"Platinum huh? Not even married to her and Rachel's ruining your credit." Blaine said studying Finn's credit card.

Finn snatched it away from him. "It's the only way I could afford two tickets to Spring Awakening."

Blaine smiled. "You really love her don't you?"

A smile lit up across Finn's face. "More than she'll ever know."

"WELCOME TO NEW YORK!" Blaine sang out reading the sign.


"Flower delivery!" the man called out knocking on Rachel's dressing room door. She opened it to find a small vase of daisies and a simple pink bow. She sat the vase down nest to the extravagant three dozen red roses Jesse had sent her earlier. He had been so good to her since she had been in New York. She picked up the card to read it when the stage manager knocked on her door. "Show time!" She stuffed the card into the bouquet and ran out.

The bright stage lights burnt into Rachel's skin. She felt a slight flutter in her belly as she realized behind the thick red velvet curtain sat a theater full of people. She was on a stage. A Broadway stage. She had made it. She glanced at Jesse, who was getting fitted with his microphone. Leaving Finn had felt like such a mistake. Standing here now, next to Jesse, it felt right. Jesse understood her; he knew the thrill of singing, the devotion it took to be where they were. Something Finn could never understand. One question burned in the back of her mind. If this was so right why did she feel so wrong?

"Places!" The stage manager called. Jesse came and embraced Rachel for their opening scene.

"Thanks for the daisies." Rachel chirped, placing her hand on his chest.

"Daisies? I'm appalled. I only send the best. I only sent you roses. Why would I send you daisies?"

"Because they're my favorite." Rachel whispered as the curtain went up.