Chapter Two: First Hangout.

Gui Gui's POV

It was about a 20 minutes drive to the mall, but we finally made to our destination.

"So where would you guys like to head to first?" Ao Quan asked.

"Well we were just planning to buy some new outfits. You guys can go anywhere you would like or tag along." I responded. They were looking at each other for a while, then finally said something.

"I guess we could tag along, since we don't really know this place well enough. And I'm not in the mood to get lost." Ao Quan said.

"Ha-ha, well okay. I mean there are those maps, but feel free to tag along." We walked over to one of our favorite stores, Aeropostale. Surprisingly, the guys also like to shop there. So in the end, we all bought something.

Ao Quan's POV

While we were looking around in the store, I came by Wang Zi and asked, "so which girl you find attractive?"

"Does my opinion even matter to you?" He responded.

"Yes, because I want to know which girl not to hit on."

"You're a pig." And with that, he left. I went over to Xiao Yu and asked him the same thing.

"I would have to say Ya Tou. I find her really cute, and her voice is just adorable."

"Well thanks for cooperating with me, unlike somebody." I glanced over at Wang Zi, and he gave me a whatever look.

Mei Mei's POV

"Oh man, don't you just think Ao Quan is like cute?" I asked the girls.

"Hmmm, so far I say he's out-going, friendly, and is different from the other two. No doubt about that." Gui Gui said.

"No comment on that." Well we all know what happened to her last relationship. Because of him, poor Ya Tou has to suffer from love. That bastard.

"I think I'm going to checkout now. What about you guys?" Gui Gui asked.

"Yeah, same here." They both said. I was searching for the guys, and they were already in the line. Boys sure shop faster than girls.

Gui Gui's POV

"Hey, let's head over to the food court. I'm starving." I said, as my stomach started to growled. They all agreed, and walked over to the food court. It was pretty crowded as usual. The guys went to go look for a table, while we went to look for food. I decided to buy some burgers, since I was in the mood for some. After we were done ordering and getting our food, we saw the guys and went over.

"You guys aren't hungry?" I asked.

"No, we already ate. But thanks for asking." Xiao Yu said and smiled. Whoa, that was like the first time he talked! And he's cute when he smiles. I guess I was staring at him a bit too long, because I could tell everyone was staring at me.

*Snap fingers*

"Welcome back to earth, Gui Gui." Mei Mei said.

"Am I that attractive?" He gave me this seductive look.

"No, you had something crawling and I was just amazed by it." Wow, that was a dumb excuse.

"So, you wouldn't have said anything and just let it crawl?"

"Whoo, boy am I hungry." And I started to munch on my food.