Don't Mess With Me

"What did you say?" a boy with messy blonde hair screamed angrily.
Another boy, with piercing red eyes and white hair chuckled mockingly,
"You heard me eyebrows," The silver haired boy got up in the blondes face,
"Your ugly and noone will ever like you" An Italian with a curl on his head slumped on a tree, sighing all the while. "Gilbert, just mess him up already." "Shut up Lovino, I got this!"
The Italian sighed again.

Gilbert then turned to the blonde, his mouth on his ear.
"..You really are a loner aren't 'cha?" he whispered in his ear.
"W-what? No i got people idiot!"
"Name some."
"A-Al-""-Alfred? Ha you wish! He got tired of playin around with you." The Prussian interrupted.

Green eyes blinked confusedly."What you mean?" Gilbert stood up straight and smirked, " What I mean is he left you for another, someone he ACTUALLy likes."
"..Your lying.." The blonde whispered. Romano chuckled " Nope..quite true actually."
" Saw them sexing it up in school." Gilbert said matter factly.

Tears were starting to build up in the blondes green eyes " Sh-shut up.."
"Why?" Gilbert asked "What are gonna do?"
Gilbert punched him in the stomach, causing the blonde to fall to the grond, crouching in pain.
"What's wrong Arthur? Why aren't you putting up a fight like usual?"
Gilbert grabbed Arthur's face harshly, most likely leaving bruises.
Tears were running down Arthur's face, even though he tried so hard not to let them fall,
because doing so would show weakness.

Gilbert frowned.

" I hate you."

Arthur's vision turned fuzzy as Gilbert hit him with something hard in the head.
It hurt.

He'd be a fool to say it didn't. But he wouldn't scream. He wouldn't scream out to please a twisted sadist.
A knee hit him in the stomach again making Arthur cough out blood.
" Aw is the little pussy crying? Ha check this out Lovi!"
" Hm, Did he finally realize noone will love him?"
Gilbert glanced at Arthur's hair covering his bloody face.

He wasn't moving. But what would they care? They would just beat him till they got bored, as usual.
Today was worse than normal. They would usually insult him a few times and maybe slap him around a bit, but that would be it.
Today was supposed to be a good day. It was friday, which meant no school the following day. Which meant he could stay over at his boyfriend, Alfreds house.
Arthur decided he would tell Alfred to take it to the next level. But of course he would be nervous though, he IS a virgin.
But everything went downhill when he went through a shortcut through a deserted playground.

You know the rest..

The blows kept coming. So much Arthur couldn't feel, he felt himself on the brink of unconciousness. A sparkly pink light was all he saw."Arthur! Don't lose to them!" Arthur smiled a bit through his pain " I'm sorry ..." And he gladly fell into the arms of darkness.

PITUP:...First part to first story..O_O

Yes ive actually been on ff for at least a year. but ive been more of a little hermit..BUT! strangest urge to write overcame me and here it is..! i think i shall continue soon.