The Scoreboard

"No! Don't pass it to Simmons! The guy's a total moron!" Bulldog yelled as he gulped down the rest of his beer.

Roz smiled and leaned against his chest, watching as the Sonics struggled to catch up. "They're never gonna win." She said.

Bulldog sat up, almost causing her to hit her head on the back of the wooden seat. "What? Are you crazy? They still have ten minutes!"

"How drunk are you anyway? They're losing by twenty points! There's no way!" Roz said.

"Wanna bet on that?"

"With you? No." Roz said.

"Come on!" He urged.

Finally she held out her hand. "You're on! Trailblazers are going to kick the Sonics-."

"OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS!" Bulldog screamed. "Simpkins steals the ball and... YES!"

He held up his hands in triumph. "Ten points, Baby!"

Roz stared at the huge TV screen in astonishment. "What the hell?"

The Portland Trailblazers score was dwindling right before her very eyes. The clock was ticking down, suddenly causing a rush of panic.

"COME ON, BLAZERS!" She yelled, startling Bulldog, and even herself. "Damn it! What is with you jackasses? Can't you throw the ball into the basket? If Niles Crane can do it, ANYONE can!"

Bulldog smiled, watching her with interest; that is until Henderson stole the ball and...

"OH MY GOD, Henderson! COME ON! Make this shot! You're not worth the two million they're payin' you! If you screw this up, I'm gonna be really ticked and... YES! SONICS WIN! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!"

Roz pounded her fist against the table. "Damn it!"

At her anger, Bulldog laughed hysterically. "You lost, Babe. Admit it! Pay up!"

"All right, fine. I lost! So what are we betting?"

"Oh man... I don't know." Bulldog replied. "I hadn't thought about that."

"Yeah, well you'd better think of something quick or the bet is off!" Roz ordered.

Bulldog pondered this for a moment. "Let's see... Sonics season tickets?"

"On my salary? Are you kidding? And you seem to have forgotten I have a daughter now?"

"Oh... right. No Sonics tickets. How about U-Dub tickets? Fifty yard line baby! Go Dawgs! Woof! Woof!"

Roz looked around, embarrassed by the stares they received.

"Look, no Sonics tickets, no University of Washington Huskies tickets, and no Seahawks tickets either! On my salary, the best I could do would be a t-shirt! And a cheap one at that!"

Bulldog thought for a minute. "Nah that will never do!"

"What? I'm not made of money, you know!" Roz said, wondering if she'd made a huge mistake.

"We need something more exciting, like... I know! Autographs! You know... Footballs, jerseys, baseballs..."

Suddenly, Roz grabbed him by his shirt collar.

"No good?"

"What do you think?"

Bulldog smiled nervously. "Well, I think it has to be something totally awesome-."

"Bulldog?" She interrupted.


"Just shut up and kiss me."

"You know..." Bulldog said as he pulled her closer. "I think that's the best idea you've had all day."