My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic

The Romancing Quest

By Doctor Scraps

Disclaimer: My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro and all affiliated parties involved, and the author claims no rights to any characters, settings, or events. This story was written for entertainment purposes only.

A/N: We have finally reached the final chapter. Even as I'm going over it one final time in the editor, I'm overcome with a sense of sorrow that this long road that I've been traveling for three whole months is finally finished. Please to enjoy.

Chapter 13

Luna stared with a mortified expression at the sleeping Pegasus nestled into the bed beside her. More so for herself, demanding to know whether she had in some way taken advantage of the meek and mild pony. Certainly, Luna knew that she could sometimes be slyly aggressive if there was something, or someone, she wanted…But this was Fluttershy, sweet, innocent Fluttershy! The most mild mannered of the Elements. To have done such a thing was like putting pink drapes in the throne room. Heresy!

Luna couldn't recall much of last night. She didn't even recall how she even got into bed with Fluttershy. But all possibilities came back to her worse and worse…

"G-Good morning, your majesty." A soft voice greeted Luna from the pillow beside her. Fluttershy was sitting up, yawning. "Did you sleep well?"

"Oh I'm so sorry, Fluttershy!" Luna all but threw herself onto the yellow Pegasus, whom gave a soft squeak, "I don't know what came over me! These past few weeks have just had me so mixed up!"

"P-princess?" Fluttershy wiggled in Luna's grasp.

"I promise to take full responsibility!" Luna cried into Fluttershy's chest.

"What are you talking about?" Fluttershy asked.

Luna blinked, and withdrew a little. "…We…Didn't do anything…scandalous last night, did we?"

Fluttershy turned a bright crimson along her cheeks, glancing away, to avoid Luna's gaze, mummbling something under her breath. It all but confirmed it for Luna, whom scurried under the quilt to hide from the world. "Ooooh, I'm such a mess! I'm a terrible princess!"

"U-uh, no, no you're not!" Fluttershy stared at the lump under her quilt. "I'm sorry, I-I didn't speak clearly…We didn't…"

The lump stopped shaking with sobs. "…We Didn't…?"

"N-no, you…fell asleep after telling me about how…Equestria used to be, and, my bird friends brought you inside, and…well, I…" Fluttershy felt her cheeks grow even more hot. "…I said that it's a little early, but…w-we could, if you wanted to…I mean…"

Now it was Luna's turn to blush, peaking out from underneath the blanket. "F-Fluttershy…?"

"I-I mean, it's alright if you don't want to either, I understand. I'm…not all that desirable…" Fluttershy murmured.

"Fluttershy…" Luna felt a soft smile cross her lips, eyes shimmering a light blue as she gazed up at the Pegasus. "…Come here."

Fluttershy blinked as she looked at the open blanket, open wide for her to enter. Curiosity eventually overrode her naturally cautious and shy nature, slowly crawling underneath to join Luna beneath the bed sheets.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Ponyville…

The three had been marched to the farm following the incident in the market by Applejack, minus Scootaloo who had been given a very stern talking to and shuffled off on her way with her tail between her legs.

There really wasn't a whole lot that Applejack could say at the moment, and that was very rare. Her face was scrunched up in an expression of deep contemplation, a hoof pressed firmly against her forehead. She wasn't angry. No, this wasn't something she had any reason to be angry about

Eventually, she found the ability to speak again, opening a single eye to look to the three ponies who were a mixed salad of bored apathy, timid confession, and outright awkwardness.

"Really?" She asked. A simple question.

Twilight Sparkle's nervous smile didn't falter much, as she stood there, kicking a hoof into the dirt.

"All that nonsense and drama and such, and you three are off gallopin' and carryin' on hoof in hoof?" Applejack asked some more.

Trixie was more concerned with plucking off bits of her roasted pinecone, crunching them noisily, wondering when Applejack was going to get to the chastising, and scolding, and some diatribe how it was possibly 'just not right'. When there came a pause, Trixie assumed that the orange workhorse was actually waiting for an answer.

"…Well, yes, in a recent development. " Trixie said, clearing her throat some. "An understanding was reached, and agreed upon."

Twilight lowered her head some. "…You see, I love your brother, Applejack…I do. He's a wonderful pony and he's made me very happy. But…I also have these…very strong feelings for Trixie…"

"Twilight-" Applejack started, but Twilight just kept going on.

