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Teal'c knocked on the door of Major Samantha Carter's laboratory he had a large paper sack in one hand from the convenient store about a mile up the road.
Samantha looked up from her paper work and smiled "hey Teal'c come on in, what do you have in the bag?" she asked as he rested it on the desk in front of her.
Teal'c simply cocked his head to the side "I…over heard you taking to Doctor Frasier about starting your menstruation cycle and you were out of…supplies," he said it so casually as if they were talking about the weather she couldn't help but smile and slightly blush at her predicament she's always been so irregular she didn't know if she was coming or going on most days so it was difficult to track, "I…got you some supplies from the store. I used the credit card the United States Airforce had given me for emergencies."
"Oh!" she was touched "Teal'c let me pay you back, you really didn't have too."
He shook his head "you once gone out and had gotten me supplies and you did not have too Major Carter, I am just doing the same for you. Is that not what a family does for each other?"
Her smile was wider, it was the first time she ever heard him refer to SG-1 as a 'family' she nodded "I guess they do, but I got you supplies because you were sick, chicken noodle soup and ginger ale isn't the same as this. This..this is like me going out and buying you condoms, Teal'c."
He cocked his head to the side "what are these condoms you speak of?"
Samantha winced "maybe this is a conversation for you and O'Neill, or Daniel…Or God Even Hammond might be better at it."
He nodded and he pushed the bag towards her and she looked inside and pulled out a bag of double stuffed Oreos, some pretzel M&Ms and two boxes of tampons and a bag of maxi pads she raised an eyebrow "I asked the woman behind the pharmaceutical desk which one might be better for you, since I did not know."
"And she suggested the wings because I live an 'active life style?'" she guessed and smiled putting them back in the bag and shoved them in her desk drawer
"Actually, I thought they were more fitting for you, since you are in the air force," he said and before she could turn around or react she was out of the laboratory; Carter shook her head and grinned, Teal'c had a lot to learn about earth, its people and its many customs. But the one thing he did have right, was that SG-1 was definitely a family.