Blames in Confinement

As Azula was confined, warmth no longer existed. Not even a simple linger traced its way to her cell. Her skin prickled and the goose-bumps never disappeared.

She blamed her brother, that bastard. Destiny called her to be queen—ruler of the glorious Fire Nation. But, he ripped that title from her!

She blamed her so called friends. They abandoned her, betrayed her at the ultimate hour.

She blamed her mother who always cherished Zuko more than her daughter. That woman left and only showed up to cause insane illusions.

She blamed the Avatar and his childish grin. Who gave him the right to wield such vast powers when she worked for hers since she was a toddler!

Of all the people, she didn't blame herself. Azula did everything right since day one. She climbed the ladder and came out on top. It was them who pushed her off, who caused this madness.

One day, freedom will grace the imprisoned. And then, everyone feel the wrath of the cold woman they created.