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Parting Ways


Get on the plane Ziva.

It s time to go home, back to D.C., back where things are normal. I hate it here, I'm sick of the damn heat and the sand and you -the way you are when you are around your father. I m sick of this bitterness between us most of all. Besides, if anyone should be mad it s me.

Worthless. You called me worthless. You weren't there you don't know, don't have the slightest clue what happened that night. You read my report no, wait you memorized it.

Big fricken deal.

Words, words on a report can't begin to say what happened, what I was thinking, what I was feeling, laying on the floor while Rivkin was coming at me with that shard of glass. He may have been the one standing there, but all I saw was you.

Do you honestly think I cared about procedure? As soon as he answered the door, procedure went out the window. All I saw was this big ugly picture of just how much he had used you. I saw your face, I saw the pain betrayal would bring, the pain you would try so hard to hide... and I would see.

You think I killed him because I was jealous. Why is it you will trust everyone but me? You haven't even asked me what really happened that night. If you only knew. Maybe then you wouldn't wish it had been me dead on the floor.

I've been trying to put myself in your place, wondering how would I have felt if for some reason you had had to kill Jeanne. Pain, betrayal, rage- in the end it's impossible to imagine. I think the thing that matters most is that if you had been in my place, if you had no other choice in the matter, you would have killed Jeanne.

If only I could make you see that, if only I could make you understand. I didn't kill Rivkin to hurt you- I killed him because he left me no other choice.

Give me a chance Ziva, give me a chance to make you see so you can understand. I promise once you know the whole story...

Hell, maybe not even then, but at least let me try.

How am I going to make this up to you if you stay here? How will you ever know how much I care about you, that you are the one who matters the most? Don't let it end like this, not with all this anger and pain. It's already happened once in my life, I can't stand the idea of it happening again, not with you. Not with the one person that has been a constant source of light in my life.

I can t believe this is happening, that you would really consider staying behind! Forget about me then, what about Gibbs? What about Ducky,McGee and Abby? Don't you care at all about them? This is insane! You're running out of time, we're running out of time. This isn't funny anymore. Gibbs is already aboard. Any minute now we will be taking off. Do you want me to say I'm sorry again? Damn it, Okay, I m sorry! I'll gladly scream it from every rooftop in Israel just get on the damned plane! Give me a chance Ziva.

Get on the plane!

Get on the plane, Ziva.

Get on..