Metals sonic and snorlax team up to defeat scout.

One day in Dustbowl metal sonic and snorlax were hanging out. Metal sonic grabd a drink befor snolaxs could get it

"FUKC U YA FUKIN PRICK" said snolax

"No" said metal sonic

Then the scout com e up with the baseborl bat and hit the duo in the head with it.

"Eet it Fat-E" scout sed happly/

Then they new revenge was gotta be have. Metal sonic and snorlax jumped in to the mileniyum falkun and put aside there differences. They chased scout around the solar system but when they finally hit him he drink some bok energy drink and resurrect.

O no we gotta put aside there differences" said snorlax to metill sonic

"yes" sed metlal sonic.

Then they got in the millennium falcon and ran scout over so hard that hit arm fell off and blood went everywhere

HAHAHA IT IS TO LAUGH THEy said happily at scout who was now in bluddie peecis all over the floor.