This is my first fanfic also I do not own Pokemon


Reds Pov

I woke up and I looked at my watch and noticed it was already 10:00.


I quickly got out of bed to go pack my stuff I completely forgot that today was the day that all of us Pokedex Holders were going to meet our juniors (The Sinnoh Pokedex Holders) in Sinnoh. As I finished packing I made sure that I had all my pokemon with me as I did I took out Aero and quickly flew to Vermillion City.

Greens Pov

I was with Blue and Yellow in Vermillion City waiting for Red to get here. It doesn't surprise me that he's late. Blue was talking to me about how Red and Yellow should be together and how she will do anything to get them together.

Pesky Girl. I said

Oh come on Green don't be like that you know it's true. She said

Whatever just tell me that you won't involve in this

I'm not promising anything. She giggled

Blues Pov

Why can't Green just help me once with getting anyone in a relationship Although I wish that we were together. I thought.

I looked over at Yellow who looked really worried about something probably thinking if Reds going to make it before the ship leave

Your worried about Red aren't you? I asked.

w-what d-do you m-mean? She said with a blush

I think you know exactly what I mean. I said

Yellows Pov

What Blue said is true I was worried about if Red would make it in time, what if we leave without him, what will the juniors think if they see that one of their seniors are missing what if…

I stopped when I saw something flying over this way it was too far away to tell what it was could it be Red? Once it got closer I noticed that it was Red flying this way suddenly I felt really nervous all of a sudden.

Once he landed I ran to where he was.

H-hi Red. I said.

H-hey Yellow. He said nervously

About time you got here. Green said

Sorry I'm late I guess I overslept. He said

It doesn't matter now all that matters is that you're here and we only have two minutes till the boat leaves. Blue said

She was right in just two minutes the boat would leave so we ran towards the boat and we barely made it with 20 seconds left. But all that mattered now is that we all made it and that we're now on our way to meet our juniors.

Well that's the first chapter of my first fanfic I hope you enjoyed it the next chapter will be about the Johto trio.