"And then, Macintosh talked with Trixie and they both decided that they were willing to s..s..share." Twilight blushed.

"Twi…" Applejack tried again to get a word in edgewise.

"And we were just really unsure what everypony would think. I'm not really all that knowledgeable about what is considered Taboo in Equestria, and…I mean, seeing two mares together isn't uncommon, and two stallions together is becoming a little more apparent, but what if we're crossing some sort of invisible social line? I don't know where this line is, I'm not that social!"

"Deep breaths, love." Trixie put a hoof over her shoulder reassuring while Twilight began to gasp for breath, Macintosh offering her a bag with which to hyperventilate into, which she of course did.

"Y'all know I ain't got no problem with this, right?" Applejack finally got out while Twilight inflated and deflated the bag. All three looked up at her in surprise.

"Truly?" Trixie asked.

"No kiddin'?" Mac asked.

"Mmm murr?" Twilight spoke into the bag.

"Shucks, folks, Ah ain't go no problem with this. It's kinda cute. T'aint no concerns of mine whom y'all share a bunk with at the end o' the day. I just don't want no one to get hurt, ya know?" Applejack finally let herself smile, giving Macintosh a hoof in the shoulder.

Twilight finally calmed herself, lowering the bag. "Thanks, AJ…I guess we probably might have given someponys the wrong idea if we tried to keep it a secret."

"Does this mean I don't have to crawl in through the window anymore?" Trixie asked. Applejack was suddenly in her face, giving her a fairly hard scowl.

"As fer you…I'm gonna tell you what I told Twilight…See them?" Applejack nodded to Twilight and Macintosh. "That's my brother, and mah best bud. Two of some of the most important folk in my life. Do them wrong and I will have that mane o' yours on my wall, savvy?"

"Perfectly, and eloquently put, Ms. Applejack." Trixie said, undaunted.

"Good." A smirk crossed Applejacks face, as she spat into her hoof and offered it to Trixie. "Welcome to the herd, sister."

Trixie recoiled some with a look of disgust at the obscene gesture, but a look to Mac and Twilight saw them silently urging her to comply. She huffed a bit, and then drew back, holding up a hoof.

"Snnnnrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkk…Ptooe!" The thick, green mass splattered onto her hoof, and then knocked it against Applejacks waiting hoof. The resounding squish caused a wince all around. "…It's good to be welcome…sister."

Rarity had purpose in her trot. A quest, she would dare say. All things had finally come full circle and she was ready to implement her plan. Now, she needed Macintosh, and to lure him, while Twilight and Trixie were absent from the library, to where even now an impromptu party was going to be held. She had left the details to Pinky Pie, who did not need much in the way of coaxing to bust out the party planner and boxes of party favors, which she seemed to always keep within hooves reach. then, they would all lie in wait, for when Twilight and her mischievous filly-fooler would return after dark, no doubt. Like a surprise party, except in the end, the surprise would be Twilight side by side with Trixie, for Macintosh to see.

Rarity didn't want to do this. It meant putting Twilight in a very painful place, and possibly ruining her friendship with her forever. But, she would not attest nor approve of her friends, any of them, to gallivant as she was, and sleeping around behind a perfectly respectable pony's back. It was for her own good, and Rarity was prepared to shoulder the blame. It was because of her that this whole dating and relationship nonsense had gotten put in her head.

Applejack was putting away the cart she had hauled back from the market when she saw Rarity marching down the dirt road in her general direction. She was casting her gaze to and fro, looking for something, making Applejack scratch her head with curiosity.

"Whatcha need' there, Rarity?" Applejack called out to her as she trotted out to greet her. Rarity recoiled in surprise at Applejacks being in residence.

"Applejack! H-how are you? I thought you were still at market!" Rarity gushed. Her presence complicated things greatly. She would surely want to be in on any party going on, like any civilized pony would, but the revealing of the plot behind all their backs would certainly lead to dire consequences.

"Well, I WAS, until Scootaloo decided to make a nuisance o'herself and made a bad showin' and whatnot. So, anywho, what brings you around my neck o' the woods?" Applejack asked, re-stating her earlier inquiry.

