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"Prididdle!" Sid, Helga and I were screaming in unison at the old-school Volkswagen Beetle with it's headlight out as we drove our way to Dinoland. Arnold had offered as his Grandpa had allowed him to borrow the Packard for our second trip of the summer. About a week earlier, Stinky and Sid had shown up to Gerald Field with the 'brilliant beyond brilliant' idea of going to Dinoland again, seeing as we were jipped out of our last experience there thanks to the living klutz. And seeing as Helga stole MY shotgun spot, I was stuck in the back between Sid and Harold.

"That isn't fair! I didn't see it! I want a re-do!"

"Knock it off Pink Boy. Not only did you pull this last time, I won fair and square."

"Who says you won? We said it at the same time."

"I say so Popsicle-nose, so shut your trap and admit defeat!"

"How come Helga always gets to win anyways?" Harold whined. "It isn't fair!"

"Life isn't fair, man. Let's face it. It's Helga G. Pataki's game."

"You got THAT right, Geraldo." She twisted her body back to face forward and smirked to herself when Arnold offered his hand for her and she laced her fingers with his.

The gang had been pretty stunned at Rhonda's latest hot gossip. The 'courtship' of Arnold and Helga G. Pataki of all people had to be the weirdest combination since that of Harold and Rhonda herself.

Personally, I never would have paired them together in my right mind, but I didn't see just what the big deal was. When they came out about it, the pairing somehow seemed to make sense.

But MAN was it weird.

Arnold was really happy, so when it came down to it, I couldn't object.

"When are we gonna get there? I'm starving!"

"Boy HOWDY! Can someone shut him up back here?"

"Cool it, man! You're BOTH driving me up a wall."

Arnold made the turn into the Dinoland parking lot and quickly parked the Packard so everyone could get the hell out of the suddenly more-crowded-than-usual car. Across from us was Sheena who had also driven and and who was waving happily our way.

"Hi you guys!"

"Well hi there, darlin'!" Stinky yelled after getting out of the back of Phoebe's car and Sheena's cheeks immediately flushed red at the nickname.

"Lovebirds..." Curly muttered under his breath; his eyes flickering over to Rhonda who definitely had her flirt on with Harold. Curly was still... well... curly.

I walked over to Sheena's truck (it was her dad's and she was "ecstatic to get the chance to drive a truck, even if it did destroy the ozone.") and jumped up to stand in the back of it. Phoebe made her way to Helga who smiled and whispered something in her ear that made Phoebe cover her mouth in that cute little way she does and giggled.

"Future Seniors and rulers of Hillwood High," I said in a booming and rather fantastic impression of an announcer voice while a few people whooped and clapped. "Welcome to Dinoland; the greatest amusement park we have ever been to-"

"The ONLY amusement park we've ever been to." Rhonda corrected me while rolling those eyes of hers.

"Speak for yourself, Princess." Helga sneered and Arnold nudged her with a playful smile.

"Next week," I continued. "we will be entering our final year of High School and this may just be our last trip here as this original gang."

"I thought we were supposed to have fun today!"

"Okay, okay," I said while pointing a threatening finger at Harold. "All I wanna say is let's go out there and finish this summer with a BANG!"

"LET'S GO ON THE DINOWHIRL UNTIL WE THROW UP!" Curly yelled above the cheers and looked around at us expectantly.

"Sure, Curly. You go on ahead and we'll meet you there."

With a spring to his step, he ran off cackling and Helga crossed her arms with a sarcastic grin.

"Poor sick twisted little freak."

Jumping off of the back of Sheena's truck, I patted my hair for a quick second as Phoebe did what she did best: try to organize.

"How exactly should we go about the rides? I'm not so sure that splitting up was the best decision last time."

"I'm with ya Pheebs," Helga agreed. "but we have some wimps in the group..." she eyed Sheena, and Stinky immediately caught on.

"Helga, don't you go makin' funa' my woman."

"Oh it's okay, Stinky. Helga's right, I'm not one for rides. But I'd be happy to stand and hold everyone's things."

"That's really nice, Sheena." Arnold said with a smile. I was surprised at how little he'd said today, but I guessed his mind was just occupied on something else like he tended to do. His arm was firmly planted around Helga's waist and I smirked to myself at the sight.

Arnold and Helga.

My boy and Helga G. Pataki.

It was gonna take me a while to get used to seeing THAT.

"Well I for one don't ind someone carrying my things." Rhonda snubbed and flung her purse at Sheena, who caught it with a surprised look on her face.

"Rhonda, I think what Sheena meant is she'd hold it while we were riding the rides and not carry it while we walk around."

"It's fine, Phoebe. I don't mind."

"Can you believe we're here at Dinoland again, you guys?" Eugene asked in his usual perky sing-song voice of his. "It seems like we were just here!"

"That's because we WERE just here, Eugene." I said while shaking my head a bit.

We started off in search for our first victim-of-a-ride, and Phoebe flitted over to my side. I slung an arm around her shoulder and grinned.

I was one lucky man, I tell you.

"So Geraldo, which ride are we hitting up first?"

"I think we should go on the Pterodactyl Egg Cups, on a counta' it's the best ride here."

"Nice try Stink-O but I think you're a bit off there." Helga stated with a small chortle.

"Well, how about a Tyranoscarous Rex?"

"Not if EUGENE is riding! I'm not getting stuck on that thing with him!"

"Harold, that was just a coincidence. And it was a long time ago." Arnold calmly said.

