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The slim young female Arrancar peeked around the corner cautiously, her chin length dark teal hair swinging forward and partially obscuring her pale electric-blue eyes which were darting back and forth as she scanned the empty and dimly lit hallway. She was worrying her bottom lip nervously, her slightly larger then normal canines causing small beads of blood to form which she ignored. She had her reiatsu clamped down so tightly that she was quivering slightly from the strain, but she had no desire to be caught. Especially not by Aizen-dono.

She had had a bad feeling about Sosuke Aizen since the very beginning, but now more then ever she was more and more frightened of him. He terrified her. He claimed to be their 'god', and had in fact changed her from a mere Adjuchas into an Arrancar. But, although he was admittedly powerful enough to in fact be a god, they way he stared at them with his flat, cold and speculative eyes, that condescending smile… the smooth, oh so kindly way he spoke to her; it terrified her. And he knew. And he knew she knew he knew. And it amused him. Not to mention his two generals, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen. Ichimaru-sama seemed…jovial enough, and she had spoken to him on occasion, but he was manipulative and…cold. Whenever he spoke she felt as if she were being strangled by snakes. And Tosen-sama was worse. He claimed to be 'pure-being', he longed for the path of least blood-shed. But from what little she knew of his history and Aizen-dono's plans (albeit not very much on either subject) she had come to the conclusion that he was delusional and a hypocrite. And he was dangerous for that very reason. She had seen what he had done to her brother's arm. She had been in that very room when he had brought Grimmjow back for his sentencing. And even after Aizen-sama had stated he was not mad –even if he was lying, he had still said those exact words- Tosen-sama had still taken it upon himself to punish Grimmjow, spouting about his 'justice' as he did so. She had been furious. She had very much yearned to kill him in that moment, but had restrained herself. Barely. Only knowing he would have killed her as easily as swating an errant fly had held her hand. She needed to stay alive to be of use to her brother.

She hated Tosen-sama more then Ichimaru-sama and Aizen-sama combined. Because he hid behind a shield of righteousness that pissed her off. Of course Aizen-sama and Ichimaru-sama were more capable of atrocities then the blind Shinigami; but they did not dress them up in fancy moralities to make them seem like pure ideals. Nor did they ignore inconvenient truths. But for all that she was not afraid of Tosen-sama. Not like how afraid of Aizen-dono and Ichimaru-sama she was.

But more then any of that, she was frightened for her brother Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. She believed he had just done something monumentally idiotic (which he admittedly had a annoying tendency to do) and she was following him. Her brother had just absconded with the human prisoner –Orihime Inoue, whom Aizen-dono had big plans for- and disappeared with her. She wasn't afraid that he would hurt the girl whom she had developed a fondness for in these last few days, but she did worry for his safety if Aizen-dono discovered what her had done. Aizen-sama would not be happy in the least, she knew that for certain. And Aizen-dono might even kill him for this –going unauthorized into the human realm with one's Fracción to kill a man who might one day become a threat was one thing, taking the Master's toy/prisoner/pawn without permission was quite a different matter entirely- breech of obedience. She had to stop him before Aizen-dono found out.

There was nothing in the hallway before her. She slipped around the corner and sprinted down the hall on near silent bare feet before pausing once more at the next corner, and running smack into the chest of none other then Gin Ichimaru himself as he rounded said corner. She hadn't felt him coming. At all. She bit back a startled gasp and craned her head back to stare…into blood red eyes. She nearly fainted from fright as the fox-visaged man smirked down at her, his eyes showing his delight at her fear. She stepped back a pace before being pulled back to the taller man's chest by a brutal hand curled around the back of her neck.

"Now, it is nice to see you there, Aiko-chan!" He greeted her in a scarily cheery manner, using the hated nickname he'd decided to label her with.

"Ah, is…that so, Ichimaru-sama?" She asked, her voice trembling only slightly. She wondered what he wanted. She got her answer right away.

"Well, you see, Aiko-chan, your brother's gone off with Orihime-chan without even bothering to inform Aizen-sama of such a thing. Now, Aizen-sama is not pleased with such behavior, really, such a simple thing he asks of his followers, isn't it? Just to obey him in all things, but Grimmjow seems deficient…..Aizen-sama has decided he needs to be punished." Gin explained to her happily, his eyes squinted shut again and he pulled her forcibly along with him as he walked back down the way he had been coming when she ran into him.

"He, does? How…what….kind of punishment?" She asked in a small voice, cold sweat forming on her forehead and the small of her back. She felt very cold all of a sudden.

"Oh well, you need to ask Aizen-sama about that, Ai. He wanted very much to see you when it was discovered that he and Orihime-chan were missing. Very much." The silver hair man told her gleefully and she felt as if her body was being crushed by serpents and her eyes were wide with fear as he led her into Aizen-dono's throne room.

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