This was completely inspired today by MistressAshley's Odds and Ends: Part 3 (Chapter 14 ) on Twisting the Hellmouth (but she's also on ffnet, me thinks). If you haven't checked her out, you must do it now. She writes some of the best stories on this site and is one of the best artists in fandom (as in: she is one of the few authors who I am I tracking everything; I tend to love everything of hers). So check her out!

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Twilight (although I am not really a fan of the books, so don't expect any fangirl action)
Genre: Friendship/Adventure/maybe some romance along the way
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And yes...I know that I, of all people, should not be starting a new story, especially now that I'm being better about updating older ones. But you can blame it on MistressAshley and her siren-like manips! ;)

The three of them sauntered into the dimly lit bar like they owned the place, regardless of the fact that this was their first visit. Willy's, as the bar was called, was a sinkhole of an establishment that catered to the sharp-toothed, the tentacled, and the overall decidedly not human variety of beings. They had heard of it in their travels and, judging by slight sneer that each member of the trio bore, the reality was nothing like they had pictured. A demon covered with drooping flaps of skin sat at the bar, in front of a scrawny male human with a nervous twitch in his manner as he wiped the bar. Several half-breed vampires played pool in the back corner, speaking animatedly in hushed voices. Two beautiful women – beautiful, that is, unless you disliked women with four arms – gossiped on a well-worn floral-patterned couch that was covered with several rips and tears.

"I was expecting something more from a Hellmouth establishment," Victoria stated scornfully as she tossed her golden blond curls over her shoulder. "Like live humans in cages with drinking straws sticking out of them."

"I once knew an english half-breed who used to live here, until the slayer ran him out of town. Do not let this lackluster appearance fool you," Laurent contradicted smoothly in his soft French accent.

James grinned in anticipation. "I bet the slayer has never met one of us before. This should be fun."

Victoria smirked and kissed her mate on the cheek. "A fitting challenge."

"The only reason why a slayer has never fought one of our kind before is because the Volturi have forbid it," Laurent reminded them, referencing the ultimate authority of the vampire world. "It goes against the code."

James scoffed. "I don't fear them. When I was much younger they offered me employment as a hunter, wanting me for my tracking abilities." No one could track a creature better than James. He then growled at a distant memory. "But there is no way I shall be an indentured servant ever again."

Victoria's hand found James and she squeezed it softly – although soft to her was likely bone crushing to a mortal. Their skin was as hard as marble and their strength reminiscent of the cartoon heroes that mortals created in their image, such as that Superman character. She knew that her mate was far older than her and that his human life, or what he remembered of it, had irrevocably changed his world perspective. He defied all rules and implied chains that threatened to take hold of him. The best way to get James to do something was to tell him notto do it.

Laurent said nothing and slid into a bar seat. His dreadlocks hung loosely around his shoulders and he wore an old-fashioned dress jacket that hung past his waist; it was reminiscent of his French revolution days. "Do you have blood, barkeep?" he inquired in a pleasant voice.

The man, with oily hair and sweaty palms that made him stink worse than most humans – and let it be known that humans in general smelled hideously (besides their blood, of course) – turned to him and smiled anxiously. "Uh, yeah. I've got some pig's blood and lamb blood in stock."

Victoria leaned over the counter and licked her lips salaciously. She purposely pulled her fur-fringed jacket tight around her bosom, and smirked when the pitiful human eyed her ample cleavage like she was eying his neck. "We desire something warmer…something human," she purred.

Willy backed up and the hideous peach-colored demon with flaps of skin, looked at them curiously. "Uh, sorry, I usually keep some of the good stuff on tap, but the hospital got evacuated and took all the blood bags with them. To be honest, tonight's the last night we're open for business."

James shared a look with his compatriots. "Why?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "Isn't that peculiar, even for humans, to close up a hospital?"

"A-a-All the humans are leavin'," Willy stammered. "The Red Cross sent out some official earthquake notice, but honestly people can feel it and are takin' off."

"Feel what?" Victoria queried, looking annoyed with the fact that the human hadn't just spit it out already.

"From beneath you it devours," the fleshy demon said in an amiable voice. He slurped up a thick drink that smelled slightly like moss.

"What the hell does that mean?" Victoria asked, glancing at her mate in concern. They enjoyed chaos and death but not when it involved theirdeath.

The demon shrugged, and his body wriggled at the effort. "I heard it's something that calls itself the First Evil. Not sure of anything else, just that Sunnydale is the ground zero for its welcoming party."

"And the slayer?" James asked cooly. "Is she still here?"

A guarded look came into the demons eyes. "Uh, not sure. She's human…so I bet she's probably taking off like everyone else." He nodded for emphasis.

"Pity," Victoria growled. "I'm so hungry." She turned to Willy and gave him a toothy grin. "I suppose you'll have to do." She leaned forward and yanked him over the counter. Her teeth were on his neck when he began screaming.

"Wait! Wait! I know the slayer! Sh-she's here! I even know where she lives!" Willy yelped.

"Where?" James snarled, his face inches from the barkeep's.

"Rodeo drive! Got a house there!" Willy told them frantically.

The trio shared a smile, not even noticing when the fleshy demon slunk quietly out of the bar.

"Thank you barkeep. You have been most helpful," Laurent informed Willy in an amused tone.

"S-so I can go now?" Willy asked, his voice high-pitched and anxious.

"Why yes," Victoria smiled as she petted his hair.

Willy smiled in relief.

Victoria bent down and pressed her lips against his ear. "You can go to your maker," she purred maliciously. Then she sank her teeth into his tender neck with relish. James bit into Willy's right wrist and Laurent bit into the opposite wrist. They feasted gluttonously.

When they were done Victoria rubbed her stomach. "He was greasy," she remarked in annoyance.

Laurent blotted his bloody lips with a napkin, like a proper gentleman should. "Indeed."

"No worries, my friends. We have something much sweeter waiting for us." James smiled in anticipation.

"The Slayer."


If you haven't figured out the timeline yet, it is during Season 7 of BTVS and before the Twilight books take place. This scene specifically takes place before 'Empty Places', right when all the Sunnydale folks are leaving like a bat outta hell (or, like a bat outta the hellmouth. oh, haha…I am ever so witty… ;)