Hikaru and Kaoru Hittachiin brothers stood excitedly outside their mansion. Kyouya stood in the background, sunlight glinting off his glasses, effectively hiding his eyes, as he watched and waited in complete boredom, or so it seemed. Tamaki stood next to the twins, trying to extract information from them about what was going on. Mori and Hunny stood over to the side and watched them, Hunny was listening and Mori was watching the driveway. Haruhi stood between the twins with a look of annoyance on her face.

"All we know about her is that she's the daughter of the mysterious clothing designer Lady Black. Her name is Andreanna Black and she's starting at Ouran as of the new semester in our class." Kaoru explained.

"Which means we'll have one more toy to play with." Hikaru continued, his eyes glinting mischievously as both his and his brothers devilish smiles and eyes turned to Haruhi. Hikaru placed his arm around Haruhi's shoulder, leaning against her with his left leg crossing over his right, and Kaoru did the same on her other side.

"But don't worry..." Hikaru began.

"We'd never forget about you." Kaoru finished.

A vehicles motor was heard coming closer and everyone in the host club turned to look at the driveway. White dust was kicked up behind the vehicle as it rode up the gravel driveway and everyone except for Mori and Kyouya looked on in complete surprise as they realized it was someone riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle came to a halt and the rider parked it, climbed off and walked around to the front of the motorcycle. It looked like a guy wearing black jeans with silver key rings going down the seams of the jeans, both inside and outside the pants legs. He also wore a black, long sleeved shirt made out of some unrecognized cloth that appeared to be a hybrid of cotton and silk. There were black riding boots that went up to mid calf and black riding gloves with the fingers cut off the end. The helmet, which was still on, was black with a rose on either side that matched the motorcycle perfectly. The rose, itself, was quite beautiful and unique, for it was a rose made of fire, encased in ice, with a bolt of electricity running from the tip of the stem to the bottom of the rose petals. No one said a word as the rider pulled off the helmet and tucked it under his or her left arm, revealing a well-tanned and smiling face. The hair was short-cropped brunette with natural blonde highlights and red undertones. The eyes were a beautiful sea green.

"Hi there, I'm Black, Andre." The rider introduced, bowing with respect.

"Andre? But we thought..." Kaoru began.

"You were a girl." Hikaru finished.

Andre chuckled and nodded. "That's because I am. I just prefer Andre to my full name of Andreanna. I hope I didn't show any disrespect. I don't really know much about Japanese culture other than what I've read in mangas and have seen in anime shows." She apologized, bowing once more.

"But the bike? What is with that awesome bike?" Tamaki asked. "I thought your mother was a clothes designer." He exclaimed in utter shock.

"She is, and my father builds vehicles of all sorts to suit any and all needs." Andre explained smiling.

"This is indeed true Tamaki." Kyouya spoke. "And might I say Andre, though you don't know much about us, your Japanese is quite spectacular. Have you been here before?" He asked curiously, pushing his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.

" Nope, I just have a natural talent to mimic those around me." Andre replied, though with this, she looked down at the ground dejectedly. "That's why my parents sent me to stay here with the Hitachiins. They hope that, in doing so, I will develop my own style." She said, looking up and forcing a smile onto her face.

Hunny looked at her sadly and walked up to her; he pulled out a piece of cake, seemingly out of nowhere. "That's so sad. Here, how about you eat my cake and it'll make you feel better." He said, his eyes tearing up and his lower lip trembling.

Andre smiled down at him and nodded, taking the piece. "I'd love to, but I don't think I can eat all of this. What do you say we go halvsies on it?" She asked him, squatting down so that she was eye level with him. Hunny's eyes instantly lit up and he smiled and took his half of the cake, eating it in one bite. Andre mimicked him and happily finished off her own half just as fast.

"I do feel so much better, thank you so much." She exclaimed, smiling happily, though her smile didn't reach her eyes, Hunny never noticed.

"Can we go inside?" She asked, "I'm a bit worn out from the ride over." She explained, yawning, though her actions and way she walked towards the door showed otherwise. Only Mori and Kyouya seemed to notice though. Only they noticed how tense her body was, how alert her eyes were and how she seemed to be taking in anything and everything around them all at once.

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