"Ah, yes, well. Applejack. Is…your brother available?" Rarity asked, her nervous smile betraying some sort of scheming.

"O' course he ain't, silly filly, he's datin' Twilight, remember?" Applejack stated in an obviously joking manner. "Nah, he left with Twilight some time ago. Probably made it back to the Library by now, to do…y'know whatever it is they do when they's alone, which I try very hard not to execute heavy thought towards."

Rarity felt a sharp cold chill run through her. She thought she had more time, and Twilight already being with Macintosh jeopardized everything, and they were just about to walk in on…Oh dear…

"Oh…Well, very considerate of you, so…then…I think I best get going, I'll just…make plans to speak with him later…" Rarity turned to leave, however Applejack's hoof firmly planted on her perfectly manicured tail caused her to become rather well acquainted with the ground.

"Hold on there, filly. Why don't you just park it there and tell me what this is all 'bout." Applejack said.

"No, really, I should REALLY be going!" Rarity insisted, pleading with her eyes.

"Ah, ya just got here." Applejack then sat on Rarity's tail. "Now, out of with it. Granny has an apple pie on the window, and you look like you just got yer hair done. Let's try and keep 'em where they is, alrighty?"

Rarity gasped. "You wouldn't!"

The grin Applejack was wearing her offered no succor. Rarity weighed the pros and cons of just blurting it all out to Applejack, and protecting two hours of careful handiwork. Finally, she gave in…

"Very well…Applejack...I did not want to be the one to have to deliver this revelation...Now, please, in light of it, I take full blame, and we should think none the worse of dear Twilight..."

"Will you just reach yer point?" Applejack asked.

"Twilight has been...Seeing Trixie behind Macintosh's back!" Rarity squeaked, bracing herself for the ascendance of Appledoom. Instead, she heard laughter. Applejack rolled off of Rarity's tail, stomping a hoof, having just a wonderful laugh.

"Is that it? That's what's gotcha all tangled and flustered?" Applejack chuckled.

"Applejack, I am shocked! This is no laughing matter! Your brother is being played for a fool!" Rarity stammered, rather awestruck at this unprecedented response.

"Oh, Big Macs a fool alright, but you got things a might out of focus, Rarity."


"Is that even legal?" Rarity asked, slightly dumbfounded, after Applejack gave her the account of earlier.

"Ya ever seen the princess tell Twilight no before?" Applejack trotted over to the wagon and began fishing around, pulling up a large ceramic jug. "After all that, ah could use a drink…"

"Touché." Rarity murmured. "So this whole time, all this drama, all this suspense..."

"T'weren't worth up to nuthin. Yup." Applejack offered the cider jug to Rarity after swallowing a mouthful. "A fine mess, huh?"

Rarity sighed and took a deep swig From the jug. So that was how it was. Twilight wasn't fooling around. No. Then again, Rarity figured that she should have known there was something more to it than Twilight being an unfaithful filly. This was Twilight after all. Deception is not her strong point. Now, Rarity just felt foolish and a right jackass for even thinking of the whole bit. "A fine mess, indeed."

And so the two sat together and watched the sun begin to set, passing the jug back and forth.

"Haveta admit."


"Was a lot more interestin' than them trashy clop novels you read."

"For once...I have to agree."

"So what was it you was gonna tell Mac?"

"Oh road apples…"

The loving trio were rounding the bend towards Twilights treehouse. Twilight was looking forward to a pleasant evening of quiet research, after a tasty supper. Trixie was looking forward to keeping Twilight from researching in any way by utilizing her great and powerful cute. And Macintosh was looking forward to slapping some grub on the stove and then taking a long soak.

"I'm curious." Trixie suddenly said.

"About what?" Twilight asked.

"If I am your mare friend, and Macintosh is your colt friend, in a conjoined relationship, does that make Macinotsh my colt friend as well?"

The three paused and regarded each other.

"I reckon so, I suppose." Macintosh mused, pondering that himself.

"Why do you ask, Trixie? Are you being taken in by his charm as well?" Twilight giggled, leaning up against Trixie in a teasing manner.

Trixie blushed and shook her mane, scrunching up. "No, I mean…I…Well, maybe I want to sleep in the middle spot sometimes!"

Macintosh and Twilight exchanged glances and smiles, and then continued on.

"Don't you walk away from me!" Trixie huffed and trotted after them.

