Oh, and I see you've brought Yama-no-hage along. Are you enjoying today, you fine gentlemen?"

Michi's attention was recaptured as her shinyuu began to produce a sort of high pitched whine.

"Ummm, so, Wan-Wan, who're ya talking to?"

"Oh, right. You know what day it is, yes?"

"Halloween? But, I don't get the connection."

"Why, this is the day on which the veil between the worlds is at its faintest! It feels as if I'm…breathing pure oxygen!"

Meanwhile, Otoha gave every impression that she had given up on breathing wholesale.

Suddenly, Isuzu turned from Michi to the huddled ball of terror that would normally serve as Michi's shinyuu, and smiled warmly.

"Awww, they're trying to cheer her up!"


In the space of one of the breaths Otoha wasn't taking, the poor girl was all the way down the hall, still screaming "NOPE!" from beneath her blankets.

"Wait, no! They're just trying to help!"

Left alone in her dorm room, Michi sighed loudly.

"You can chase her all you like, Wan-Wan, but she ain't coming back until she's had her fill of running and screaming. Trust me."

Somewhat later…

"Jun-Jun, do ya see what I see?"

"Probably not quite the same thing, but shoot."

After getting themselves mutually and summarily ejected from Ayana's, and technically Jun's, room, Hayate and Jun had taken to wandering idly around the hallways, hoping to spot some daring Halloween costumes. Their efforts had until now gone unrewarded.

"A ghost bein' chased by Inu-chan!"

And indeed, Otoha's sheet-clad form did remarkably resemble that of a classical cartoon ghost, though Jun's practiced eye discerned the girl beneath from her gait alone.

"Not the most realistic ghost I've ever seen, but I trust that girl to recognize a ghost that needs chasing when she sees it."

Jun nodded sagely to herself, internally drawing parallels to her own gift for spotting girls who need chasing. Distracted by her inner musings, she barely noticed that her companion had led her to said companion's dorm room.

"Hey, hey, Moka-chan! Ready to get up and at everybody?"

"Hoi! How're you guys enjoying whatever festivities are going on out there?"

"Well," Jun smirked. "There's one attraction that may interest you specifically."


"We just witnessed Inugami-san and Kijimiya-san in the midst of some bedsheet-related shenanigans. I thought you should know."

Momoka stared blankly at Jun for a moment before carefully reaching for her shoes beside the bed, deliberately putting them on, and suddenly dashing past her visitors and down the nearest staircase, still in her pajamas.

Jun laughed and strolled back into the hallway.

"Let's find someplace good to watch this, Hayate-chan. Assuming you're in."

"Oh! Totally! Moka-chan will never lose."

Note: The ghost names aren't legit, in case anyone was confused there. Japanese word salad. … Or are they? Why not ask the one behind you right now?