AN: My cousin asked that I write the darkest story I can manage for his birthday. So that is why I type this as I ammuse myself with RuPaul and try to ignore his mad cackling over my shoulder.

I don't know if this Blaine will be super-duper-evil dark, but he'll definately be more so then the other Blaines I write. (They always end up more humorous then dark, don't they? Sigh...)

Background info: This little preview bit takes place right after Kurt spys on Dalton. The Karofsky thing hasn't happened yet. I'm writing this in third person, but with insights to different characters, mostly Kurt and Blaine, though I might include some Burt.

So, warnings: Dark, manipulative, possessive, spoiled, honestly-rather-scary Blaine. That and launguage and smut, but I'd worry more about Blaine.

On with the preview!

A soft, high-pitched moan rang out through Blaine Anderson's bedroom, causing Blaine himself to shudder and begin pounding harder in to the soft body beneath him. His hands roamed over porcealin flesh, and his mouth bit and sucked harshly on an absolutely delicious pale neck.

"Oh, baby, so amazing, just taking everything, my perfect angel," Blaine murmered darkly, not letting up on his thrusting. "So beautiful, my boy, all mine..."

Blaine grinned as another soft moan was released by the absolute doll he had pinned to the bed.

"You like that, sweetheart? You love it when I claim you, call you mine and mean it? I do mean it, baby, nobody else will touch you like this. Nobody. I love you far too much to ever let anyone take you from me, you understand? I want you all to myself. I can have you, can't I?" He gave a particularly hard thrust, and felt his heart flutter when he got a near-scream in return. "I'll take that as a definite yes. I'm happy to hear it. I know I've been keeping you at an arm's distance, but it's for your own good, angel. I want us to be perfect, and we simply can't be until I know I have your absolute devotion."

A small whimper was barely audible with the noise of the headboard banging in to the wall, but Blaine heard it, just barely. He stopped his thrusting, and bent his neck down to press a kiss between the shoulders of his boy.

"Now, now, none of that. I know you love me, I do. It's obvious, sweetie, the adoration shines in your eyes whenever I look in to them. I just need to make sure you're eased in to this relationship slowly. I don't want to scare you off, darling. We need to take this slow. We'll get there, I promise, but we'll take our time. Rushing in to things might cause unnecessary complications, you see. It's all for the best, I promise."

The body beneath him shivered slightly, and Blaine smiled, reaching up to run a hand through the chestnut locks he adored so very much.

"Alright, my little eager beaver, I'll take care of you." He chuckled softly, and resumed his thrusting from earlier, trying his best to go even harder. The body beneath him trembled, and Blaine groaned, burying his face in the hair at the nape of his angel's neck. "Mmm, baby, I'm so close. I want you to come with me, alright? You'll do that for me, won't you?"

He growled softly, a hand running up and down the side of his boy, sighing in relief when he found that perfect spot...

"Holy fuck-" he gasped as his thrusts sped up even more, now that it was almost over.

He flipped the switch quickly, and came hard, his screams mixing with those coming from the body beneath him.

When he came down, blinking lazily, he basked in the screams of the other for several moments, before tiring of it and fumbling with the switch on the boy's side, sighing softly as he flipped it and the screaming abruptly came to a stop. Blaine pulled out gently, grabbed a baby wipe and cleaned his doll before bothering with himself. After throwing the wipe in the trash, he gently tucked himself next to the warm-ish body in his bed, and pulled the covers over them. He turned his doll over on to his back, and stared wordlessly at the plastic, blue-gray eyes he had insisted be hand-painted to match Kurt's. He sighed, and gently closed them, pulling the eye-lids down with a single finger. Frowning, he looked over his doll again. Something was missing...

Ah-ha! He softly pushed the lips of the doll together, changing the mouth from it's obscene 'O' shape to a relaxed smile.

Blaine smiled lightly, brushing his doll's bangs off of it's forehead.

"Goodnight, beautiful," he sighed softly, wrapping his arms aroung his doll and resting his head on it's shoulder. He glanced over at the picture he kept of Kurt, the real Kurt, on his night-stand.

He would have him soon enough. He'd placate himself with the doll for now, because God knows Kurt couldn't possibly be ready for everything Blaine was going to do to him yet. No, he'd have to ease him in slowly, just like he'd said. He'd woo Kurt, play the role of the perfect gentleman, and make sure the boy was one-hundred percent devoted before he allowed them to get to the level of intensity he wanted.

It could take several months, but he was perfectly fine with that. He'd wait as long as he had to for Kurt.

Because Kurt? Kurt was perfect.

Yeah, so Blaine ordered a customized Kurt sex doll, complete with a switch that allows the doll to fake orgasm. They actually make these. I saw it on one of those E! True story things.

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