One Big Happy Family

Description: After the events that happen in "Forever" Adam returns home to help his family move on after Hoss and Alice die.

Ages: Jamie 18; Amelia 26; Joe 32; Hoss would have been 38; Adam 44.

Chapter 1

It had been months since Hoss and Joe's wife Alice died. The Cartwright's had a difficult time dealing with their grief but they had leaned on each other but there was someone missing. Adam.

Ben Cartwright's oldest son was away for the past eight years sailing across the world like Ben had done many moons ago. It had been hard on Ben to let his son go and now it was even harder to lose another beloved son.

One day the stage rides up to the Cartwright's house. The stage stops and someone climbs out. "Thanks Sam" the man called to the driver. The man was older dressed in black but there was something presumptuous about him. "Welcome home Adam" said the stage driver as he hands Adam his bag then pulls away.

Ben walks out of the house and sees a familiar figure standing in the front of his house. "Adam!" called Ben surprised he walks up to his son who appeared to be much older than the last time Ben had seen him.

"Hey Pa sorry I couldn't get here sooner" said Adam in a nervous shaky voice. "You're here no that's what matters" said Ben he then hugs his son.

"I miss you son" said Ben trying not to break into tears. "I miss you too Pa" said Adam as he tried to reframe himself from crying as well. They pulled away from each other. "How is everyone?" asked Adam eagerly concerned. "Joe had had a rough couple of months but he's doing better now. Amelia hasn't really talked about Hoss since the funeral. As you may know from the letters I wrote you have a new younger brother Jamie" said Ben.

"I'm looking forward to meeting him" said Adam. Ben nods. "I'm so sorry about Hoss and Alice Pa" said Adam sincerely. They heard the house door opening and the Joe walking toward them. "Hey Pa how come the stage was here?" asked Joe. He notices the familiar stranger standing next to Ben. Joe was stunned and surprise when he recognize him. "Adam" said Joe astonished. Adam was just as surprise as he was. "Hey little brother" said Adam nervously.

He couldn't believe how much Joe had change and how much older he looked. Adam walks up to his brother. "It's good to see you brother. I guess I can't call you little brother anymore" said Adam proudly. Joe smiles and hugs his brother.

Jamie, Amelia and Hopsing walk out of the house. "What's going on Pa?" asked Jamie confused. Amelia's jaw drops when she saw the man with Joe. "What are you doing here?" asked Amelia acrimoniously. "Amelia I almost didn't recognize you" said Adam amazed to see his little sister grown up.

"Yeah well I'm not a little girl anymore if you were here then you would have known that" said Amelia irritated. Joe and Ben looked at each other baffled. Adam was taken back astounded by his sister's attitude.

"AMELIA ROSE CARTWRIGHT you won't talk to your brother like that!" ordered Ben sternly. "Why not Pa? Why do I have to be nice to him all of a sudden?" demanded Amelia about to lose her temper. "Because he is your brother and I said so" yelled Ben.

"I don't care what you say Pa" said Amelia being very disrespectful and disobedient which was unlike her. "Go upstairs and into your room I'll be there momentarily" commanded Ben pointing toward the house. Amelia glares at Adam before storming to the house.

Adam turns to his brother and father. "I see she still has that hotheaded Cartwright temper" stated Adam. "I honestly don't know what has gotten into her lately but I assure you she'll never that way again" said Ben. He turns to Jamie and smiles.

"Jamie I like you to meet your brother Adam. Adam this is Jamie our new addition to the family" said Ben proudly. "Jamie it's nice to meet you. Welcome to the family" said Adam warmly as he sticks his hand out. "Same here brother thanks" said Jamie shaking his hand.

Hopsing walks up to them. "Welcome home Mister Adam. Hopsing is gonna cook all your favorite foods tonight to celebrate you're homecoming" said Hopsing happily. "Thank you Hopsing I'm glad to be home" said Adam looking at the smiling faces of his Pa and brothers.

It was good to be home even though his sister wasn't happy to see him. He was determine to find out what was bothering her and fixed their broken relationship. He was also decided to reconnect with Joe and get to know his new brother Jamie. He was glad to be home.