The Truth: Intro

Hey hey guys! I'm back to writing and new story. Here is the Intro so I hope you will read the story.

And one more thing I you guys should perfectly know: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON!

May Ketchum was killed in a car accident with her daughter, Valentina. Luckily , Valentina survived.

Ash was devastated for the death of his wife and so where friends and family. Valentina was one-year old when this happened so she doesn't know. From all the people only one was happy: Dawn Berlitz.

She took advantage of her death and married Ash. Ash began to love her and forget about May. Valentina thought Dawn was her real mother because Ash never told her about May. The only thing that remains of May is her sapphire eyes on Valentina's innocent face.

Before Ash married Dawn he visited May's grave every day, but when he married Dawn he went once a week, then 2 times a month, and finally he never went again.

Dawn never likes Valentina, she always hated her. She always and still has the idea of sending her to a place for unwanted kids far away. She hasn't told Ash until she has the perfect excuse.

Valentina is now 3 and as she grows she wants to know something…the truth.

How was that? Mysterious right? Hope you guys will read it. Well bye I am going to start writing now.