She watched the leggy blonde slide into tech-ops, holding coffee for Auggie and Barber. She heard their all-too-normal pleasantries.

"Good morning Agent Walker."

"Good morning Auggie. Hi Barber—here's your latté. Coffee at your eleven o'clock, Auggie."

She watched their hands slide together and apart in a fleeting gesture. Auggie's eyes crinkled at the corners and Annie had a spring to her step.

"You're taking the role of Domestic Protection to a whole new level," an amused voice murmured in her ear.

Joan Campbell turned her head to glower at her husband. "They are sleeping together."

"Since when have you been a prude about inter-agency relationships? Or is it different because this is Auggie and it's serious?"

She turned back to look out her office window. "You think it's serious?"

Arthur chuckled. "I do, and so do you. You wanted this. You wanted something holding Annie here. You wanted something keeping Auggie grounded and not pushing for field work. What's the problem?"

"Don't sit on my desk," Joan snapped as she walked to her seat. Her husband ignored her admonishment, only smiling broader. "My problem is that they will inevitably fall apart and I'll be left with two operatives who cannot work together. My two best operatives having to be moved to other divisions—that's a nightmare, Arthur."

"Well at least they are trying to be discreet. Should I talk with Auggie?"

"I doubt it will do any good. Now, why are you here?"

"Well, I need a favor."

Joan's disbelief was written on her beautiful face. "Favor my ass, Arthur. Which of my agents are you Shanghaiing this time?"

"I think this is the part where I whine about how we had plans and it is so unfair that your work never gives you any time off." Annie pouted her lips, aware that Auggie would sense her expression even if he couldn't see it.

"Feel free to complain to Joan about how mean old Arthur Campbell has ruined your romantic weekend with your boyfriend," Auggie quipped. "Hey." His hand slid up her back to soothe the tense muscles in her neck. "Come on, this is a weekend over-watch. Nothing life threatening and I'll be home every night."

"Ha! You'll be sleeping on that couch in your office, not eating properly, not sleeping enough—"

Annie's protests were cut off by Auggie's lips sliding over hers. "Stop nagging," he whispered between kisses. "I'm here with you now and I'm tired of talking about work." He deftly moved her hair aside to get at his favorite spot just behind her ear.

She unbuttoned his shirt by feeling her way down the row of buttons, unable to see with his dark curls tickling her nose. Her fingers found the now healed wound along his left side. "Promise you'll eat something besides power bars and coffee?"

"I don't eat the coffee, Annie. I thought I told you to stop talking." He pushed her back against the wall between his bathroom and bedroom doors.

"You said you were tired of talking about work, I never said—emrfh." Her sound of protest made his lips quirk even as he growled and angled his mouth over hers.

Determined to kiss her senseless, Auggie tangled his fingers in her hair and didn't let her come up for breath until her chest was heaving and her balance unsteady. He finally moved back, releasing her head to slide his hands down to her hips. "Steady there."

Annie's mouth formed an "o" of surprise when Auggie's whole body followed his hands. She looked down at her best friend and lover as he knelt in front of her, carefully working her pencil skirt up her thighs.

"What are you…oh,um…Auggie, what are you doing?"

Thumbs now caressing the skin of her newly bared hip-bones, Auggie raised his face and grinned. "It's time you had another lesson in what tongues are for, Miss Walker."

A/N: I've had severe writer's block with my three on-going CA stories and most of that is because I just cannot work out how to write these two in the "new" reality of their situation. But this story is so firmly non-canon, now, that I feel free to indulge.