This is set to take place in August after graduation. Rachel and Finn have been together since "New York" However, Rachel is going to New York with Kurt, and Finn is staying Lima.

"Rachel, don't be mad." Finn said, sitting down on the edge of my bed, playing with a stuffed animal. "I'm not!" I say sitting on my suitcase trying to buckle it.

He tossed the rabbit down on the bed. "It's just with you going to New York, and me being. . . "

"Finn. I get it. Ok? Can you help me buckle this?"

"Hello Gorgeous!" Kurt called from downstairs.

"Be right down! I call.

"Rachel. Look at me." Finn says standing up. I look up at him and he sighs. "I still love you".

I pull my bag out into the hall. "I'm leaving Finn."

The plane ride to New York was surprisingly quiet even with Kurt aboard. The sunny August weather felt good on my shoulders after the artic chill of the plane. "Can you believe it?" Kurt asks spinning taking in a 360 view. "Everything we dreamed for the past four years."

The air smelled of exhaust, hot dogs, and asphalt, so much different than the earthy smells of Lima. As we walked through central Park I reminiscence on junior year when Finn and I had a date here. "And we have a two p.m. audition for Spring Awakening tomorrow." Kurt babbled on. I sighed. Kurt took my hand. "I know you miss him. He misses you. Mom says he's just moped around and hasn't even changed out of his sweats since we left."

"It's his choice. It's time to move on." I say, patting his hand. Kurt threw his arms up in the air. "Good because we're in NEW YORK CITY! Anything could happen. ANYTHING!"

The next day. . .

"Kurt Hummel?" Kurt and I linked pinkies. "Wish me luck" he called, as he followed the thin lady with black plastic framed cat's eye glasses.

I read and reread my script. I couldn't believe I was here. Auditioning for my first Broadway roll ever. I paced back and forth in the corridor.
"Rachel?" The velveteen voice stopped me dead in my tracks. "Rachel is that you?"

I looked up and saw him standing there. "Jesse?"