Sorry it's been so long, and the fake ending. Here is the real deal. ENJOY!

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Cole stars quietly into the fire. "Why?"He thought. Here he was doing everything can could do make things better and she wasn't even trying. "Its just the second day, things will get better." he whispered to himself. Then he stood up and walked towards the tent he had set up earlier. "Its going to be a long couple of weeks." he thought as he prepared himself for bed, and finally fell asleep.

Cole woke with the first rays of the sun, as he did every morning. He stiffly climbed out of the tent, his joints creaking like an old tree. He then walked over to his cabin and knocked softly on the door.

"I'm going to the pond now if anybody wants to join me."

A sleepy Garvey replied "ugghh what time is it?"

"it's time to soak in the pond."

There was a pause, and then Garvey said "Go on, we will catch up with you."


Feeling slightly rejected, Cole made his way to his pond by himself. About 10 minutes into his soak, he heard footsteps and then Garvey and Kate came into view.

"Howdy Champ, sorry if we disturbed you. Just wanted to show Kate."

Cole saw Kate looking at him with an expression of curiosity, but when he tried to meet her eyes she immediately looked away. He closed his eyes and tried to tune out Garvey explain the pond and then the ancestor rock

When Cole was ready to get out, they politely turned away while he dressed.

"wooo, that was chilly today. I'm glad the weathers getting warming thought, I haven't sat that long since the summer months." Cole told them casually. Garvey just gave him a quick nod, then said "why dont you show Kate the ancestor rock."

Cole nodded, and then started looking for the familiar rock. Once he found it, he motioned towards

"Alright, come on Kate let's find you one, then we can walk up the hill together." he motioned for her to follow. She hesitated, looking up at Garvey.

"you go on by yourself, it's okay I'll be waiting right here for you two." Garvey told her kindly. She took a deep breathe, then turned towards Cole and took a step, then another. Cole couldnt help but smilie. This was the first time she had approached him without someone leading her.

Once she had found her very own rock, they started up the hill without Garvey. Kate walked several feet behind Cole, keeping her distance as Cole told her about the climb.

" Each step represents your life, sometimes you stumble but the thing to remember is to always keep going."

When he reached the top, he offered her his hand to help her up the last few steps, and to his surprise she took it. Her sleeve shifted and Cole saw the edge of the soft white bandage covering her wrist, reminding Cole of what he did and that it was his fault she felt so much pain. Their eyes met for a second, and then he looked away. She quickly pulled her hand away from his and they stood in silence, until Cole finally said quietly "I'm sorry."

Kate nodded slightly and then reached out to touch his shoulder, she gave it alittle squeeze as if to say "it's okay." and then she turned away from him towards the hill, and threw her stone down the hill. They watched it roll down and land near the pond.

"Nice throw, you were always good at bowling." Cole told her with a slight smile, then he gripped his rock. "My turn, the rock is now my anger." and then he threw it has hard as he could. They watched it crash down in silence.

As They silently walked down the hill, the shape of a sleeping Garvey came into their view. He had fallen back asleep while waiting for them! Cole couldnt help but smile at his parole officer. He quietly snuck up behind the sleeping man, and then with much enthusiasm jumped up and shouted "BOO!"

Garvey woke with a jolt and fell over, and Cole broke into hysterical laughter. "I got ya that time, Garvey!"

"yup, you did champ."

Then they both heard something that Cole hadnt heard in months: Kate's laughter. He smiled. Today would be a good day.