"Ugh, it's pitch dark in here…Spike!" Twilight called, her horn sparking into a glow to get her lamps going. The light had barely illuminated her foyer when there was a sudden series of pops and a loud chorus of "SURPRISE" as the room was suddenly filled with ponies. Twilight shrieked and leapt onto Macintosh, clinging tightly to her thick neck.

"Hey! You guys are early! Rarity just left to go get Macintosh! But now you're hear, so the party can start! Yay!" Pinkie Pie burst forth from the crowd and onto Macintosh as well. "Hi!"

"Howdy. Well, I sure weren't expectin' so shindig tonight…" Macintosh mused as he trotted in, Twilight still frozen around his neck. "What's the occasion?"

"You guys are silly! Rarity said that Twilight was up to something really special and needed all of us here together! At first I was like, oh wow, Twilights' pregnant! But now I see it's even better!"

"Better…?" Trixie managed, a little unnerved being around this many ponies when not on a stage. With lights that blotted out most of them.

"Of course, Trixie Mixie! Twilight has TWO KISSIE FACES!" Pinkie Pie cheered, the gathered throng cheering with her.

"…I will pay you never to call me that again…" Trixie scowled.

"W-wait…You know?" Twilight felt a cold panic run through her, tightening her hold around Macintosh's neck. "How?"

"Rarity told me, and then I told Lyra, and Lyra told Bon Bon, and then Bon Bon told Vinyl, and then Vinyl told…Everyone, I guess!" Pinkie Pie thought back to who said what to whom. "But she didn't make me Pinkie Pie swear to secrecy, so I thought, what the hay, this is great news!"

Twilight felt like she was about to faint…

And so it was that the three did not get the quiet evening they had wanted. Rarity and Applejack eventually joined them later on, to which Rarity apologized and confessed to how foolish she had been behaving. Twilight had NOT in fact drunk from the clichéd fountain of the Love Triangle at all. Three ponies had simply made the decision, that love could be shared between friends. Twilight of course could not bring herself to have any ill feelings toward her best friend, who only earlier that day, had been plotting to bring about hers and Macintosh's breakup.

And then all the ponies partied, and partied hard, in the name of the oddest couple in all of Ponyville.

When the last quest was let out and the last final balloon put away, Twilight Sparkle let out a weary sigh of relief that the night was finally coming to an end. As she helped Pinkie Pie put away her party favors and supplies, into a box that seemed impossibly larger on the inside than it was on the outside, she felt…lighter.

"So…Pinkie, what do you think?"

"Hmm?" Pinkie Pie looked up from the box, tilting her head curiously.

"About this. You know…" Twilight nodded her head toward Mac and Trixie, who were chatting with Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

"They make you happy, don't they?" Pinkie asked in return.

"Well, yeah. They do." Twilight felt herself smile. "It feels…right."

Pinkie Pie saddled up beside her and gave her a friendly lean on. "I'm jealous. But in a good way."

"I thought you had Brian." Twilight chuckled some, Pinkie Pie giggling a bit.

"That's just me being silly. Brian's just a broom." There was a rare melancholy mixed into Pinkie Pie's usual chirpiness. "You think there's somepony out there for a pony like me?"

"I think there's someone out there for everypony, Pinkie Pie. Even one as random as you" Twilight gave her friend a reassuring hug. Pinkie Pie smiled, but her eyes were watering like she was about to cry.

"T-thanks Twi." Was all she said before she returned to full-on Pinkie mode and finished putting her party gear away, hopping along as though the matter hadn't even come up.

"Alright, now y'all play nice." Applejack bade them farewell as she and the others took their leave, Pinkie Pie balancing the box containing all of her party equipment on her back like it was just a sack of potatoes. "Don't do nuthin' ah wouldn't do now."

"Darling, we have probably done things your mind probably can't even comprehend, right, lover boy?" Trixie nudged Mac, who let out a nervous laugh. Applejack paused, shuddered and twitched, then proceeded on without another word.

"Well, then…I'm plumb tuckered out, girls." Mac said with a loud yawn. "I think I'm gonna turn in."

"Hmmm…Let me freshen up, and I'll be right there…Twilight?" Trixie glanced over her shoulder to Twilight, who was readying a quill. "Working this late?"

