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All the dex holders stood together anxious to begin the tournament to see which would win. Some were excited, some were just bored, and just one was confused about the whole thing as she just stood there with a blank expression.

"Can one of you two explain what exactly are the rules I'm lost." Sapphire said with a clueless look on her face.

"Well of course a barbarian such as yourself clearly wouldn't understand the rules to anything." Ruby said

"Well at least I'm a lot stronger than a certain fashion freak that I just so happen to know."

"I'll explain the rules again i guess." Red said just to get them to stop arguing, "The 12 of us (Not including Yellow since she's not participating) will each draw cards numbered 1 - 12, which will decide on the matches just like in classic tournament style, 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 etc. The first round will be 2 vs 2 matches, then the second round will be 3 vs 3 matches, the fourth round will be 4 vs 4 matches, and to conclude the tournament will be a full 6 vs 6 match to decide the winner."

"And we pick out of his hat because of trust issues." Gold mumbled angrily.

"Wow senior Red that's a simple, but interesting way to hold a tournament." Sapphire praised.

"Well I don't have the title as champion for nothing, but anyway lets begin the tournament." Red said happily while writing and shuffling cards into his hat. "But how should the order of picking numbers go?"

"The pickings should just go by the first dex holders to the newest dex holders." Green suggested.

"Arceus your so boring Green, why couldn't you be more creative like have the hottest girls go first and the most boring guys go last?" Gold suggested with a smirk.

And it was just then that Gold flew lightspeed towards the nearest forest as a swift kick from Crys and a brutal punch from Green caused an impact so strong that Gold disappeared within a blink of an eye.

"I agree with your suggestion senior Green I think it's a simple way and we have plenty of time before a certain someone gets back with bruises." Crys said with a cheerful tone of voice.

Red just stood there shocked, "W-well I guess that means that I'm going first so here goes" Red pulls out a card with a determined and anxious face on him, as if it didn't matter to him who he battled as their all a challenge to him. "Well what do you know, I'm the first and I got number 1."

"That's ironic, but I guess I'm next." Green said with only 1 thought in his mind, to get 2 and battle Red again. "It looks like I got 10" said a slightly disappointed Green.

"You sound disappointed for once Green, but theres no time for that since it's my turn to pick." Blue said cheerfully like always. "I got 12 so I guess I'll be going last, but that's fi-"

Suddenly the loudest yell was to be heard as a certain person on a skateboard came rushing towards the group. "GREEN YOU BASTARD I'M GONNA GET YOU!"

"Why are you so mad Gold? You should be used to Crystal's kicks like it's an everyday thing, but anyway it's your turn so hurry up." Green said with a rare smirk.

"It's about time I'm aching all over." Gold mumbled " WHAT I GOT 7 THAT'S SUCH-"

Just then Gold got pushed down by someone with a signature glare. "Move it's my turn and I got 5 anyway" Silver said with not much enthusiasm.

"Why is the certain group of people always doing this to- agh" Gold was cut off by someone stepping on him with powerful legs to pick a card. " Look i got 6 and am going against Silver." Crys said happily.

"W-well look at you s-super serious g-gal" Gold said weakly.

"Now it's time for the fabulous me to pick my number." Ruby said with a sparkle in his eye. "I got 11 and going against the also fashionable senior Blue."

"Nobody cares you scrawny weakling it's my turn to pick. Yes I'm going against senior Red!." Sapphire said with the happiest face she's ever made.

"Stop having a fan girl moment and let me pick, I got number 3." Emerald said right before he got thrown towards a mountain by an angered Sapphire.

"Picking all these numbers makes me hungry I should hurry, I got 4 and going against senior Emerald, too bad he's not here right now." Dia said with a hungry expression.

"There's only 2 spots left so lets see who I'm up against, oh look it's senior Gold that's... interesting. Pearl said unsurringly.

"And so that leaves me with senior Green, what a divine match it shall be with a powerful oppenent" Platina said with grace.

Red looked like he had a hard time with gathering up all the numbers and putting them in the slots to see who's against who, but it looks like he got it. "Alright the first round matchups are me vs Sapphire, Emerald vs Dia, Silver vs Crystal, Gold vs Pearl, Platina vs Green, and lastly Ruby vs Blue."

All dex holders then looked at the person they were going to face with determination and respect to eachother. Except for Gold who was staring at Blue and Dia who kept on imagining about food and drooling.

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