I have always known that Freddy was bad news- but my sister, Jax, just could not resist him. Now she has three kids, with him and she is no sooner becoming a good mother than he is to fixing his infidelity.

And it frustrates me to no end.

Though I could be spending the nights with my fiancé, Jimmy, I am forced to spend the majority of my time at Jackie's, making sure the kids are well looked after. Thankfully, my mother also takes part in the burden so that I can attempt to form some notion of a life for myself.

But there is one thing that no one knows about me….the one thing that I wish I did not know about myself…

You have to know: Freddy is a twisted, manipulative, narcissistic bloke who thinks the world is in the palm of his hand. He takes what he wants with no fear of repercussions; because, so far, the world has failed to show him one…and that includes me.

Freddy has all-but divorced my sister and I am engaged to his wonderful, beautiful, kind cousin Jimmy… yet the night that Freddy stumbled in drunk, near took advantage of me on his couch with Jackie in the next room… That night changed everything.