"Oh, you two go on. I just have to finish something real quick. I won't be long."

Trixie smiled and nodded, before joining Macintosh into the bedroom.

Twilight tapped the feather of the quill against her nose, deep in thought, and then began to write…

Dear Princess Celestia…

Years ago, when I was still a foal, you once told me that as students, we are not unlike those who go off into the woods, and sometimes find ourselves surrounded by things we do not recognize. When I started this project, I didn't know exactly where I would wind up, but I went anyway. My search into the province of romance didn't turn out to be an intellectual endeavor at all…However, I feel I have learned more about myself, and of those who's company I keep, than I ever have. During this period, I fell in love with my greatest rival, and was shown love by somepony I never expected.

At one point, I feared it would all come toppled down on top of me, but in the end, I discovered that Love just isn't that simple. Some Ponies will try to apply rules to love, and they are welcome to. But for now, I'm more than content to simply be with the ones I call my lovers, my friends. I look forward to learning even greater things about friendship, about love, about life, in the days to come.

Your ever faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

When she was finished reading, Celestia smiled to herself. With her magic, she slipped the letter onto a blank page in a large tome on her desk, a collection of all of Twilight's research. It had always been her intent to save these, not just for herself, but for other generations of apprentices to come. Those who are adept to learn and study, are also adept to shy away from the simple pleasures of life…Friendship, love, amongst them.

Once more, Twilight Sparkle had exceeded her expectations. She had managed to avoid the painful lesson of heartbreak, and find herself in a place with those who love her. For that, Celestia could not have been more pleased.

In Macintosh, Celestia saw stability, comfort, and simplicity. A dedicated stallion. Her connection to the simple earth ponies of Equestria. As well as a voice of common sense. Sometimes Twilight lacked that when under pressure. Macintosh could be that calm voice in times of trouble.

In Trixie, Celestia saw as an inspiration for adventure. To pull away from her books and get out into the world. To see and experience without need or cause. To laugh, to see, to feel. To have one like herself close. A colleague.

And together…These eight amazing ponies, Celestia agreed, as she stirred her tea, would do great things in the days to come.

The End

From the author…

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to read this fan fiction. The comments and suggestions I've gotten have been a real driving force for this work, and I probably would have never gotten past chapter 5 alone if it wasn't for the support of my bronies.

Now, I know some of you are looking at it and thinking that I've left some loose ends, and I have. For the story bits that went unwritten, I've added them to my list of projects I want to pursue as their own full stories later on.

And now…enjoy some random bits.

-Doctor Scraps


Twilight wore an expression of uncertainty as she tested the strength of the rope that bound her hooves to the table onto which she was strapped too.

"Um, Trixie, I know I said I would help you with your new trick, this really necessary?"

Trixie paused in her referencing of a book entitled 'The Escape Artist in All of Us-A How to Guide', considering. "Well, to be frankly honest, this isn't the setup I wanted to try at all. I must have been so tickled that you actually allowed me to tie you up, that I got carried away."

"Oh, well, that's a relief. So...untie me and we can do it properly?"

And then Big Mac appeared...

"Well, it looks like you ladies are having fun."

"Exceptionally, dear." Trixie laughed. "Care to join us?"

"Don't mind if I do."

Twilights eyes grew large as Mac and Trixie encroached upon her. "Uh, guys? Really? Wait, wait!"


Rainbow Dash suddenly came into view, sitting beside the field reserved for the Wonderbolts training facility. She did not look amused.

"So what the hay, Mr. Big Shot Author?" Rainbow said, "You tease me with my own little story arc and it doesn't even come up again! What kind of hack are you? I have fans, you know. I deserve a lot more respect than I've been given in this story."

That was when a bit of text fell upon her head.

"Oof!" went Rainbow Dash, rubbing the sore spot on her as she looked upon the bit of text.

It read, in big loud letters,


"Well...Alright you win this time Mr. Author, sir. I'll call off my loyal legionaries. For now."


"So if I read this story right, Twilight Sparkle is bisexual...There was evidence that Rainbow Dash is straight...And Fluttershy is the lesbian?" Lyra mused as they sat together on a bench.

"Seems that way." Bon Bon said.

"Is that even legal?" Lyra asked.

"Lesbian Fluttershy?"

"No, straight Rainbow Dash."