Hey guys I know it's been a long time since I last wrote this but hey here's one and hopefully you'll all like it. So heres chapter 8- Red and Gold's idea?

Dia's house 7:30 am

Silver's pov

So apparently yesterday everyone left for their so called "dates" besides me, Emerald, and Pearl. Pearl wanted to show us both around Sinnoh but I passed I needed to train anyway. But this morning everyone was back and usually I'm the first to wake up out of everyone but today Gold was the first. I was surprised to see him of all people up this early when he's one of the two people who always slept in ,the other being Red,.

"Gold why are you of all people up this early?"

He looked at me and said "What you'd think that I couldn't be able to wake up this early?"

"Gold I've known you for a long time now and I know that you wouldn't wake up this early without a reason."

He then said "alright so there is a reason and here it is, ever since we got here me and Red wanted to see how everyone's been doing with their training so we both agreed on something"

"and that is?"

Gold smirked and said "well I guess you'll just have to find out later today."

I thought about something "if Red is involved in this, then where is he?"

When I stopped thinking I looked up just to see Gold fast asleep again.

"Of course he's fallen asleep on something when it involves something important" I thought to myself.

*still thinking* "if what he said is true and it involves everyone battling each other then I better go train" *leaves to train*

*Gold wakes up* "Huh where did Silver go? Ah whatever." *goes back to sleep*

Lake Verity 12:00 pm

Normal pov

"Why exactly are we all here again?" Green said with a bored expression.

"Don't you remember there was a note saying for all of us to meet here with our pokemon and our guard up." Blue explained.

"Who could of wrote that?" said a worried Yellow.

Green had an angry expression now "I bet it was Giovanni!"

"but what would Giovanni be doing here in Sinnoh?" asked Blue.

"He might have known we were all here and thought it was the perfect time to attack when we were all together."

"Excuse me seniors but who is this Giovanni?" Platina suddenly asked.

"Giovanni is the leader of an evil organization called Team rocket back in Kanto" Yellow explained.

"Do you think he has food?" asked a hungry Dia.

*everyone face palms*

Pearl was the first to say something to that "Look Dia I seriously doubt that a leader of an evil organization, kind of like Team Galactic, would bring food for all of us especially since we're all dex holders".

"so theres no food then?" asked a disappointed Dia.

" no there isn't and didn't we all eat already?" asked Pearl.

"yeah, but that was awhile ago and I got hungry".

" it wasn't Giovanni who sent that" said Silver.

"Well then why didn't you tell us all this before?" asked Crys.

" You never asked."

"WHY YOU!" said an angry Sapphire.

"Woah calm down Sapphire" said Ruby while holding Sapphire back".

"it was Red and Gold." said Silver. Not caring about Sapphire almost to attacking him.

"that would also be the reason why they're not here" Silver explained

"but why would Red and Gold do all this?" everyone wondered.

Same time

With Red and Gold

*both running*

"Nice going Gold you made us late!" complained Red

"Hey how is it my fault I had a good reason," Gold said

" Flirting with 3 girls at once isn't a good reason."

"Hey I can't help myself they were hot."

"you're lucky we're not that late"

"hey I said I was sorry"

"hey look we're here"

Lake Verity

Normal pov

"Hey guys!" yelled Red

"There they are" said Emerald

"sorry we're late there was a situation" Red explained

"never mind that tell us why we're here" Green said

" oh that we're here because us geniuses thought of a great idea" Gold said with a grin

*everyone rolles their eyes*

"anyway we both agreed we needed to see how much stronger we've all gotten and how strong our new juniors are." Red explained

"and we thought a way we could do that is we could do a tournament that way everyone battles" Gold explained

"but there's a problem, there's an odd number of us" said Platina

"I don't have to battle I don't want to hurt the pokemon anyway" said Yellow

"well the there you go and we each write our names on a piece of paper, put it in my hat, and I'll draw out names" said Gold

Silver glared "how do we know that you're not going to cheat?"

"fine then Red can do it, then we'll all fight each other in this dex holders tournament".

And that ends it here. Give me ideas on which dex holders you would like to see battle in round 1. I know this is shorter then usual but hey it's better then nothing! Oh and remember to review!