"Can we just PICK something? I didn't spend my hard earned cash to get in here and listen to you oafs fight about the ride we're gonna go on first." Helga crossed her arms impatiently and Arnold shot her a smile that immediately melted her stoic stance.

Ever since they got together, Helga had really turned into a different, nicer person though it was sometimes hard to catch. No one dared mess with her still, but not because she was threatening to beat anyone to a pulp. Arnold said it had something to do with him and her therapist or something, but the whole thing didn't matter to me; she was a lot more carefree and she seemed comfortable with where she was at when Arnold stuck by her side. Phoebe had agreed with me when we'd discussed it one night at her place. The whole thing seemed to boil down to Arnold and after all these years, I wasn't the least bit surprised. I wouldn't have put them together; yes, but I wasn't surprised that they ended up together.

That Helga G. Pataki (as I'd always said) was one strange girl.

We ended up going to the Tyranoscarous Rex, much to Harold's dismay. Lucky for him and the rest of us, the ride ran pretty smoothly as with the rest of the rides we went on.

The remainder of the day was filled with nonstop waiting in lines, laughs, inside jokes, food and rides of every category. When it came to the water rides, Eugene was practically squealing with delight like the kid had just ran into Liza Minspelli or whoever it was he's always talking about.

By the end of the day there was only one ride we hadn't touched: the Ferris Wheel. After being stuck on that damn ride for however many hours we'd been on it, all of us had pretty much had enough of Ferris Wheels to last us a long time. At least all of us had had enough with the exception of Arnold and Helga.

No one stopped them, and we all waited with Sheena on a nearby bench under the Corndog and Funnel Cake stand. They waved when their cart started on it's way to the top, which was Rhonda's cue to start up with the gossip.

"Arnold and Helga. It's absurd. I will never understand what he sees in that girl. I mean, she didn't even follow through with all my advice." Rhonda crossed her arms and 'hmphed' her new nose up in the air.

"Look who's talking MISS Lloyd. You're with HAROLD!"

"Hey! What's so wrong with being with me? Tell him, Rhonda!"

"Sid, you leave my boyfriend alone. If it wasn't for ME, you'd be alone in your basement doing lord knows what and not out with your beautiful girlfriend." Nadine tried to hide her blush while Rhonda continued. "Besides, we were talking about Arnold and Helga; not me."

"Why do you think they wanted to go on that Ferris Wheel anyways?"

Phoebe and I exchanged a look and shrugged in sync. I watched as Rhonda glanced upwards to their cart as it hung on the wheel getting closer to the top.

"If the boy was smart, he'd do something to keep her around. Afterall, they DID have a BIG smoochfest outside of Slausen's the other week."

"We know, Rhonda. You told everyone."

"Oh Nadine, don't act like you weren't the least bit interested when I called and told you."

"Gosh, maybe he's singing a romantic song for her. Maybe something from 'Evening Primrose!'"

"Eugene. Arnold doesn't sing."

"He was really good in Eugene, Eugene!"

"And WHAT grade was that in again?" I probed with a less than interested look.

"Fourth. But-"

"No buts, Eugene. My boy Arnold doesn't sing." I rolled my eyes and rested my back against the bench.

They'd finally made it to the top and I could see they were talking about something rather animatedly.

"I reckon they're confessing their deep looooooove for each other."

"Well I thought they already did that. Didn't they?" Sheena squeaked. Everyone's eyes gravitated to Phoebe and I; the apparent know all's of their romance.

"Perhaps you're all looking too far into it. Maybe they're having a pleasant and innocent conversation."

The gang busted out into hysterics.

"Yea!" Stinky roared in between laughing fits. "And I don't love Lemon Pudin'!"

"PLEASE, Phoebe. Clearly the two are in love, or something to that caliber. As weird and as twisted as it is." Rhonda chimed in as Harold made a point to stand up and rub his stomach.

"Can we go to the food cave now? I've been waiting all day!"

"Harold, it'd be rude if we left without Helga and Arnold..."

I took Phoebe's hand and pulled her over to sit on my lap.

"It's cool, Pheebs. We can stay here and wait for them. We'll catch you guys there."

"I wonder if they took my idear about the Lemon Pudin'."

"I doubt it, Stink." Sid said while the gang took off for the food cave with Harold leading the way.

"It's a nice dream, Stinky." Sheena encouraged and kissed his cheek as they disappeared into the crowd of screaming kids and conning carnies trying to trick every doting parent out of their last buck.

"The ride should be almost over by now." Phoebe said just above a whisper.

"What do YOU think they're doing?"

She turned her head to look at me behind her thick rimmed glasses and shrugged. Her eyes were shining brightly under the lights of the stands around us.

"You know Arnold and I know Helga. Whether they're aware of it or not, the two have always had a mutual feeling for each other."

"So you...think STINKY is right?"

She giggled and took my face between her small cold hands.

"I think, Gerald," She kissed the tip of my nose. "that they can be doing or saying whatever they want." She grinned and I rolled my eyes looking over to the Ferris Wheel as Arnold and Helga hopped out of their cart.

"That Arnold..." I said more to myself than Phoebe who still had my face firmly planted between her hands. "he's one bold kid."

"A lot like somebody else I know..." Phoebe mumbled with a perfect smile.

Arnold and Helga had started to make their way to us while we sat on the bench, but I barely noticed. My lips were caught by Phoebe's under the glow of the Corndog and Funnel Cake stand and all the while I kept thinking about what was so great about being in love and being at Dinoland...

It was just that.

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